Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Big 2 - 0 - 0

So, here are 200 things you didn't know about me . . . just kidding. :)

I've been thinking long and hard about what to write in my 200th post. It's become a bit of a milestone out there in blog land and I wanted to do it justice. I won't bore you with lists and I know each and everyone one of you knows the great admiration I have for craft bloggers and all the wonderful friends I have made and cherish.

So what to talk about? My first post was on April 17th, 2006. All it said was Ta da! Here's my new blog. Very creative, no? I've enjoyed looking back over the treasures I have found and the items I have created. I've noticed many of them still in my everyday life. It's nice to actually USE what you thrift or make, isn't it? But still no inspiration struck me.

Then last night I had a dream that I was rich. This morning I was thinking how wonderful that would be. I could afford a therapist to tell all my troubles to. I could afford to spend months at a spa working on my health and weight management. I could afford to not have a job and just create. I would be able to have some crazy business where I made custom lampshades and even if they were garish, and the very well could be, my "friends" would buy them because I was rich (and thus famous) and who WOULDN'T want a peacock blue leopard print lampshade with gold fringe? Why it's a Goodness original isn't it??

Well I don't need all that monetary wealth because I am already rich. I have many good friends who's couch is always open to me to spill my guts on. And friends who will listen to my trials and tribulations of weight gain and offer recipes and to accompany me the gym. And while I can't quit my job (which would honestly be bliss) I can still create my little wonders and my REAL friends will want them regardless of how garish they are because I made them especially for them and from the heart. And of course because it's a Goodness original.

Thank you all for being my friends and letting me vent, cry and create with you and for you. I've lived, laughed, loved and wept along with many of you and I wouldn't trade that for all the wealth in the world.

In honor of my 200th post I'll be doing the traditional giveaway. I'm not sure what the prize will be but I know it will include something thrifted, something crafted and a whole lot of Goodness.

So if you're interested in receiving a little Goodness from me, please leave a comment here and I'll draw a random winner or perhaps 2. I'll send your goodies out sometime late next week.

I'm off to Charm City for my sister's wedding. Hugs my friends!


Friday, October 26, 2007

Night Night Snowman

So, I'm no sewer. But I've been inspired to learn by all the fabulousness I see out there in blog land. Like this, this, this and this. You remember that I made sleep masks from this book by Tone Finnanger. Well I found out she has two other craft books, one for spring and this one for Christmas crafting:

I got it used from Amazon marketplace for about $4. The projects are just as cute as the ones in Sew Pretty and I decided to get started right away.

Meet Mr. Snowman. (Luis named him. The funny thing is he said he was naming him after that famous snowman who wore a top hat and marched all around town. You know, FROSTY. However, Luis seems to think his name was Mr. Snowman. Okay. Whatever.)

Mr. Snowman is made from white cotton twill and his pajamas are made from cotton. He is very difficult to photograph especially with the grey dismal skies we've been having in old New York. From afar he looks pretty darn good I think! Just don't get too close to those pj's or you'll see how the sleeves don't match up and that they are a wee bit small for Mr. Snowman. I seriously need to work on my seam allowances. I made the worlds tiniest slipper last night, oy. Anyway, he looks great hanging from my hutch but he was intended as a gift and I'll need to stick to that. Maybe.


I got to open a few more fun gifts from Sid including this cute note pad:

She does lovely cross stitch embroidery don't you think? Inside she wrote me a note saying this was the place to jot down things for when the muse speaks to me. :) You can see my number 7 gift here, it's quite funny! I saved number 8 to open this evening!

I also received the sweetest Halloween card from Heidi:

She makes the best cards and I am lucky to have received a few! I even received a cherry note card she made for Shara in a package to me from Shara! Thanks Heidi!

Oh and since I brought her up, only Shara would mail you something in this:

And that, my friends, is why I love her. :)

Have a wonderful weekend, I'll be back next week with my 200th post!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I'm totally running out of interesting post titles for thrifted goodies. Sometimes I think some up in my head and then realize that I'm the only one will think it's funny. You know what I mean.

Anyway, look at what I FOUND this weekend:

I found 6 books from this wonderful vintage set at $2 a book. For the thrift I thought that was a pretty good price and won't these make sweet gifts? You know, if I can bear to part with them of course.In addition to Heidi I also picked up Toby Tyler, Kim, Black Beauty, Swiss Family Robinson and Freckles. I love the covers and the end papers. All are in decent shape.

