Thursday, July 28, 2011

Highly Organized Find

On my trip to Baltimore I got a chance to thrift with three of my favorite bargain hunters, my Mom, my sister Mandi and my friend Dita. Where I use to make a bee line for the linens section I know find that my first stop is often the crafty section. I lucked out this time:

The previous owner of these fabulous boxes of floss was way more organized then I am.

Look at the perfectly wound threads! The nice handwritten DMC label numbers! Heaven. That takes a lot of work and the least fun part of an embroidery or cross stitch project.

Two boxes filled with floss, needles (in nice cases) and gold and silver filiment. Also a nice pack of aida cloth and perforated paper which is a favorite of mine to work with. Perfect for someone like me who needs a bit of organization in their crafting. This, of course, makes me want to stitch something. Perhaps I'll add that to the to do list for the weekend.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christmas in July

Well technically, the day AFTER Christmas in July. As usual, I'm running behind. I promised myself I'd be starting my holiday gifts by now. Yeah, well, you know . . . but I have an idea of what I'm making. Well sort of. Needless to say, I'm not nearly as organized as I had hoped to be. BUT I plan to change that on Saturday. I have the day to my self (my DH is off racing Ferraris - more on that later) so I will have a day of cleaning, catching up on my Tivo and at the very least making a list of my holiday gift crafts and hopefully starting one. Anyone else have holiday crafting on the brain??

On my list?

Monkey hats for everyone. Available in sizes newborn to adult. Oh yeah. Found here.
I have some photos to share from last weekend's Beach Blanket Bingo party plus a few thrifted goodies. I'll be getting right on that. You know how organized I am. ;)

cheers ~ Rebecca

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pin Bottles

Do you have those projects that you think about sometimes and you basically have everything you need to make them but you just don't do it? And then one day, OUCH! The creative bug bites you and you're off to 110 degree craft castle to make . . . .

Pin bottles. :) Inspired by a perfume, believe it or not, these are easily made with small scraps of fabric, a bit of stiffing, some thread, needle, hot glue, ribbon and salt shakers.

These were fussy and I burned myself once (or three times) but I think they came out cute.

I filled the shakers with the buttons I found at the thrift last weekend. I think these would make for cute mending kits if gifted with a nice spool of thread.

These were fast to make and I'm glad I finally did something creative. More to come, I can promise you that.

Cheers ~ RR

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Well what do you know?

I actually went to the thrift store. I know. It's about time, right? I actually had to convince myself to go! It was rainy and I wasn't in the mood but I'd had a few bags of donations sitting by the door for weeks and really wanted them gone. So off I went.

The rain caused the paper bags to burst open scattering my donations across the side walk which resulted in some cursing and foot stomping. I gathered everything up into a big garbage bag and cried all the way to the car. I was soaked! I walked halfway back to the house determined it would be a bad day but changed my mind and went back to the car. So much drama! What did I find??

A bit of fabric (the striped one is Waverly), some ribbon and a large roll of pretty peach seam binding. I love finding these for some reason.

More crafty finds including many sets of knitting needles at a dollar a piece (score!), some other knitting accessories, a bag of white buttons, some thread on wooden spools (I need the spools for a project), embroidery floss and some aida cloth.

I inherited my Granny's Fransician Ware dishes and was excited to find this butter dish and salt and pepper shakers.

And my favorite finds are these aprons. I LOVE the patterns! Especially that green one there on the right. And see that one in the middle? I found two of those. All are handmade and adorable and in great shape! At the top you can see the edge of the Simply Shabby Chic runner I snagged for $1.50.

So yes, I'm glad I went. And now the thrifting bug is back and I can't wait to go again!

Cheers ~ Rebecca


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