Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sometimes I worry about me . .

So yesterday I get this lovely text message saying "I'm here!" etc, etc" and I responded back WRONG NUMBER and went on my merry way. Then it hit me. And I looked at the text again and this time scrolled down to the bottom where it said "xoxo, Anna." DOH! I totally forgot that Anna, yes THEE Thimbleanna, was in New York and I told her to call me so we could meet up! I frantically called her back and she was nice and gracious and I felt like a big jerk. Sadly, I wasn't able to meet Anna this time due to an all day meeting but I PROMISE that I will meet her next time come hell or, well, you know. :) So Anna, so sorry for the RUDE text LOL! I swear I had been up for 2 days at that point. Can't wait until the next time!

So now how about something I can do right? THRIFTING.

I convinced my Mom to run out quickly with me on Sunday to hit a few thrifts before Luis and I made our drive back to New York. Our first stop was a Goodwill that had a $25 price tag on a severely chipped ceramic rabbit that I would bet wasn't more than 5 years old. Sometimes I worry about the state of thrifting in this country, too. It was a pretty disappointing trip until I hit the linen section:

I love linen tea towels, I suppose at this point I collect them! These are some of the nicest I have found and at only 50 cents a piece, a real bargain. The Butter Molds and the Rooster are my favorites and definite keepers but the others may make their way into swap packages or give aways. I also found a small tin and some nice thank you cards for reasonable prices, too.

Onto the Village Thrift which tends to usually produce some goods for me but this was a Sunday which is certainly not my favorite time to hit the stores. This store, and some others I suppose, only restocks during the week and has a sale on Saturdays which leads to "slim pickins" Sunday morning. I scored some jewelry (I've been collecting some old bits here and there in hopes of making a nice charm bracelet for myself) and these two gems:

The "I Love Grandma" apron is handmade and I'm not sure of the age. It's in perfect condition except for a small hole in the band where the thrift store put a tag on it (grumble grumble) I think it's adorable with those pink stripes! The fabric in the back is vintage Waverly called "Villa d'Este" which means East Villageand is funny because I used to live there. I know it's not that funny but still. I like to look for karma in the thrift store. ;) I've been considering reopening the Goodness Shop on Etsy to sell some of the vintage fabric and trim I've picked up along the way and this piece might end up there. Do people buy that stuff on Etsy? I just don't feel like dealing with Ebay.

As always, Mom did not disappoint with the pile of goodies she'd thrifted for me since my last visit and I brought home this stash:

See the vintage bride and groom in the back there? My Mom said "I got this for you because who else would want it?" Um okay. I think some of you would have snatched them up, too, right? The "Greetings from New York" hankie is a weird nylon but I like it anyway. :) Way in the back is a faux copper cone to hang on the wall. The paper coasters in the box say "Made in England" and have a price sticker of $1 from Hutzler's Department Store on them. The round coasters are from some Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant and are pretty funny.

The "Spritz the Lawn" one cracks me up for some reason. There is also one about a plump wife that makes me worry about the Dutch, too. ;) Here is a site where they have translated Dutch Proverbs into English and some will have you laughing out loud, like "His moon is already breaking the clouds" and "If all fools could fly, the sun would be eclipsed forever." And still others that will leave you scratching your head, like "It's raining pipe stems" and "Tasty is just one finger long." Sitting her typing this I am realizing that I think I linked to this site before. I certainly remember making the bold statement of working "Nou breekt mijn klomp" (That breaks my wooden shoe) into everyday conversation. So now I guess sometimes all of you will worry about me, too. ;)

So just remember, "If a beard were a sign of wisdom, the he-goat would be the wisest."

Until the next time . . .

Monday, February 25, 2008

And the WINNER is . . .

Round and round she goes and where she stops . . . . The winner of my Anniversary give away is Heidi at Spiritual Knitter! I've been lucky to count Heidi as a friend for a few years now and now have a pretty good idea of what to tuck into that Tiara Bag! :) Heidi, I'll be sending that bag your way next week! Congrats! Oh and please send me your address, I think the only one I have currently is your old work addy!

I didn't actually spin that wheel to pick the winner, I used this site and it selected comment #16. The wheel was made by my parents for the Casino Party they threw this past weekend. I'll share more from that later this week.

Oh, and I found ANOTHER Tiara Bag waiting to be filled with Goodness some time in the near future so stay tuned for another giveaway!


