Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Few Good Finds

These are a few more of the items I picked up in Baltimore:

* square pyrex dish - $2
* 2 section pyrex dish - it says each side is a cup - $1.50
* navy & green Dior scarf - not sure if this is "real" or not but I love the look of it and the "silk" is very soft and nice - $1
* quilted square - I'm not sure what I'll do with this but I love anything hand crafted and quilting is such a labor of love! - 45 cents Any suggestions on what to use it for? It's about 2 1/2 feet square.
* Pampered Chef sauce pan - $8 - this is more than I like to spend but I needed a pot and as you can see, I started using it before I even got to photograph it. :)
* bottom of a very cool retro cocktail shaker - I'm really hoping to find a top that fits! - $2
* 1973 Road Runner novelty glass - $2 - Mand, this looks right up your alley, e-mail me if you want it. :)
More to come! I also hope to drive over to the Savers in Hempstead on Saturday morning before going to Trader Joe's. Hopefully I'll hear from Monica and know where the cool thrifty LI places are! (Go visit Monica's Store she has some great things!)
Until the next time . . .

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Score

All in all my weekend of shopping in Charm City was successful. I am still in search of a few things, including a small dresser and a mini muffin pan, but I did very well at each of the three thrift stores I visited.

*floral patterned table cloth - destined to become my new fabulous beach bag - $2

*rug - brand new and good for near the backdoor to wipe muddy doggie feet - $2
*retro pink juice container - in great shape, I just love this piece! - $2
*mini pitcher - it matches my larger one, I use them as vases - $1.50
*pyrex loaf pan - needed a glass loaf pan, now maybe L. will get meatloaf for dinner - $2

Here is a close up of that juice container:

*green/tan doily? - not sure what else to call it but it will look nice on my toilet tank. :) - 45 cents
*roll of pink aida cloth - thanks to Sargeant Nine I am now obsessed with counted cross stitch - 66 cents
*vintage apron - it's silky & the words are French, oo la la! - $2
*seashell ash tray - perfect for Mom's luau - $2

These are my favorite finds, all from THEE Thrift Store. :)

*darling bird pillow - made from nice shiney cotton, so sweet & small - $2
*big fork & mini ladle - they match with a cute retro star pattern on the handles - 25 cents each
*old tin - it smells like dusting powder inside, Mom says my grandmother had a similar one - $1.50
*recipe box - also reminds me of grandma, cute strawberry pattern - $1

I'll post more this week, I made quite the haul! Not to mention all the stuff Mom had picked up for me over the last few months. See you soon!
cheers - bex

Monday, April 17, 2006

Project - Bow Back Chairs

I purchased three bow back chairs for $6 at a thrift store in Baltimore. I painted two with glossy finish Cranberry Whip from Behr.

I have plans to paint the other one off white and use a blue tie-on seat cushion also thrifted.

First NYC Thrift Score

Thrifting in New York City is not like thrifting in Baltimore. I spent a few wasted hours checking out the Good Will & Salvation Army on 23rd street when I first moved to Manhattan, all for naught. There was also the GOLES thrift shop at the end of my block in Alphabet City. I found a few things there, but the place was small and soon closed it's doors. Then I tried the Salvation Army in Astoria but that was also a bust. Smelly, dirty things with price tags that didn't fit any thrift store I'd even been to.

This weekend I went to Savers on Hempstead Turnpike in Long Island. While it still wasn't as cheap as the places I'm used to in Charm City, it was large, organized and fairly empty at 9:30 on a Saturday morning.


Red & Gold Valance - $4

Sheets to use to line knit bags and/or sew - $3 each (also a matching cowboy print pillow case for $1)

One of my favorite straw trivets, 2 linen napkins, two hand embroidered linen doilies & and a vintage potholder - $1 each (doilies were together) - $4 total

Close up of hand embroidery . . .

Apple Tea Light Holders - $ 1 each

small (tea bag sized) plates - $4 for 5 (the 6th was chipped)

Also, not pictured, was a rag rug and a small glass ashtray for a total of $28 with tax. Also, the cashier gave me a coupon for 30% off my next purchase. :) Good to be thrifting again!
I'm off to Baltimore this weekend with plans to hit at least two thrifts . . .
until then . .


Ta-da! New blog about thrifting. It's been gone too long from my life and now it's back. :)



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