Monday, June 29, 2009

Red, White and Blue Swap

Hello! Yes, I know, I know, what a craptastic summer blogger I am. Summer is NOT my season. I haven't done much in the way of crafty lately. Hopefully that will pick up soon. :)

I did just participate in the Sweet Goodness Hurrah for the Red, White & Blue swap and I had a FANTASTIC partner. Sarah is amazing! Hold onto your seats . . .

The whole gorgeous red, white and blue lot of it! Vintage paper and millinery flowers galore! Plus hand made goodies including . . .

How fabulous is this mask? And while I know this was an American swap this mask makes me think French masquerade ball. I love it! I'm trying to come up with a way to display it on my wall, perhaps in a shadow box? Don't you love that red glittery peacock?

This lovely star ornament is even better up close. The rosette is made from vintage ledger paper which Sarah was kind enough to also include in my package. I have a plan for it that I hope to share this week.

And can I just say WOW! I love LOVE this bracelet!

Also included was this glittered star pick and a fabulous selection of ribbons.

This sweet paper doll is just adorable. I also hope to make up a shadow box to feature her! She has a little dress to wear but I love her polka dot undies, don't you?

Thank you Sarah for one heck of a great swap! I hope we can swap again some time.

Sarah has a lovely Etsy shop with some of the most beautiful vintage inspired jewelry. My next treat to myself will surely come from there but watch out! It's so hard to pick a favorite! I love them all. :)

Here is what I sent to her:

I, too, included vintage papers, sheet music and Italian wrapping paper. I also included a vintage Fire King milk glass pie plate. Gotta love flat rate shipping boxes!

Sarah has three boys so I tucked in red, white and blue salt water taffy, jelly bellies and M&Ms that I picked up at a fancy candy store in Atlantic City, NJ.

The vintage Japanese mother of pearl pin comes off of the cotton cockade I made OR she can wear the whole thing to show some REAL spirit LOL.

I always include buttons in my swap. I lucked into a huge lot of carded buttons a year ago and still have plenty to share. The other bag has some patriotic pins and beads to wear to a 4th of July parade perhaps?

A baggy of red white and blue ribbons similar to what she sent me and a bag of fun vintage jewelry including a pair of Air Force wings from my friend Sergeant Nine. Sarah's husband is also in the military keeping our country safe. :)

I love this cross stitch pattern of a simple statue of liberty lady. I turned her into a simple door hanger and thought she came out quite cute. Hope you like her, Sarah!

What a fun swap. Sarah plans to join my aqua and pink swap that I'll announce later this summer so some lucky girl will get paired with her and surely be in for a treat.

Louie, the dog herd and I are headed back to Maryland to enjoy the 4th on the water. I'll be back next week with major shop updates - I lucked into the CUTEST vintage aprons and will list, ahem, most of them - and perhaps have a give away?

Have a safe and happy holiday!


PS - there is still time to join my craft challenge!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Craft Challenge #2

Yes, I know, I've been ABSENT. Not just from writing but from reading as well. You know summer, busy busy! So since I have nothing much to share in the way of thrifts or crafts, how about another craft challenge?

In order to allow for more players I've picked an item many of you will already have. The wooden spool!

Here is my collection! So how about some rules?


You can use any medium you want but the main piece must be a wooden spool. Size matters not, you choose. Ideas? Let's see . . . spool dolls, spool notes, ornaments, jewelry? You name it! The idea is to be creative!

Try to use supplies you already have in your stash. It's nice to use up some of those treasures, right?

We'll give it a month - finish your spool by July 17th. Here is a Flickr pool where we can show off our craftiness! Post your picture in the pool by the 17th. Then we'll do a little voting to pick the top three favorite spools. I'll send a little Goodenss to the winner! Prize is at my discrection but I think it will be something you'll like. Sound like fun?

Leave a comment here if you'd like to join in so I know who is playing! spread the word!

Happy Crafting!


PS - See the results of Craft Challenge #1 HERE.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Red, White and Blue

As many of you know, the most recent swap over at Sweet Goodness Swaps is :Hurray for the Red, White and Blue." A very fun summery theme, don't you think? My partner is Sarah from My So Called Junky Life. I love that title! Take a swing by her blog, you won't be disappointed!

Sarah and I have been chatting and we both love the color combo of pink and aqua. I think it's so fun and shabby chic. So I'm thinking of having my own little swap this summer with those colors as a theme. I would probably call it the Shabby Pink and Aqua swap or something more creative than that I hope. What do you think? Would any one be interested in a swap like this? It wouldn't start until the end of June since I am already doing the other swap plus have some travels planned. Leave me a comment if you think you would be interested. No commitment at this time, I'm just curious to see if it would fly.

So I've done some thrifting though don't have too many photos. I've been in an organizational mode so everything gets put in it's place right away. (yeah, we'll see how long that lasts.) I did find these photos, though:

Aren't these the sweetest things? And they are sort of pink and aqua! They are two framed "prints" of little girls playing. The pictures are actually quilted pieces of fabric! The frames them selves are a lovely shabby pink. Not sure what I'll do with these yeet. I'm guessing they were decorations for a little girls room in the 70s maybe?

Okay, that little box cracks me up! Know what's inside? A little folding fan. Too cute but pretty beat up. I found the fan and the tiny purse packs of Knit Cro-Sheen at the last Treasure Sale. Now I wonder, were women knitting on fly back then that they needed purse packs of yarn? Hmmm.

Two adorable hat box style wig boxes! There were wigs inside but I got rid of those. (Sorry Dita, I know you wanted to be Edith Bunker for Halloween but they were freaking me out.)

And I couldn't resist this giant piece of leopard material for a dollar. What will I ever do with it? It's plush. Nice. Me thinks I'll make me a coat! (yeah right)

That's all from me until next week. I'm taking a last minute get away to Atlantic City with my Mom and Sister. See you soon!


Monday, June 01, 2009

And the Winner is . . .

Drum roll please . . . .

The winner of the Goodness paper pack is . . . .

Jessica at Funky Finds!! Jessica, I'll drop you an email for your address.

Thank you to everyone who left comments. I'll be doing another give away soon. :)



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