Friday, March 29, 2013

Kitchen Makeover

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Moen, Incorporated. All opinions are 100% mine.

We were very lucky to only suffer a small amount of damage after Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. One issue we did have was major leaking in the porch roof and along the back kitchen wall. We had the roof repaired but still need to do the interior work. The porch ceiling is not too bad but that kitchen wall is really starting to bug me. I keep putting it off because I don't really enjoy spackle and paint jobs so I really need a motivator to get started.

How about a kitchen makeover? Yeah! My kitchen isn't that old. We renovated the house in 2005 and it still looks pretty good. I try to mix my style so that it has nice modern elements (such as sand colored Corian countertops) and unique French Country style (like my bright red mahogany floors.) One thing I definitely keep modern are my appliances. Everything is stainless steel and brushed nickel finishes. It just works for me.

We do most of our home improvement shopping at Lowe's. They tend to have more decorative elements than their competitors and I often find myself making a "dream home" list while wandering the aisles. Thinking of the dream kitchen makeover I'd really like to swap out our faucet for something with more of a modern flare.

 photo 87599srsKO2_zps376479a0.jpg

I am loving the Kiran Spot Resist one-handle pulldown kitchen faucet. Sleek, modern and oh so fancy. It has a pull down spray hose that comes down easily and docks securly by way of the Relex system. That even SOUNDS fancy. I also like that is has a high arch, it makes it much easier to do the dishes and fill pots. And did you notice the name?

 photo SpotResistregjpg_zps01cfd3d1.jpg

Oh yes. Spot and fingerprint resistant means LESS cleaning. Now that is the epitome of dream home, don’t you think? And low and behold, it's available at Lowe's. Can a faucet really make a kitchen seem fresher? Absolutely. Shopping for the makeover is clearly the best part. Now I need to tackle the spackle and paint. More on that to come. (Painting tips needed! Drop me a line with your tricks. I'm really a terrible house painter.)

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Cheers - Rebecca

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Softsoap Body Wash in Limited Edition Spring Fragrances

Softsoap is a staple in my house. The pump handsoaps are well priced and I've been known to stock up and have one at each sink in the house. My favorite fragrance by far is the Coconut and Warm Ginger. I'm particular about scent and this one works well for both bathroom and kitchen.

Did you know that Softsoap also makes body washes? I recently got a chance to sample some of the new limited edition spring fragrances. I tried the Forever Springtime and the Lemonade Berry Splash body washes. Both smell amazing! I think I may be more partical to the Forever Springtime which is odd because I thought for sure the more citrusy smell of the Lemonade Berry Splash would be my favorite.

The Forever Springtime is a creamy wash and makes a nice rich lather. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisterized.

The Lemonade Berry Blast has little moisterizing beads in it and makes for a more invigorating shower. I could wax on and on about products like these. I am a sucker for trying something new and fun. These scents are limited so grab some while you can! Softsoap is always reasonable priced. The suggested retail price is only $3.89! The bottle is 18 ounces and will last you for many many showers.
For more information on all the Softsoap products click HERE. You can sign up for an enewsletter and check for special offers and coupons. There is also a store finder but I get mine at Target. Easy peasy.

While I was given sample products to test and review the opinions stated above are my own and were in no way influenced by Colgate.

Monday, March 18, 2013


I like trying to incorporate fabric into my crochet projects. One thing I have been trying to do is create a doll with a crocheted body and cloth clothing. We all now there is a lot of what not to crochet out there and I think most dolls go into that catagory. I started one back when I had my broken leg (and a lot of time on my hands) and have continuously put her to the side because I just didn't like the pattern. But I never could bring myself to ditch her completely.

So while I am not completely satisfied I do think she is starting to come together.

Her legs are my least favorite part so the next design will be different. Though making thin legs in crochet is kind of tough unless you use a very small yarn.