I also found "Magic Casements." It's a book of poetry but doesn't it look like something one might find in the restricted section at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

My best find was a 1944 copy of Alice in Wonderland which is one of my absolute favorite stories.

It's small and aren't the illustrations wonderful?? The March Hare is a definite favorite. Wouldn't he make a lovely icon for a designer line? Maybe Goodness needs to adopt the March Hare . . . now I'm babbling . . .

More lucky finds include 4 of the green hand towels on the left. They are that wonderful vintage style and in perfect condition as if never used. Also holiday napkins, some vintage French Revolution fabric and two red, white and blue tea towels with a wine goblet motif. It always amazes me what people will give away. :)

My mother thrifted these for me:

Lovely vintage trims still on the cards. Aren't the illustrations on the grey cards cute?

Problem is that these are very musty smelling. How should I wash them? I hate to think to take them off the cards (which I knows is just silly) but do you think a little soak and then an air dry will take out the musty smell? I think once they come off the cards I may just wind them onto spools or something. Thoughts?

Oh and this is post number 198 so I'm nearing the 200 mark! I'll be celebrating with a giveaway which MAY include one of these:

Ah yes, vintage nurse novels. Funny, no? I think that someone out there might like to read these. Though you're not getting your hands on Dude Ranch Nurse. ;) Seriously, I will be putting together a fun package this weekend and will draw a random winner from the comments on my upcoming 200th post which I think will come right before Halloween sometime. :)


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lucky Girl

I have loads of swap stuff to share. I've been so lucky to have such wonderful swap partners! So without further ado . . .

I did a swap with Lucy, one of my best blogging buddies. She and I discovered each other when we first started blogging and have stuck together like glue.

Look at all that! Lucy is so kind and generous. You can see one of her hand painted trays, an altered clipboard note pad holder (I needed this! It's already hanging in my kitchen with my grocery list on it.), a sweet mushroom ornament, an altered box to hold all my tiny treasures, a small plate with a wine motif, an altered can that is currently in my craft room holding buttons, a sachet, note cars and a Halloween tea towel!

These goodies were inside the box and the pumpkin candles were wrapped in the Halloween towel. But the best part of the package was one of Lucy's famous collages:

It makes me cry when I see it. It says "friends" "a rare find" and "in perfect harmony." :) Thank you so so much my dear sweet friend. :) I feel the same way.


I also received my Halloween package from Breanna for our sister swap. I was totally not thinking and didn't take a picture of it before I tore into it.

Breanna told me she buys box lots from a local auction house and she sent me some of her finds! There is a sheet music magazine that I will never be able to bring myself to cut up, a vintage crocheted handbag pattern book that has some really cool bags in it and a copy of a play called "The Haunted House." She wrapped it all in those lovely orange fabrics and do you see that pendant there?

I tried so hard to get a decent picture to show you but I just couldn't do it. It it so sweet and perfect and I love it! Oh and there WAS candy. Yes, there WAS. Ahem. Anyway, thank you, Breanna! You can see what I sent Breanna here. She also shows you what she sent me and her pictures are WAY better than mine. :)


And since I last posted I've opened FOUR more of Sid's 13 days to Halloween surprises!

When I saw this paper doll on Sid's blog I was really hoping she was coming my way! She's even more sweet in person and is two sided!

And this was number three, how much do I love the honeycomb pumpkin and little chenille stem pumpkin man?? And that jack o lantern field guide? Too cute. Sid talks more about where she got the downloads to make the paper crafts here. The candy was in a sweet Halloween cracker. I ate the candy and saved the cracker. :)

Like a dolt I forgot to take a picture of the tiny matchbox Sid sent as my Day 4 gift. Fortunately you can see it and read about the good luck that comes of keeping an "ort box" in your home here.

And what did I get today??

A sweet little wristlet bag with knitting and crocheting statch markers! It's been so much fun to open a gift a day and Sid is a wonderful partner. I feel so lucky!


Tomorrow, some fun finds from the weekend and later this week . . . why snow men shouldn't wear pajamas.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Sweet, Sinister and Thrifty!

