Thursday, December 18, 2008

Decking the Halls

Hello . . . I know I've been absent but things have been, well, BUSY. I know you all are feeling the same way. So I've decided to stop kidding myself that I'm going to be able to post anything worth reading over the next few weeks and CALL IT A YEAR.

But before I go I thought to share some of my ornaments and decorations with you:

This was my friend Dita's idea and I love it! What's really making me laugh is the inch of dust on top of my hutch! Once I saw this picture I got up this with the duster LOL. Keepin' it real over here!

We made some really cute little shadow box ornaments this year but of course I forgot to photograph most of them before I sent them out. Made from paper scraps, printed Victorian images and sayings, ribbon and jewelry box lids. Easy!

And yes, and this is the banner that I made! Congrats to Diane for guessing correctly first! Want to see what I sent her? Go here.

A sweet fairy Santa my Mom brought me from St. Michaels, Maryland. I love his little trumpet and pointy nose!

And now I'm off to finish the 80 million things I need to do before Christmas. I'll be back in the New Year better than ever! I have ideas for some swaps and tutorials and patterns that I hope you'll enjoy. And now my message to you:

*from an embroidered stocking I made for a swap . . will share more about that in 2009!

Enjoy your holidays however you celebrate!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Have Yourself a Crafty Little Christmas . . .

Hello friends! I am so sorry it's been so long since I posted. I had a few house guests over the last week and spent my time laughing, chatting and eating lots of yummy treats. :) Fortunately girlfriends and sisters don't mind if you knit while you visit and I was able to finish up a few things.

Back in November we had our First Annual Christmas Craft Tea. We are hoping to do a new project each year and make it a tradition. Our project this year were banners. A fun little project that is easy to personalize.

1 - Red & Green Peace

2 - Pink, Red & Silver Peace

3 - Blue & Silver Joy

4 - Blue & Silver Noel

5 - Red, Green & Silver Joy

6 - Red & Green Noel

Pink, Black & White XMas Rox

All different, no? :) It was an easy project. We cut out large tags on the Sizzix to use as the base. We decorated the tags with paper, embellishments, crepe paper pinwheels, rosettes and glittered chipboard letters and then strung them on ribbon. You need to tie a knot at the top of each tag to make it stay.

Can you guess which one is mine? First person to leave a comment with the correct guess will get a little treat in the mail from me. :) **UPDATED - we have a winner!! Diane from Little Birdie was the first to guess that mine is the blue and silver Noel!**

Off to continue my crafty Christmas!


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fa La La La Lazy

Whew! Where HAVE I been? I cannot believe it's December already! I'm glad I started my holiday crafting in October because I've had a bit of the lazies the last week. All that turkey and stuffing certainly didn't help. :)

Thanksgiving was lovely. We haven't been home to my parents for Turkey Day in 4 years so it was a nice change.

I made gingerbread cupcakes. Mmmm . . . I used a Trader Joe's gingerbread mix from last year I found hiding in my cabinet! Way to use what you have, no?

Now I am back home and back to feeling overwhelmed. I don't know why I put so much stress on myself! I mean SERIOUSLY. Why am I freaking over getting the house clean and tree up? It's supposed to be fun! So from now on NO MORE STRESS. Are you with me?

So now I'm headed to my sofa where I plan to finish knitting the scarf I'm making for my boss and I'm going to ENJOY it. I'll have projects to share soon including some really cute diorama jewelry box ornaments. :)


PS - some fun vintage holiday items to go up in The Goodness Shop this week!


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