Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sometimes I worry about me . .

So yesterday I get this lovely text message saying "I'm here!" etc, etc" and I responded back WRONG NUMBER and went on my merry way. Then it hit me. And I looked at the text again and this time scrolled down to the bottom where it said "xoxo, Anna." DOH! I totally forgot that Anna, yes THEE Thimbleanna, was in New York and I told her to call me so we could meet up! I frantically called her back and she was nice and gracious and I felt like a big jerk. Sadly, I wasn't able to meet Anna this time due to an all day meeting but I PROMISE that I will meet her next time come hell or, well, you know. :) So Anna, so sorry for the RUDE text LOL! I swear I had been up for 2 days at that point. Can't wait until the next time!

So now how about something I can do right? THRIFTING.

I convinced my Mom to run out quickly with me on Sunday to hit a few thrifts before Luis and I made our drive back to New York. Our first stop was a Goodwill that had a $25 price tag on a severely chipped ceramic rabbit that I would bet wasn't more than 5 years old. Sometimes I worry about the state of thrifting in this country, too. It was a pretty disappointing trip until I hit the linen section:

I love linen tea towels, I suppose at this point I collect them! These are some of the nicest I have found and at only 50 cents a piece, a real bargain. The Butter Molds and the Rooster are my favorites and definite keepers but the others may make their way into swap packages or give aways. I also found a small tin and some nice thank you cards for reasonable prices, too.

Onto the Village Thrift which tends to usually produce some goods for me but this was a Sunday which is certainly not my favorite time to hit the stores. This store, and some others I suppose, only restocks during the week and has a sale on Saturdays which leads to "slim pickins" Sunday morning. I scored some jewelry (I've been collecting some old bits here and there in hopes of making a nice charm bracelet for myself) and these two gems:

The "I Love Grandma" apron is handmade and I'm not sure of the age. It's in perfect condition except for a small hole in the band where the thrift store put a tag on it (grumble grumble) I think it's adorable with those pink stripes! The fabric in the back is vintage Waverly called "Villa d'Este" which means East Villageand is funny because I used to live there. I know it's not that funny but still. I like to look for karma in the thrift store. ;) I've been considering reopening the Goodness Shop on Etsy to sell some of the vintage fabric and trim I've picked up along the way and this piece might end up there. Do people buy that stuff on Etsy? I just don't feel like dealing with Ebay.

As always, Mom did not disappoint with the pile of goodies she'd thrifted for me since my last visit and I brought home this stash:

See the vintage bride and groom in the back there? My Mom said "I got this for you because who else would want it?" Um okay. I think some of you would have snatched them up, too, right? The "Greetings from New York" hankie is a weird nylon but I like it anyway. :) Way in the back is a faux copper cone to hang on the wall. The paper coasters in the box say "Made in England" and have a price sticker of $1 from Hutzler's Department Store on them. The round coasters are from some Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant and are pretty funny.

The "Spritz the Lawn" one cracks me up for some reason. There is also one about a plump wife that makes me worry about the Dutch, too. ;) Here is a site where they have translated Dutch Proverbs into English and some will have you laughing out loud, like "His moon is already breaking the clouds" and "If all fools could fly, the sun would be eclipsed forever." And still others that will leave you scratching your head, like "It's raining pipe stems" and "Tasty is just one finger long." Sitting her typing this I am realizing that I think I linked to this site before. I certainly remember making the bold statement of working "Nou breekt mijn klomp" (That breaks my wooden shoe) into everyday conversation. So now I guess sometimes all of you will worry about me, too. ;)

So just remember, "If a beard were a sign of wisdom, the he-goat would be the wisest."

Until the next time . . .


Wendy said...

Those tea towels are so cute! What a great find. I've been out of blog land for a bit, but I'm back!

Puff said...

Wow, what great stuff! I love the apron. I have a couple of those weird nylon hankies too. They were in a collection that were sold together at a sale for an animal charity that comes around every few weeks. Fairly old I think.


Roxanne said...

Yes! Vintage fabric and trims sell like crazy on etsy. The majority of my sales have come from vintage fabric. I love it - I try to keep about 1/2 a yard for myself and sell the rest.

Breanna said...

You crack me up :)

Love the coasters.

Thimbleanna said...

You are NOT a big jerk, ya big goofball!!!! Nothing else can be expected when it's short notice -- although I did crack up when you called and said I'd had the right number -- I thought maybe I was dyslexic or something. It was fun to talk to you -- you have such a sweet little voice -- I expected no less. Now I REALLY can't wait to meet you!!!! Oh, and great thrifties!!!

Jenn Maruska said...

Your blog posts are always a delight - fun to read and lots of eye candy!

: D

Kai said...

LOVE the goodies you got! We'd have FOUGHT over that cool rooster towel! It's so GREAT to find other people who love thrifting. My daughter (back in her teen days) used to roll her eyes & tell her friends, "Mom is going dumpster diving again." That meant I was heading to the thrift stores and/or flea market. LOL! Also, your Dutch translations are hysterical. I'll tell you privately (via email) what THIS one means - it's from Ghana, west Africa. "Mo ni ba sha mu ley eba pook wo-ah nane." Bwahahahahaah! (By the way - that's a phonetic spelling.)

Monica said...

I love the finds, the apron and hankie and the coasters

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

such a shame to have missed a meat up and with thimbleanne. AS ever some great thrifting!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh, my goodness, you are cracking me up with your coasters and your translated Dutch sayings. I'm off now to check out that site. Thanks for the laugh!


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