Her face is sweet though I wish I had placed it closer to her hairline. It appears as if her hair is in the wrong place. I suppose I could remove it and reposition it but I like her quirkiness. This one I am naming Wally Simpson, a name suggestion for my last doll from my friend Caroline. Hello, Wally!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekend Workbasket

Still on a pin cushion kick my weekend Workbasket has heirloom tomato cushions:

(Very) loosely based on this:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Panasonic NI-L70SR Iron Review

It is rare that I am asked to do product reviews. I've done a few for tape (who doesn't love tape?) and one for scrapbook software a few years ago. Recently I was contacted about reviewing a new cordless steam iron from Panasonic for use as a crafting tool. I was very intrigued because one reason I don't sew often is because it almost always involves ironing.

I don't hate ironing, per se, I just actively avoid it. I have perfected the art of tossing things in the dryer with a damp towel and a dryer sheet and hoping for the best. Sadly, this doesn't work for pressing down seams or flatting out fabric doll limbs. When I sew I usually do it on the dining room table. I haul the iron up from the basement and then search for an extension cord because there are no plugs located near the table that work for the length of my iron's cord. So when I saw that the Panasonic NI-L70SR Iron was cordless well, that really peaked my interest.

So how about the facts first:

The Panasonic NI-L70SR Iron features…
- Cordless Ironing: Helping take the hassle out of ironing, the NI-L70SR is cordless, so it doesn’t get tangled or caught on the end of the ironing board. Placing the iron in the base will fully recharge the iron in just eight seconds.

- Heat-Resistant Carrying Case: The NI-L70SR cordless iron comes with a carrying case for extra portability and easy storage. The heat-resistant, transparent case can be attached immediately after use.

- Elliptical Soleplate: The iron’s elliptical soleplate is ergonomically designed to ensure smooth, natural movement in any direction. It quickly speeds up larger jobs like tablecloths or curtains and allows users to iron in any direction with precision, ease and speed.

- Auto Shut-Off: The iron’s electronic sensor automatically shuts off the iron after 10 minutes if it is left in the base.

- Choose Steam or Dry Ironing: With the push of a button, users can select to steam or dry iron clothing, and easily steam by directing just the right amount of steam to hanging garments.

- Cost-Effective: The NI-L70SR Iron is only $69.95; you can check it out at:

And the verdict:

I think I love this iron. No seriously. The fact that it is cordless might be the key to my getting over not wanting to drag the iron out for sewing. I can plug it in the kitchen and then carry the iron to the dining room table to do the ironing. The heat and steam last long enough to get through most of the work that needs to be done and then the iron recharges in 8 seconds (I tested it!) and is ready to go again. Not having to dodge the cord really makes a difference, too. I also love that it has a heat resistant carrying case. It makes it easy to transport and hey, it's cute.

Yeah, I am smitten. When I showed this shot to my mother she said she thought it looked small but it is your standard iron size. It is also not too heavy so carrying it around is very easy and since the case is heat resistant you can just snap it on there and store the iron right after use. You can also use it wet or dry. There are three settings for the level of steam or lack there of.

In conclusion, I like this iron. It really works for me and takes away my excuses for not sewing. You can look forward to more fabric projects coming from me for sure. Be sure to check out the iron HERE.

While I did receive an iron to review these opinions are completely my own and were in no way influenced by Panasonic.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


A lazy Sunday making pin cushions for an upcoming craft show. They look so pretty all together in my work basket.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Use it or lose it . . .

In effort to use up some of my ridiculous stash yarn I have started yet another crochet project. Apparently I feel better if this stashed yarn in question is made into something half done rather than piled up somewhere making me feel guilty.

So here is Elly. She will get another large purple ear and four purple limbs. Since she is a stash project and I ran out of the white I used for her body that is the way it will be, and it will make her quirky and lovable. Oh and she is totally a Francophile so she is also getting a beret, a wee sweater and a basket of flowers all to be made with a random variegated purple yarn from the stash. All the yarn used so far (plus the aforementioned variegated one) were thriftier together in one bag. It was the inspiration for Elly. Last weekend I scored another bag of random good quality yarn that is begging to be a bear. This could be the beginning of a good art challenge!


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