Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Thrifty Finds & a Craft Challenge Reminder!

Hi girls! For those of you who joined in on the craft challenge please remember to email me a picture of your creation or if you've posted it on your blog just send me a link to that post. I've received a few but still waiting for two, I think. If you can't get it done, no worries! This is supposed to be fun and care free. I'll post what I have after the holiday weekend.

So I was able to make a quick run to the thrift on Monday on the pretense that I was looking for a tall table for my husband's basement gym area. Uh huh. Well no luck on that but I did find a few goodies.

More yarn! Most of it is really thin but will be pretty mixed in with other yarns. I couldn't resist the colors and since Monday is half price misc. stuff day (lol) it was only $1.50 for all. Now just to figure out what to make with it.

A vintage apron and super cute pillow that goes well with my others on the sofa.

Look at that fabric on the apron! I had to remove the straps as they were paper ribbon so I'll need to add some new ones. The apron is small so maybe I'll just turn it into something else. Wouldn't it make cute pot holders? What would you make it into? Or would you leave it as an apron? It was only $2 which is really cheap for aprons at this thrift. There was another I would have liked to have but it was pretty stained and they wanted $6 for it!

And this little thermos is from Starbucks so it's not vintage, of course, but oh so cute! The sleeve is made from strawberry printed oil cloth. Now I need to pack a picnic just so I can use it. :) Even though I found a vintage apron (cheap) on this trip, this thermos is probably my favorite find. Weird? ;)

Before you head off for holiday fun in the sun please stop by and check out my latest article at the Examiner. It's a great idea from Cathe Holden for making cigar boxes into tres chic storage. You can find the article HERE. I'm getting pretty excited about this little column. Not only have I made some new friends, bloggers and other Examiners alike, but a friend called me today to ask if I feature projects you can make with your kids. She and her son made some really cute candle holders and wanted to share this fun and easy project. Anyone else have any kid friendly craft ideas? That would make for a great collection of projects I think.

Have a fun and safe weekend!

ciao ~ rebecca

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vintage Cowgirl Swap

When Leigh Ann suggested Vintage Cowgirl as the theme of our next swap at Sweet Goodness I wasn't sure if it was going to be my cup of tea or not. But as usual I'm very glad I joined in.

My partner was Aimee-Suzanne who I knew a little bit from Shara's EGG-stra special swap. I loved the cute eggs she made filled with vintage goodies and couldn't wait to see what she came up with the Cowgirl swap.

Look at the goodies! Don't you love how she wrapped everything in sewing patterns? She wrote a whole story about a cowgirl named Eliza and her souvenirs from travels through the Wild West.

First up is Eliza's leather satchel:

This is where she carries her map, gold nuggets (gold mica flakes!) and treasures!

Look at the goodies! All sorts of rhinestones, vintage earrings, beads AND one of Aimee-Suzanne's hand made lamp work beads!


Isn't it gorgeous? I think I'll wear it on a chain. And speaking of chains:

Look at the cool necklace she made me!

And this little charm is one of my favorite pieces!

She also made me this really neat collage.

And this super cute banner!

She also tucked in the best package of papers and ephemera that I can't wait to work with.

So thank you Aimee-Suzanne for taking me on the best Wild West adventure. :)

I'll post what I sent for my part of the swap soon. Giddy up!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bon-Bon Bunny Needs Your Help

Meet Bon-Bon Bunny.

She is very sad because she is unfinished.

She is made of gorgeous organic cotton in the most lovely shabby rose shade.

She has pretty chintz style fabric in her ears and on her big bunny feet.

Her problem? Should she also have a big circle of fabric on her belly? Little circles on her paws? Little circles for cheeks? We can't decide so we need your help.

I think she will have button eyes, pink buttons I think. I usually like to make my toys baby friendly and skip the buttons but I think they are the best choice for Bon-Bon.

Now what do you think? Fabric belly? Paws? Cheeks? Button eyes? Embroidered eyes? Fabric circles with button eyes on top? I just can't decide. So far she is one of my favorite creations so I want her to turn out beautifully. Thoughts? She is patiently awaiting your feedback on the sewing table (read dining room table.)