Friday, February 22, 2008

Give Away Extended!

Due to some crappy weather and the fact that I'm going away for the weekend I've decided to draw the winner of the Tiara Bag on Monday. :)

So if you haven't put your name in, go HERE and leave a comment! I've already stuffed some Goodness into the bag and it's getting fuller by the minute!

Have a fab weekend!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


WIP - work(s) in progress

I have a TON of them. Most are knit or crochet projects as I tend to have a short attention span. I could overload your poor computers with all the photos of half done crap at my house. (Don't worry, I won't.) I spent a lot of time on the sofa last weekend as I hurt my hip. Walking. And no, I'm not 85. I have no idea what I even did but it made it difficult to get around without whinging this weekend. I figured since I was sitting about a lot I should attempt to finish up some of my WIPs.

I think I'm going to make these into a scarf/wrap. They are very soft and "bendy" if that makes any sense. I've had this yarn forever, it's Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold and I have A LOT of it. And it wasn't cheap. It's a thin yarn and I love the texture but I just can't seem to find the right project for it. Crocheted hexagon pattern from this book. You can actually see the scarf hanging on a peg in the cover picture.

I started this for my sister way back in the summer. It's a kimono style wrap top from Interweave Crochet. This is the back. It woudn't take me that long to do the two front panels but I'm not sure I like it. I find that is a big reason for not finishing things, I don't like the way the project is going and just abandon them. I think I'll press on with this one as the yarn was a bargain and it shouldn't take too much longer to complete. Hopefully it won't look like one of those horrible hand crocheted things one finds in the thrift store bargain bin.

Irish Hiking Scarf made from a favorite yarn of mine, Filatura Summer Soft, which is no longer being made. It really is soft and has great stitch definition. This is an easy cable pattern and I like the way it's coming along. I plan to stash this away for Christmas next year. I feel good about starting early just like VQ.

And guess what? I actually DID finish something while on sofa sabbatical:

It's much cuter in person. :) Also made from Summer Soft, this is a pattern from Baby Crochet one of my all time favorite crochet books. The patterns are modern and sweet. This came out pretty big (I am a bad swatcher) but would fit a 12 month old I would guess. It still needs to be pressed and blocked but I'm happy with it. Most likely will make it's way to an expecting cousin.

I'm sure most of you knitters and crocheters know about these sites but just in case:

Knitting Pattern Central
Crochet Pattern Central

They are very up to date with ALL of the free knit and crochet patterns out there on the internet. You could spend days looking through everything.


PS - don't forget to leave a comment on my Anniversary Post for a chance to win the tiara bag! (and for those interested, tiara bags can be purchased here. Along with your very own Miss America crown. ;) )

Monday, February 18, 2008

Still in Love With You

by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

So, when it rains,
I'll shield your head
And when you cry,
I'll wipe those tears

Because it's you, through all these years
And I'm still in love with you

Drop to my knees at Christmas time
And ask you please, if you'd be mine
Because it's you, through all these years
And I'm still in love with you

We walked the streets of the Crescent City
We held hands in China Town
We watched the sun go down on the ocean blue
That's when I knew that I would always love you

So when the day turns into night
I know that everything's all right
Because it's you, through all these years
And I'm still in love with you

Yes, I'm still in love with you

Happy Anniversary*, Sweet Louie. :)

To celebrate I'd like to do a giveaway:

I gave each of my bridesmaids a white velvet tiara bag full of gifts as a thank you for being in the wedding. I have an extra one that I'd like to fill with Goodness to send your way. I'm not yet sure what will be in side but the bag it self is a treat. Leave a comment to be entered to win the bag of Goodness. I'll choose a winner on Friday.

* - our first anniversary was yesterday, not today, I'm a little late in posting. :)


Friday, February 15, 2008

Good things come in small packages . . .

I made something teeny weeny:

It's a pin cushion made from a bottle cap.

It's very tiny and there for, cute.

I am currently on a caffeine high from sucking down soda to get bottle caps to make more. You can find the pattern here.

I'm off to celebrate my last free weekend. L and I have a few weekend trips coming up so my crafting will most likely be minimal though I'm looking for an easy project I can work on in the car. I'l be back Monday to show you the sweet V Day gift from DH and to reveal that give away I mentioned.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy {LUCKY} Valentine's Day!

