Sunday, February 27, 2011

Perfect Wrapping

My dear friend Sarah has welcomed the most adorable little girl, Sammi, to her family. Of course I wanted to make something for her and I finally got it all together and in the mail last week.

Last year I made her son Jack a giraffe from this Lion pattern. Sarah mentioned that she may want Sammi to have one, too and I asked "Can giraffes be pink?" To which Sarah answered yes. :)

I love the way she turned out. I used pink chenille yarn for the body and a cotton blend for the hooves, ears and antlers (are they antlers or horns??Horns I think.) The skirt was made from some netting I found in a remnant bin and some pink velvet rick rack I got from Speckled Egg. The skirt has an elastic band and can be removed some Sammi can play with her now and have the skirt for later. I realize now that I meant to add a few spots to her front but I forgot. Oh well, she is special like that.

I also made a sweater and bonnet in my favorite color of TLC Cotton Plus. The pattern is from a pattern booklet that I've had so long the cover has fallen off but I'm pretty sure it's a Leisure Arts book.

I love the detail in the yoke. It has a very vintage feel to it especially in this lovely shade of green.

I started boxing up my goodies (along with a Shabby Chic flag/pennant banner I found at Target) in a regular box to wrap and mail when I noticed the cute photo box I picked up at Homegoods last weekend. Like I mentioned before, I am working on upcrafting a few things purchased at Homegoods and I had intended to use the box for organizing photos for scrapbooking or something. Then it hit me, the box was just the wrapping I was looking for! The cost was less than wrapping paper, tissue and tape at under $3.00 and Sarah could reuse it instead of trashing whatever disposable wrapping I used.

I added a bow and a sweet bird wing tag (also from Speckled Egg) and voila! A perfect sweet gift for a perfect sweet little girl. So the next time you are in Homegoods be sure to check out their decorative cardboard boxes. They have great patterns and the prices are just right. I have three I put under my tree at Christmas for decoration that also double as ornament storage in the off season. Happy hunting!

Please visit my Examiner article on this project HERE. Thank you for your support, your readship is appreciated!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I, like many of you, love finding items and up-crafting them. (that's my new word, you heard it here first!) Not long ago I posted an article about creating your own sanctuary with items from Homegoods. Be it a Mom Cave, a Craft Cave or just a Get Away Cave (that might be my favorite) having a space of your own is important and good for your mental health. :)

Homegoods always has good finds and the prices are great. When I went last weekend I saw gorgeous glass jars for only $6 and $7 that now I wish I had snagged for on top of my fireplace. Since my DH was with me I didn't have that much time to browse (oy, men) but I did pick up a few things with the notion of up-crafting them. I'll have a few projects to share as they are completed but I was so excited about one that I whipped it up right away.

This frame was a steal at $7.99. The mat is for a 5x7 photo and the frame itself is about 11x12. It's a lovely shabby shade of green and well made. My intention was to cover the mat in fabric and frame a photo. Well as I started digging through my supplies it went a different way.

I picked up an old desk calendar at the thrift a long time ago that is filled with botanical prints. I kind of forgot about it but something about the green of the frame made me think of it and I quickly found a page with a lovely rose. I have loads of scrapbook paper and decided on a piece of rose covered velum for the mat and was tickled that new scissors even matched my project. (dork alert!)

This project is so easy! Just lay the mat over the paper and cut out the center with a sharp craft knife. Trim the outsides and attach your paper to the mat with a little double sided tape. Center your photo, tape it in place and voila! Instant custom art.

So? What do you think? More projects to come. Wait until you see the drawer pulls I found!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inspired Ideas: Spring Edition

I think Heidi turned me onto Amy Power's Inspired Ideas Digital Magazine and now I'm hooked! What drew me in for the Spring edition?

Yes, that IS some ridiculous cuteness! I can't wait to make some. I honestly don't know why I havent made them yet and they are top of the to do list for the weekend.

Want your own copy? Cleck HERE and for only a measly $3.50 you can have your very own digital copy. It is well worth it and a bargain to boot. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Butterfly Conservatory

Would like to join me on a walk through the Butterfly Conservatory at the New York Museum of Natural History?

These are my favorites, though it's very hard to choose!

Doesn't his spot look like a big eye? A pretty good defense mechanism!

I hope you enjoyed our walk! The Butterfly Conservatory will be at the Museum through May. It's a lovely display.

Cheers ~ Rebecca

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Four Years & Counting . . .

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart. :)

What do you think?

Wow, where have I been? My new job has been keeping me very busy! I have a three day weekend coming up and I plan to fill it with cleaning, shopping and crafting. Well, and going to the dentist but I won't think about that now.

Remember Bon-Bon Bunny?


I added a belly patch and a patch and button eye.

I really like the belly.

But I don't know about the eye.

What do you think?

Sunday, February 06, 2011


Way back in the day I made tea cup pin cushions like crazy. It was an easy, satisfying project that I enjoyed thrifting all of the elements for. For some time now I've been collecting other "vessels" to make into pin cushions. They've been sitting in  a little basket waiting for some attention. Finally I got to some of them:

It's tough to pick a favorite, I love them both.

The lamb I made some time ago. I've found the toughest part has been finding the right fabric to compliment the colors in the piece.

The deer was easy, being white, and I'm still on the fence about those jeweled eyes. I think they are cute but are they also a bit cheesy? Hmm . . .

I have a few more pieces I'd like to turn into cushions:

That little giraffe being my favorite and the only one of the bunch purchased in an antique store and not a thrift store. So far no luck in find just the right fabric to make him the cutest pin cushion ever. One of my favorites I've made to date is this one:

Made, of course, in honor of this guy:

Check out my Examiner article on making these pin cushions HERE. Thanks!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Corsage Joy

My corsages have arrived! Yes, that's right, I got TWO of them. Remember that I made one for my Mom? Well she made one for me, too!

All wrapped up in a cute little box . . .

So cute! She said she wanted to use things she had around her craft room (I'm swearing off crafty shopping myself right now, too) and that the hat pin she used is from a corsage my dad gave her when they were dating. :)

She included a vintage hanky and cute Valentine. :) Thanks, Mom! I love it!

I also received some Royal Mail:

Isn't it a lovely box! I didn't want to open it, it was so pretty.

Just kidding! I could 't wait to see what was inside. Emma went all out!

Not only did she make me the sweetest corsage she sent me the biggest bar of Cadbury you've ever seen, a cute bookmark, some vintage wallpaper and not one but TWO sweet hanging hearts!

The corsage is adorable! And Emma wrote that she loves making them now just like I do. Thank you, Emma, I love everything you sent!

Don't you love a great mail day?


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