Got a moment? Need a quick project? Please see my latest article at the Examiner HERE on some fun paper and fabric flower projects. Don't forget to send me pictures if you make your own paper flowers and I'll feature them in a future article! I hope you'll join in. I'll be making crepe paper roses myself.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Needling the Time Away

I made these super cute (if I do say so myself!) needle books awhile back and then promptly forgot about them.

When I hit the Elephant's Trunk Flea in October I picked up some really cute vintage scraps that were the perfect size to turn into these books.

There are still a few scraps left so I will probably make more as even I, the non-sewer, was able to whip them up quickly.

While I really want to keep them, especially that pink and aqua one, I put them in the shop in hopes of spreading some of my handicraft around. Find the pink and aqua one here and the pink and brown one here.

Please take a moment to visit my latest Examiner column to see a super cute and cleaver fabric pouch you can make from only two square scraps of fabric.  Thanks to Katherine at Sew Me Something Good for letting me feature her adorable project.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moving at a Snail's Pace

Ugh. It is raining and cold and I have about a million things I want to do but I can't seem to get going.

I'm moving slow and getting nothing done. I hate that feeling! But perhaps today I need to reboot by sitting on my sofa and reading magazines. :)

I found these two little guys in my backyard yesterday. I live in the city and can't believe some of the critters that show up here! We had a baby raccoon in our basement once. I prefer the snails, thanks. They are tiny, maybe a 1/4 of an inch? And ridiculously cute for being so slimy. They have tiny little eye stalks and are kind of spotty. Now I want to go crochet a stuffed snail. Hmm . . . perhaps my mojo is returning!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pretty Kitties

Meet Sherbet and Marshmallow.

A brother and sister duo that are always on an adventure. Sherbet like to chase anything that moves.

Marshmallow decided she didn't like being an orange kitty and one day just wished herself pink.


They make for wonderful friends.

Both are made from a cotton acrylic blend and are my own pattern. Soft and squishy and looking for a new home! You can find Sherbet here and Marshmallow here.

I will have the pattern written up and tested and up for sale soon, too. :)

Please take a minute to visit my article on Wendy's fabulous trash to treasure place mat project! Thank you to everyone who stops by and reads my column. And don't forget, if you have a trash to treasure project, let me know! I'd love to feature it.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

And the Thrifting was Good . . .

So I went out on my own this week. This is a big deal since I've almost been afraid to do it for fear of my ankle flaring up or some such mishap. I braved the subway on Tuesday and drove for the first time in four months yesterday. Where did I go with my new found courage? To the thrift store, naturally. :)

Now on to the finds:

The yarn gods smiled on me again. Most of this was in a bag for $3.00 and I could only see that it was cotton so I tossed it on the cart.

Tahki Stacy Charles Cotton Classic yarn! Seven skeins of black and one of a funky tweed. These are about $6.50 each and too rich for my blood so I'm fairly happy with this find. I also snagged a skein of Cascade Rustic for 99 cents. No clue what I'll make with just this little bit of yarn but what a fun challenge!

I also found a whole bag of these cotton spun doves. I'll probably keep a few but plan to put the rest in the shop. I mean really, what would I do with like 12 of these things?? :)

One of my favorite finds of the day are these two vintage tea towels. I hardly ever find any worthy linens at the thrift anymore and that one with the polka dots and the Dutch girl just makes me squeal!

And last but not least, a round table cloth in my very favorite Waverly Garden Rose pattern for only $4.00! I snatch up everything I can find in this pattern. It used to be readily available at Target but was discontinued some time ago. You can find items on Ebay but the prices are much too high for me!

So not a bad trip, eh? I didn't mention the big roll of ribbon and several books I scored, too.

So I have 5 takers in Craft Challenge #3 and still have some cards left if you'd like to get in on it. Leave me a comment here or on the original post and make sure I have your email address so I can contact you about sending out the card. For those of you already signed up, I'll drop the cards in the mail tomorrow!

Also please take a moment to read my article on the Lion Brand Yarn Studio and don't forget to flip through the slide show at the bottom for a peek inside. It really is a fabulous store that I'll be visiting often. I appreciate your taking the time to support my new Examiner column!

