Thursday, August 28, 2008

Before I Go . . .

We're off today for a week of vacation on the Maryland shore with friends. I am really looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing. :) The couple we are going with are a blast! I've known Dana for 30 years and our husbands get long great. Big fun!

But before I go, how about a few thrifty treasures?

I'm a sucker for old books. Especially those that have gorgeous cover art like these! The one on the right has a copyright date of 1917 and I am very curious to see what Marjorie Dean, High School Freshman, gets herself into. :) And I love that the one on the left is written by Mrs. Molesworth. I also picked up some other old books that were falling apart. I plan to put some vintage book pages up in the shop after vacation for you altered art types. :)

My friend Nina went with me to thrift this last time and she is lucky! See that super cute green egg dish with rooster salt and pepper shakers? I almost bid on that on Ebay last spring! How fun to find it and for HALF what the starting bid was to boot! The little ashtray is from Japan and too cute, I think. I love the pink and green ruffled dessert plate and that ring holder is a Lenox and I love it, too. Lucky Lucky!

Before we head to the beach we're spending a few nights with my parents so you know Mom and I will be off to thrift bright and early tomorrow.

So everyone have a lovely Labor Day weekend and I'll be back after 9/9.

Big hugs!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Thrift is Out There

I'm slightly re-obsessed with the X-Files as of late. I saw the new movie and was pretty disappointed so I've been watching classic episodes to make it go away. :) That reminded me of Halloween 1999 when my friend Alex and I dressed up as Agents Mulder & Scully.

We had fake cellphones, rubber gloves and those little flash lights. I made up those handy FBI badges, too. We would walk into a bar (we did a pub crawl) and people would yell "Scully!" Alex stuck by me all night because he said when we were separated he looked like a business man lol. I was actually sad to hang up my "Scully coat" that night.

In the X-Files Agent Mulder is constantly searching for "The Truth." Well around here I am constantly searching for "The Thrift."

China serving pieces. A steal at a church thrift for $3 for both pieces plus 5 small dessert bowls. The simple pattern goes nicely with my other pieces and it's nice to find serving pieces! I especially like the gravy boat/bowl on top. I also picked up a china rose platter for $1.

Another find at the church thrift for only 50 cents. Not vintage but so darn cute! That thrift was a gold mine.

I also found these vintage puppets:

(Soon to be in The Goodness Shop) and this gorgeous old apron:

Soon to be hanging from my apron rack :) It's wonderful and soft and was definitely an apron that got some use. I love the fabric and the ric-rack details.

At the "regular" thrift I lucked into some vintage fabric with the names of old airlines on it and this fantastic old photo album:

I'm really unsure of the age but it has that "grandma's attic" smell to it that might just be moth balls. It's in wonderful condition and I'm considering putting all of my old family pictures in there. I happen to own a little pack of Dennison photo corners, too. :)

So yes my friends, the Thrift IS out there. Now go on out there and find it. May the Force be with you.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy 300

Thank you to everyone who said such lovely things about my issues with THAT PLACE and THOSE PEOPLE. I am taking all of your advice and not letting it get to me and in fact, I'm over it. I've decided not to waste one more ounce of energy on it. :) So thank you ALL for making me feel much much better. :) And as for a blogging break . . . I'd miss you guys too much!

So this is my 300th post. Wow. That's a lot for me! I'll be having the traditional give away but I'm not ready yet so stay tuned for that in the next few weeks. I may wait until after my vacation.

I do have something for you crocheters out there. A pattern! It's a simple pattern and I'm sure it's been done before but since I wrote it down as I went along I figured why not share?