This sweet cherub came from the "Full Color Romantic Vignettes Clip Art" from Dover Publications. Heidi turned me onto them and I signed up for the free weekly sampler like she suggested and I was hooked!

And speaking of Heidi, she's been sharing her wonderful collection of vintage Valentine's this week which inspired me to share this one:

Don't you love that's signed "guess who?"! I was lucky to find this among some vintage post cards at an antique mall I visited with my mother last spring.

I am also very lucky to have received this wonderful Valentine treat from Shara:

I took a picture of the contents but it was so blurry! And of course I've now rummaged through everything so I'll just have to describe it myself. The little doily contained a cute pair of earrings and a pin that are pink hearts with "XOXOXO" on them and the little tin is filled with the BEST Valentine "scraps" you can imagine! There are cherub charms and little wings and stickers and golden keys and beads and well, you name it! Shara knew I was bummed about not joining one of the many heart shaped box of goodies swaps that she put a little box together just for me! What a wonderful surprise! If you haven't stopped by Shara's blog you really should, she has written some of my very favorite blog posts EVER and is always funny and entertaining. And boy is her house filled with JUNK! ;)

I got this fun Valentine from my sister:

It's all hand sewn and now hangs on my hutch. Thanks, Mandi! She sent a whole string of these to Leigh Ann for the Hanging Hearts swap. You can see them here.

And in MORE happy mail news (I know! What a great mail week!) I received this cute package from Jen:

Jen has great style and I covet everything she makes. She has the best ideas for party favors and throws some kickin' parties to go along with them! Jen recently had something like 14 days of give aways on her blog! And guess who was LUCKY enough to win something? Um yes, me. Seriously, I never get this lucky! I am the happy winner of the heart shaped pasta kit. And if you head over there today you can print out some totally cute Valentine's made by Jen and her favorite Valentine. Just point and click HERE.

So what's in the box? It's a make your own New Year's light string kit! I told you she was creative. Go here and read Jen's post about her cute little Happy New Year treats. :) I'll share a picture of my set once the craft room is presentable enough to be photographed.

You can see from all this that I am truly feeling loved these days. (weepy)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day fill of love of chocolate! I'll be back tomorrow with some of my WIPs that really need to be moving onto the done stage. Oh and I'm feeling a giveaway coming on . . .

hugs and kisses

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hanging Hearts

Before I get into my swap goodies let me apologize for giving many of you heart attacks by suggesting I might cut up that chenille spread. Don't worry! I won't be cutting. :)

My hanging hearts swap partner is Wendy. This was her first swap and she recently started a blog. She. Is. Awesome. Seriously. We hit it off immediately and have exchanged many emails and pictures. I'm so glad to have met her! She sent an awesome package! It totally made my package to her look sad. ;)

BTW, Wendy, there is little heart glitter all over the place! LOL

Look at the Goodness! She made the awesome quilted bag and hanging heart and also included a cute monkey picture she found at the thrift store (a monkey holding a cupcake, how perfect for me!), a pink and brown Alaska hat, chocolates, Alaskan soap and lip balm, an altered match box, embroidery floss and the funniest nose shaped pencil sharpener that I had to hide from my husband.

Gorgeous! As you all know by now, I love pink and brown and this was the first time Wendy used the color combo and it turned out great! Look at that fancy pants stitching!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful swap! While my package was not so nearly full of Goodness I hope you liked the sweet Sophie I made for you:

I wanted to do something different and hope she makes you smile when you look at her. :)


I have more of my magical mail to share tomorrow but first I need to ask a favor. PLEASE send me some "finish what you started" jou-jou. I seem to have fallen into a creative slump this last week and can't seem to see anything through to the end. So send me your good vibes so I can get some stuff out of the WIP pile. :)


Monday, February 11, 2008

Thumbs Up for Thrifting

Yes that's me. I'm bringin' dorky back.

Mandi and I had a great visit! We went to see the New Jersey Devils take on the Anaheim Ducks on Friday:

(Mandi, her husband Ryan and my Louie at the game)

We also did some thrifting. I haven't been thrifting with her in awhile so it was fun and she was lucky for me! So what did I find?

This chenille bed spread was $7. It's in perfect shape! So perfect that I wonder at it's age. It doesn't seem new but there isn't a stain, rip or worn spot on it. It's very pretty and soft and it's at least a full sized spread. Do I cut it? *gulp*

These are two Laura Ashley curtain panels I snatched up at $7 for both. Is anyone familiar with the pattern name? I think it's lovely and I have already washed and hung them in my craft room. I like them much better than the red panels that were in there though I will have to rethink the Waverly Sweet Violets pattern I was planning to use. They really don't go LOL.