I'm sure you've been wondering why I haven't yet posted about what I received for Artsy Mama's Sweet and Sinister swap, right? Well my SINISTER partner Sid sent an envelope that said "Do not open until October 19th!" Argh! It was really really hard not to go through that box. So I locked it in the closet at work and waited (un)patiently for today to arrive.

Behold the letter . . .

So I have a treat to open every night until Halloween!! AND she's doing a special post for my 13th magical treat. :) How clever! And you should see how cute and enticing everything is!

Seriously, how am I supposed to resist!?! I had to pack it all back up so I couldn't see it but it's calling to me from the bag . . . sigh . . .

However, as today is the FIRST DAY of the Thirteen Days of Halloween Goodness . . .

I have my first sweet little gift to open! What ever could it be???

Why a wonderful black, white and glittery banner that says "Sweet and Sinister!" I couldn't photograph the whole thing as it's so long! I love it and it will hang on my porch for Halloween and then find it a permanent home up in the craft room.

Thank you Sid! What a fun package, I can't wait to see the rest of the treats! :) This gives me a great idea for a "count down" swap on Sweet Goodness perhaps? It really is fun to have a goodie a day. :)


So I'm thrifting tomorrow with Joolz and Lizzy before we start the search for J's bridesmaid dresses. I did a little thrifting in Charm City last weekend and boy I got a lot! I picked up some books including the new Harry Potter for $1. It looks like it was never even read. Can you imagine? ;) Also found a nice duvet originally from Ikea and all that milk glass I showed you at the bridal shower. It was also a good day for linens:

As you know I love those linen tea towels and always scoop them right up. The one on the bottom left will be nice for Thanksgiving and I love the one in the bottom center with the pink and brown houses on it. The red Christmas tea towel is also linen and in perfect shape. ON the top you can see a cute veggie napkin, an adorable crib pillow case and a tortilla warmer from Puerto Vallarta. (Yes Vallen, I know you want it. :) )

And as I know some of you really need to see those kitties up close . . .

I know, sugar sweet. :) Now what to do with it?

Have a fun and fab weekend friends!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Crafty McBoo

So this is about the easiest Halloween craft ever made. I know I saw these in Martha and various other places so I'm not sure who gets the credit but they are easy and quick and oh so cute.

Halloween "crackers." These don't actually crack but you can go here and order supplies to make the real thing. So mine are filled with miniature candy bars which are in abundance at this time of year. Most of them are toilet paper rolls but I did resort to cutting up a wrapping paper roll when I couldn't justify unrolling brand new TP. ;)

The tissue they are wrapped in is from the Martha collection at Michael's. When I bought it a few weeks ago it was $5 for like 12 pieces. I just picked up a second box on sale for $3 to save for next year. It's the perfect size, no cutting needed! I just stuffed the tube, rolled it in the tissue, taped it shut and tied the ends with ribbon.

Then I printed out vintage images I purchased at the Vintage Workshop and attached them over the tissue seam. Voila! Cute, easy and seriously hard to give away. :) These would be great as party favors, too. I think I'll do them at Easter for our Sunday dinner. With bunnies and chicks, of course. :)

So now that I've got THAT out my system, what's next?

Christmas fabric projects! Bring out the pinking shears!


Monday, October 15, 2007

Happily Ever After

My sister Mandi's bridal shower was a huge success! I think everyone had a lovely time, especially the bride. :) This is a picture heavy post and I hope you enjoy! We did a "Happily Ever After" theme in Cinderella colors of pale blue, white, silver and black. My mother made the gorgeous wreath above.

I made Mandi a banner that we hung over the main table.

We decorated with white pumpkins and black leaves on cake stands and lots of silver serving dishes.

We even used "fancy" paper goods including plastic cutlery that looks like real silver flat ware! All that white milk glass was a really lucky thrift store find on Friday morning. Oh and check out the cute rings tied to the napkins . . .

My cousin Lisa made this gorgeous cake:

It's based on this cake from Martha Stewart Weddings. Isn't it amazing?

The favors were Italian inspired:

The boxes are called Italian favor boxes and inside are the traditional five Jordan almonds. In traditional Italian weddings, five almonds signify five wishes for the bride and groom: health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.

Speaking of tradition, in 1970 my great-grandmother Mary Fiore made a shower umbrella to use for my Aunt Pam's bridal shower. That umbrella has now been used for every family and close friends shower ever since.