Crocheted Matroshka Doll


2 skeins of Lily Cotton in 2 coordinating colors
Size F or G hook (you should make a single crochet swatch to see if your stitches are tight enough to not let the stuffing show through with the larger needle. If not, use the smaller one.)
stitch marker
Felt scraps
Needle and coordinating thread or floss


ch = chain
sc = single crochet
w/ss = with slip stitch
sc2TOG = single crochet two stitches together
DNJ = Do Not Join
(# sc) = number of single crochet stitches you should have at the end of the round


Ch 2, 5 sc in 2nd ch from hook, join w/ss, ch 1

2 sc in each sc around, join w/ss, ch 1 (10 sc)

(1 sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc) to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (15 sc)

(1 sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc) to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (20 sc)

(1 sc in next 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc) to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (25 sc)

(1 sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc in next sc) to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (30 sc)

(1 sc in next 5 sc, 2 sc in next sc) to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (35 sc)

(1 sc in next 6 sc, 2 sc in next sc) to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (40 sc)

1 sc in BACK LOOPS of each sc to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (40 sc)

1 sc in each sc to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (40 sc)

Repeat last row 3 more times (40 sc)

(1 sc in next 7 sc, 2 sc in next sc) to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (45 sc)

(1 sc in next 8 sc, 2 sc in next sc) to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (50 sc)

1 sc in each sc to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (50 sc)

Repeat last row 2 more times (50 sc)

(1 sc in next 8 sc, sc2TOG) to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (45 sc)

1 sc in each sc to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (45 sc)

Repeat last row 1 more times (45 sc)

(1 sc in next 7 sc, sc2TOG) to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (40 sc)

(1 sc in next 6 sc, sc2TOG) to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (35 sc)

1 sc in each sc to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (35 sc)

(1 sc in next 5 sc, sc2TOG) to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (30 sc)


1 sc in each sc to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (30 sc)

***you want to begin stuffing your doll as you go from now on***

(1 sc in next 4 sc, sc2TOG) to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (25 sc)

1 sc in each sc to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (25 sc)

Repeat last row 3 more times (25 sc)

(1 sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc in next sc) to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (30 sc)

1 sc in each sc to end, join w/ss, ch 1 (30 sc)

Repeat last row 4 more times (30 sc)

1 sc in each sc to end, DO NOT JOIN OR CH 1 (30 sc)

***you will begin a spiral here so you do not join the rounds or chain one at the ends***

Place stitch marker in last sc

(1 sc in next 4 sc, sc2TOG) to marker DNJ (25 sc)

****remember to keep stuffing!***

(1 sc in next 3 sc, sc2TOG) to marker DNJ (20 sc)

(1 sc in next 2 sc, sc2TOG) to marker DNJ (15 sc)

(1 sc in next 1 sc, sc2TOG) to marker DNJ (10 sc)

(sc2TOG) to marker DNJ (5 sc)

Remove marker and finish off with 6 inch tail. Thread tail on yarn needle and pull through last 5 stitches to close up the head. You should have a bowling pin shaped body.

Using your felt scraps cut out a circle for the face and hair. Trim your hair circle like the one in the picture and stitch together. Use french knots for eyes and small felt circles for cheeks. You can decorate the body however you like. I used a Sizzix die to cut my felt into a flower. Sew a piece of ribbon around the row where you change yarn colors.

You could use any kind of yarn but the Lily cotton is pretty cheap. You could also decorate with beads or buttons but I wanted my dolly to be baby safe. :)

If you make one, please let me know!! Also, if you find any issues with the pattern please tell me. I made a second one following the pattern to check it out and once I decorate her I'll share.

bug hugs

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One Down . . .

Remember my Land of Misfit Toys? Well I finished one*, can you believe it?

See pink panda here? He actually survived being stabbed by the crochet hook (see it sticking out of his chest?) and went on to become . . .

Super Cute Pink Panda With Polka Dot Necktie. :) However, I think I'll call him Percy.

It's difficult to tell from these pictures but he really is quite adorable. And as he is made from the softest cotton yarn I'm sure he's soon to be squashed flat from hugs. That is if I can bear to part with him . . . we'll see. :) Percy is perched on a recently thrifted Shabby Chic box I found for $6. I can't resist anything by Shabby Chic it seems.

Panda pattern is from the current issue of Knit 1 Magazine. Though I had to do my body all in one color as I ran out of white yarn. Nice.

I also added some new goodies to The Goodness Shop:

Vintage Kokeshi dolls, vintage knitting pattern booklets, some soft pink seam binding, a hand crocheted lace collar, one of my watermelon potholders, vintage muslin pillow cases stamped for embroidery and of course, more vintage hankies.