Fondly ~ Rebecca

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Craft Challenge #3 - Forenoon/Afternoon Cards

Hello! Ready for Craft Challenge #3? At one of the Treasure sales I found these:

Cute, right? They measure about 6 x 3, are made of heavy duty card stock and are printed the same on both sides.

Want to join? I can send out about 10 of them. Once you receive your card you'll need to turn it into something crafty and send me a photo so I can post the results. Sign ups will be until the end of the week, Friday May 14th, and you'll have two weeks to make your piece and send me your photo. I'll post everything by Memorial Day weekend. Feel free to use any media and supplies that you like. Be creative! Try new things! The first 10 people to leave a comment will receive a card. Make sure to leave me your email so I can reach out to you for your mailing address. Your piece of art work is yours to keep and admire. :)

Want to see the previous craft challenges? Click here!

I'll also have a give away, new crocheted toys, a shop update and more Examiner articles coming this week. Thanks for stopping by!

Fondly ~ Rebecca

Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Stitch in Time

So . . . I don't sew. Well, rarely. Mostly it's because I hate ironing. Oh and the way the craft room is set it up it's difficult to cut fabric. Most of my "major" sewing has been done when I drag the machine down the the dining room table. But since I can't stand the clutter I can't stand to leave it there. Mental, I know.

But yesterday I wanted to make something and I wanted to make something different. No crochet, no cross stitch, no scrapbooking . . . it took me forever to get inspired but while digging through my fabric stash I found this:

I found the skirt at the thrift near my Mom's back in December I think. The zipper was broken and it's a little too Little House on the Prairie for me but I thought it was cute and half price and in the cart it went. Can you guess what I intend to turn it into? I started that project but it's not quite finished yet. I cut off the bottom ruffle which inspired me in a different direction.

Charlotte Ann got some bloomers! Poor dear has been sitting naked in  the craft room for, oh . . . a year? More?

They were so simple to make and too cute, I think. Now she needs an undershirt, no? Well that's a project for another day, lol.

While putting the left over fabric away I found a small scrap of strawberry fabric. Zing! Inspiration strikes again!

Ouch! Wow, I hurt my arm patting myself on the back. ;) Aren't they darling! I love them. Isn't it fabulous when something you picture in your head actually works out?

I found a big stack of metal tins in the kitchen cabinet and knew I wasn't about to bake tiny cakes in them so I stuck them in the craft room just waiting for that inspirational zinger. Want one? I put one in the shop here. :)

So you see? Sometimes I sew. And sometimes, it turns out okay.

I put up a new article on the Examiner yesterday. It's about easy decor for Cinco de Mayo, which is now dated, but if you'd like to check it out (please do!) just click here. :)

ciao ~ rr

PS - Craft Challenge #3 to be posted on Sunday! Sign ups will be limited to check in quickly as I hope this one will fill up. :)

Monday, May 03, 2010

It's a Zoo in here!

As you know, I LOVE to make toys. Especially crocheted animals. I can make up my own patterns and it's fun trying to figure out how to make the right ears or nose or tail. Most of my creatures are made for my friend Dana's sweet little Charlie so I wanted to make him something extra special for his first birthday.

Jungle bowling set! This is my own made up pattern and it was so much fun making each pin look like a different jungle animal.

I think the zebra is my favorite. I love his little mohawk!

Or perhaps the giraffe, he has cute little spots. :)

I had to devise a way to make sure the pins would stand up so I made a "tent" in the bottom of each one to give them some extra balance. Now I want to make Bunny Bowling, Barnyard Bowling . . . :)

I hate the way the camera flash makes there stuffing show through, ugh. I need some photography lessons and some patience. :) I hope Charlie enjoys his bowling set. Next I'll share the banner I made for him. It came out really well, if I do say so myself. :)

Oh and coming up . . . a giveaway AND a new craft challenge. Until then . . .

xoxox ~ rr

PS - winner of my Examiner article Goodness . . . . drum roll . . . comment #7! Em . . . I'll be emailing you! Thanks!


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