Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sock it to me

As promised, the most adorable baby in a pretty adorable hat:

Once I got started on the hat the creative juices started flowing and I also made him this:

Yes, that is Hong Kong Phooey.

And yes, he is faster than the human eye. :)

What's next on the radar? I'm hoping to do a bit of sewing. Most likely I'll just make more toys.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Baby.

Tommorow Gabriel turns one. Happy birthday to the sweetest nephew a proud Auntie could want. I'll have plenty of pictures to share of his sock monkey birthday soon. Most of them will involve him wearing this:

Loosely based on THIS pattern.

We are off to Baltimore tonight to start the partying. Bring on the bananas.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well what do you know?

I actually found some things at the thrift store worth talking about. The thrifts here have been terrible lately. Not even nice baskets or bins for organizing. Just plain old junk. And not the good kind of junk, either. So imagine my surprise on Saturday when I actually found things at the two local Unique stores.

First up, I swore to myself that I wouldn't buy any more novelty planters:

But this little ostrich was too cute to pass up. I quickly turned him into this:

He fits in nicely here with my other altered pin cushions:

I also lucked into a chicken scratch gingham apron:

I have quite the collection of these now. I'll have to get them all together for a photo op.

Vintage is rare at the thrift these days so when I saw this fabric hiding amongst the curtains I had to grab it up:

Do I need it? No. But look at that mouse's plumbers crack! Come on. This is a large print and I think it would make for a very unique tote bag.

I also snatched up some old trophies but more on those later. I went in search of vintage books to make altered journals. I made a few pages last week and really enjoyed putting together new and vintage elements to create them.

Here's hoping the thrifting mojo sticks around! What did you find?


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