I have more fun things to list including some vintage trim:

that I scored this weekend while thrifting with Catherine. Once I untangle it of course.

fondly ~ Rebecca

*technically I'm "finished" two as I decided not to finish the Hershey Kiss Kid LOL.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Odds & Ends

Aww . . . you guys . . . thank you so much for making me feel better about that disaster with the Tea Shop. Everyone of your comments was so kind and heartfelt. It truly made me feel loads better. I still have a few to answer and I will do so but for those of you whose email does not show up on comments THANK YOU. Thanks to everyone. I think my next step will be to send a certified letter and we'll go from there. I've been informed that their website is unavailable now. Hmmm . . .

Anyway, enough of that talk. I've been really trying to be productive and use up some of my supplies.

These came out quite a bit cuter than I thought. I made two in this green pattern and two in this pink:

The covers are just single crochet sewn over the hangers (I just eyeballed the length and width) and the flowers are from Nicky Epstein's Crocheted Flowers. The red rose on the first hanger is actually the one shown on the cover of the book. It's a good source if you want to be able to make different flowers but her projects are a bit crazy as usual. I don't see my self crocheting a bridal bouquet of wedding lilies any time soon. :)

Another great scrap yarn project is the potholder. And since it's summer . . .

Who doesn't love a watermelon potholder? I know Shara sure does! Pop on over and ask her how many she has in her collection. :) These came out nicely! Made with the cheap Lily cotton I can't seem to resist.

Hopefully I'll keep up the momentum!

Thank you again for all the support! Stay tuned, giveaway coming soon!


Monday, August 04, 2008


I am long overdue in saying thank you for some happy mail:

Photobucket is being difficult today and won't let me rotate the photo for some reason. Grrr.

Anyway, this is my Parasol swap package from Melissa! She made me a lovely key chain that says "Make," a lovely fabric flower brooch and a sweet vintage fabric needle book. She also tucked in some cute pink yarn (that I am pretty sure will become a stuffed bunny!), mix for raspberry mousse and some cocktail umbrellas. What isn't pictured are some mints (that I put on my desk at work) and a baggie of doggie biscuits that the boys tore into right away. Thanks, Melissa!

As I mentioned, I had TWO partners for the parasol swap. My other partner was Chrystal. She doesn't have a blog but maybe she'll be convinced to give it a try!

Chrystal lives in Canada and is working at a restored village for the summer. She treated me to some candy from the sweets store there including some yummy Glee Gum. She also included a pamphlet from the park where she is working, some fun cup cake picks to use like cocktail umbrellas (clever!) and a wooden bracelet to decorate. I think I'll decoupage it. :) For the handmade part she embroidered this sweet monogrammed pendant:

What lovely stitching! Thanks again, Chrystal!

And some surprise happy mail from Shara:

She sure knows how to make my day. :) Look at all this fun stuff! I always loved things with my name on it. And this should keep people from stealing my pencils at work. :) Thanks, Shara, you know I love it all!!

I feel so lucky to get such fun mail. :)


Friday, August 01, 2008

Thrift Me Something Good

I've found some interesting things at thrift lately. Usually I fill my cart with fabric, books and the occasional pot or pan. Now I'm still doing that but I've netted a few treasures as well.

I spotted this in with a big jumble of baby blankets. I didn't even notice the tag when I grabbed it.

It's adorable! And in perfect shape. Sorry for the dark photo.

This was the same day I found the baby book from 1977, also unused, and this too cute pillow case:

Don't you love it?? Now what to do with it? I'm sitting on a huge pile of vintage pillowcases right now that I was going to list in the shop but sales have been slow and I don't want to incur more listing fees right now. I just don't know what I want to do with all of them.

I love this rose candle holder! It says made in Italy on the bottom and it matches my Franciscan ware perfectly!

So I've felt lucky lately. I hope it continues, I plan to hit the thrift tomorrow while running errands.

Well my friends, I've decided to go computer free for a few days so have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back next week hopefully with more treasures to share!



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