Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Canning Jar Lid Pin Cushions

On my last trip home my Mom handing me a bag of things she picked up for me at the Treasure Sale. There were lots of fun finds but one in particular piqued my interest:

It's a pin cushion made from two canning jar lids, some fabric scraps (velvet in this case), stuffing, fancy ribbon, gold rickrack and a ring. Clever! Many of us probably have these very things taking up space right now.

I've had swaps on the brain lately since I joined Sarah's Halloween ornament swap so I think these clever pin cushions would be great for a future swap. Now I know I asked if anyone was interested in a pink, white and gold swap in my last post but I think these pin cushions would be fun, too. Also quick to make and not too expensive to mail. And what they heck, they could be made to be pink, gold and white, right? :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Seriously . . .

Where does the time go? I know I haven't posted in forever but partly it's because I find I don't have the time to create, thrift, cook, etc. these days. Tempus fugit I guess.

Finally last week I was able to fit in a quick trip to one thrift store. It wasn't a stellar trip but I found a few things of interest:

I hardly ever buy vintage sheets anymore but this was too cute to pass up. I've had this grand idea to make a hooked rug from strips cute from sheets forever so maybe this will be the one to start on that? I do already have the rug canvas and the hook so it's really just my laziness keeping me from getting started. :) Of course the pattern is fun and could be made into any number of things. What would you make?

Another vintage apron. This thrift is pretty good for finding these. I guess the shoppers there aren't looking for aprons these days. This one is pretty badly stained but I loved the colors and the construction so I grabbed it anyway. I have a pretty good collection going now. Of course they are just folded in a basket and don't see much use.

I've been very into long necklaces lately. Particularly those with tassels or large ornaments. I was thrilled to find this bead and leaf necklace and have already worn it twice. I think it's a true piece from the 70s and not a reproduction. Maybe my favorite find of the day.

And last but not least by any means . . . I spied a bag of beaded holiday garland. The color combo is what caught my eye, I love the pink, white and gold** together. Normally I don't buy these garlands as I don't have many ideas on what to do with them besides decorate but then I noticed that the gold strand was vintage mercury glass beads. Be still my beating heart! I've never found any true glass garland and am thrilled to finally have some to call my own. Of course now I'll be checking every bag of beaded garland hoping to find more. Maybe one day I'll luck into some glass bead picks, too.

So that's my thrifting report. I miss it and want to go more often. I definitely want to make a trip up to Connecticut to the Elephant's Trunk flea market soon as well. I do have a few more things to post about this week including a clever idea for making pin cushions and a recipe for apple cranberry walnut breakfast bars. Yum.

** - wouldn't pink, white and gold make for a fun swap theme? Maybe for Christmas? Thoughts?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some Bunny to Love

Made from the same original pattern I created to make this one, a gift for my nephew.

Made with Bernat Cotton Tots yarn and some scraps of cotton I had laying around.

Made to be loved. Pattern coming soon. Vintage high chair courtesy of Mom's house. Hmm, I think it was mine. Does that make me vintage? ;)


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