We decorated Mandi's umbrella with blue bows, blue tissue flowers and a glass star to wish upon. :) You can see a better picture here. Blogger wouldn't let me upload this one for some reason.
We also left this little guy on Mandi's chair:
He was one of my favorite decorative elements!
And just to show you that craftiness runs in the family, this chest was made by my Dad:
Isn't it wonderful? Instead of the traditional bridal shower wishing well we decided to have a "Princess Dowry" and ask each guest to bring a little something for Mandi's treasure chest.
And here is the bride to be checking out her booty!
Congratulations Mandi! Ryan is one lucky guy.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thrifty Kismet

I mentioned earlier in the week that I had some thrifty good luck this past weekend. Remember my china? Well on Saturday I headed back to Savers as I had to hit the grocery store and they are (sort of) near by. I was very glad I did because look what was waiting for me:

That would be 12 dessert plates, 11 soup bowls and the creamer and sugar in the Mikasa Atlanta pattern I bought two weeks ago! I am on my way to a complete set. At this point I'm one soup bowl, 8 fingertip bowls and 4 cups and saucers short of a service for 12. I have spent around $45 total. I love that the sugar bowl is large and the creamer decorative.

Also, back in June I mentioned my search for Culver LTD bar ware and low and behold . . .

See it there on the left? An ice bucket and three rocks glasses. I would love to find one more glass to have a set of 4. I do have a large glass in this same pattern as well. Also netted on Saturday - United States puzzle still sealed (I had one as a child) for 99 cents, a holiday oven mitt with tags for $2 and a box of zippers for 99 cents. The paper mache wise man ornament and red berry candle ring were in a bag of junk I bought for $2. I picked it up because it had a wicker cornucopia in it and was pleasantly surprised to find these two goodies in there as well.

I'm off to Charm City tonight to start the preparations for my sister's bridal shower on Saturday. We have loads to do but I think I can convince my thrifty mom to make a thrifty stop at some point. Wish me luck!

cheers . . . Rebecca

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Elena Fiore Boatwright, Helen* to her friends and family, battled breast cancer. So did her older sister Gloria. They lived at a time where women didn't get regular mammograms or know about self checks. We are more fortunate than that.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States. Click here for free information on breast cancer and help spread the awareness.

Thank you Tamy for getting me involved.

* Helen is my maternal Grandmother. We didn't know her name wasn't Helen until she passed away and my mother found her birth certificate. The man is the photo is my grandfather, Wes. They are missed.


In sewing news . . . . yes, you heard that right. Sewing! Me! I promised myself I would get on the wagon in September and work on my sewing. So many of you amaze me everyday with your wonderful projects that I was inspired to try.

I started small with these sleep masks:

Now don't look too closely or you'll see how uneven my stitching is but it's a start!

The project is from this book:

I already adore it. There are lots of fun projects for novices like me and some larger things to work up to. My next project to try will be those bags on the bottom right there. I happen to have some round bamboo handles already. Wish me luck!


Monday, October 08, 2007


I have some fun Halloweeny goodies in The Goodness Shop!

Crocheted Candy Corn Treat Bags. I just love these! I was able to make most of them on the subway since it's a pattern I can remember. I think they came out so cute. And see my cool pumpkin? He's the old school plastic kind like I had as a kid. I found him at Savers on Saturday. :)

Black Pumpkin Paper Rosettes. I love making rosettes. I can make them in front of the TV so they have a special place in my heart. Made from sheet music, crepe paper and card stock.

I also added a few other non-Halloween items like this basket pincushion:

Cute flower topped pin made by Robin at Robin Bird's Nest.

And a few tea cup pot holders:

Sweet flower appliques were a swap gift from Dana!

It was nice to feel productive! I am hoping to keep the shop updated more often now and maybe actually sell a few things LOL. I've enjoyed trying to come up with new things to make and I have a serious ache in my arm from patting myself on the back over those treat bags. I don't know why, they just thrill me. :)

I'm approaching 200 posts and will have a giveaway contest. I still have 9 more to go so stay tuned! Later this week I'll share some thrifty good fortune, some Mystic pictures, a Halloween craft and a Breast Cancer Awareness post. Looks like I'll be at 200 before you know it.

ciao . .


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