This vintage cloth was $4 and is also in good shape. There is a bit of staining but I can live with it even if Oxi can't get it out. I think this style is my favorite as far as vintage cloths go. I have two others that are similar. You can one here. Sarah, is this style called something specific?

And Mandi found this cute wooden egg dish for me. It's a nice heavy wood and will be so cute with my other dish on the table at Easter full of colorful eggs.

And oh my friends, there is more. But I won't make you picture crazy today. And also on deck . . . I received some great mail today from Jen, Shara and Wendy plus my order from One Hundred Wishes. I love happy mail days.

Until tomorrow . . .


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sleep Tight

So while I haven't been all that crafty this week (unless you count crocheting something and then ripping it out and then knitting something and then ripping it out, too) I haven't been a total schlub:

These sleep masks are so quick and easy! I need to work a bit on the top (you can see how I didn't fold it properly on both and the green fleece backing is visable) but I am still quite happy with them. The red one is mine and the blue one is for my weekend visitor. I've made about 5 of these now and I like them all. I think I'll whip up some extras to tuck in with gifts through out the year.

They are from a pattern in this book but I top stitch around the mask where as her pattern calls for handsewing that opening. I did that on my first one and it looked sloppy. I need some hand sewing lessons! (ahem, Anna.) The author also has a Christmas Crafts book (remember my snowman?) and this one:

There are quite a few things in here I'm hoping to try:

Terry cloth lambs

Cute bunny pot holders

Bunny hearts

Eggy Houses

and my personal favorite . .

A flock of sweet geese

I had better get busy.

Well I'll be off line while my sister is in town but hope to share some of our adventures next week!

ciao bellas!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I think I need to put more thrifty into my thrifting. I spent $50 at the thrift on Saturday! Ack! In my defense, I bought two big 35 gallon bins to use for storage in our basement. They were cheaper there than at Target but I didn't think you guys wanted to see pictures of bins. I also bought something I really didn't need but couldn't resist. That's down stairs to be washed and I'll share it in a future post. Also in my cart that day was a stack of fabric. I cannot take interesting of fabric. I will tell you that I did find a yard of Waverly Sweet Violets that matches this set:

which I picked up in the fall. I'm planning to put this in my craft room. So what should I make with my scant yard of fabric? Maybe some drawstring storage bags? Hmmm. Anyway, I thought it was lucky to snag some matching material!

I also found this:

It's a washcloth. Isn't it ODD? I mean cutsy but odd none the less. My guess is that it's Japanese as I found another small washcloth that has a minature dachshund on the front and it still had the tags in Japanese. (NOTE: If anyone out there has or loves minature dachshunds please send me your address and I'll pop that cute washcloth in the mail to you!)

So enough of that. Here is my favorite find:

An amber hobnail glass egg dish. I paid more than I normally would for this at thrift, $9, but I just couldn't leave it behind. I never see hobnail glass! I think it looks nice there on my hutch, too.

I really love the rich color! While I know it's an egg dish I think it fits right in with my oyster plate collection as well.

So I did get some nice things but that was an extravagant trip for me. I guess that is what happens when one does not thrift for a month!

On a different note, go see The Wizard Helmets in action! Mandi posted about her fun Fairytale party from last summer. And guess who made the magical crepe paper bean stalk? Hmm? Yours truly!


Monday, February 04, 2008

Superbowl :)

I promised my husband a blog post dedicated to the Superbowl and the world champion Giants. So here you go:

Can't have a party without balloons, right? (For the record, I'm kind of afraid of balloons.)

And what did Luis eat?

Oh boy, tummy ache city! (and yes those are Giants plates.) I had 97% fat free hotdogs with ketchup on wheat buns to stick to my diet. Not bad! I also made fresh guacamole and wings with blue cheese dressing using a Weight Watchers recipe. They came out great.

Throw in some dollar store pom-poms and you've got yourself a party. :)

Needless to say L. is VERY excited that his team won and is all ready for tomorrow's ticker tape parade. I'll be back tomorrow to show you how you can spend $50 at the thrift store and only have two pictures to share. Hmmm . . .



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