Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Foxy Lady

Meet Felicity Foxity:

I don't know what prompted me to whip her up but I'm glad I did. It's my own pattern though I didn't write down. Just sort of made it up as I went along.

Don't you love her flower? That might be my favorite part. I think the details really make her! I'm already working on a friend for Felicity. :)


Monday, February 23, 2009

Craft Challenge #1

Hello friends! So this is an idea I've been kicking around for awhile and I'm ready to dive in.

Announcing . . . CRAFT CHALLENGES

I often find a multiple of "things" when thrifting and think "Hmmm, I wonder what can be made with these?" So is born the Craft Challenge Series.

Craft Challenge #1 - Mini Trim Cards

These cards measure about 4.5 inches x 3 inches and are a heavy cardboard. I would like to invite the first six to sign up (by leaving a comment) to turn one of these cards into a work of art.
For this first challenge there are no rules! Don't you love that? You can use any colors, themes, etc. that you like. I want to see what inspires you!

By signing up you you PROMISE to create your card and post it to your blog (or email me a picture so I can post it) by March 22nd which happens to be my birthday. :) Please include in your comment an email address where I can contact you to get your mailing address and I'll send these cards out ASAP.

REMEMBER, this is only open to the first 6 to respond so hurry! I am on the look out for the next craft challenge already.


And in puppy news:

We are having a sock and shoe problem around here. He's lucky he's cute . . .


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


If you thrift, you collect. I'd almost guarantee it. Thrifting is the epitome of being a hunter gatherer. Don't we all say "it's the thrill of the hunt?" When I thrift I always look for three things. I believe some of us have even have a Triple Crown of finds. I believe mine is:

Vintage Hankies
Vintage Pyrex
Enamel Flower Pins

I think that's it. You know it changes from time to time. I also have my top brands to look for:

Martha Stewart
Le Creuset

So when I say to you, "I have a collection of vintage hankies" or "would you like to see my collection of vintage Waverly fabrics?" you would not be surprised. But have you noticed that sometimes we seem to just end up with collections with out even realizing it?

I cleaned out my craft room recently and one of my sorting techniques was to group like things together. And what did I find? Impromptu collections. Divine!

Apparently, I collect leaf dishes! After I took this picture I realized I have another large blue leaf shaped dish on my dresser. I love the way the colors look together and am looking for a place to display them.

A pin cushion collection. :) Yes, I know, this one doesn't seem too unusual but I never intended to have so many and now must are mearly decorative. I made the tea cup pin cushion (I used to offer them in the shop actually) the tomato was from my Granny's sewing box and I found the big strawberry at the flea market for $1.

And more . . . the froggy from the Treasure Sale looks quite at home with a sweet little shoe, a metal basket and nest pin cushion made by Her Majesty.

The green pin cushion is a gift from Mandi (she found it at the Treasure Sale), the tea cup with the white chenille is one of my creations and the one with the black fabric was made for me by my dear friend Dita. So what's that . . . 10 pin cushions? Oh yes, I collect those. You can also see that hankie collection I mentioned in the photo above. And see that darning egg in the back there? Well it's one of two so I suppose that is a collection as well.

And guess what?

I plan to make this into a pin cushion as well. Will it be number 11? We'll see, I think it may become a gift.

And here is another "on purpose" collection:

My enamel flower pins. I really love them. The green and yellow is the latest addition, another gift from my sister Mandi.

So what do you collect? How do you display your collections? Notice any impromptu collections popping up?

Viva La Thrift


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Treasure Sale

This past weekend I went to Baltimore to go to a Treasure Sale with my mother and sister. It's held 4 times a year at a retirement community where Mandi works and the money raised goes to support programs for the residents.

One man's trash is another man's . . . well you know the drill. :) I picked up lots of fun little items like the handmade tissue holder and floss minder (butterfly) plus vintage playing cards, postcards and a few crafting supplies.

I thought one of my best finds was this vintage hat box:

I saw it under a table and yes, I crawled down there and hauled it out. Only $1 for this treasure! It's in such good shape that I thought it might be a reproduction but my Mom has one just like it (we compared them closely) and I'm convinced it's a real vintage beauty. It looks fabulous in my craft room next to the vintage "Easter Parade" bag I recently found at my regular thrift.

Did you carry white "wicker" purses like these for Easter as a child? This one has a lovely green velvet ribbon and rose adornment. Yet another treasure to me. :)

Another favorite treasure sale find is this sweet little embroidered towel. Originally I thought to put it in the shop but I really don't think I can part with it. It also makes me want to try my hand at embroidery.

I also scored this adorable little froggie pin cushion. He might be one of my favorite all time finds. I sort of collect pin cushions it seems and I'll share some in a future post. I'll also share some of my craft room re-dos and a few other collections that seem to have popped up over here. Funny how that happens, isn't it?

To all my loyal readers and friends, thanks so much for sticking with me even though my posting seems to be erractic lately. Your comments make me smile and make blogging so much fun. I hope to have some fun posts soon including a series of vintage patterns. More on that to come!

I wish you all fabulous treasure hunting!


Monday, February 02, 2009


To blog, or not to blog . . . that seems to be the question around here lately. I don't know why I can't seem to come up with too much to talk about. However, I just paid for another year with my photo hoster so you're stuck with me at least until February 2010. :)

So I don't have much crafty to share, still plugging away on that baby afghan and frittering with a small cross stitch project so how about some favorite things?

My whole family is crafty. I suppose that's where I get it from. Many of you know about my sister who not only is a professional photographer but also a primo party planner and felt manipulator. My mother has a knack for decorating, crochets and does paper projects. My father is a wood worker. And he's good.

These are a pair of candle sticks he gave me for Christmas. My Mom and sis got pairs, too. I love them! They are pressed wood and he cut all those wavy stripes from thin veneers and created the candle sticks. High on my list of favorite things!

Eye candy, I know. :) A collection of vintage luxite knitting needles my Mom thrifted for me. I had every intention of putting them in the shop when she told me about them but seeing their sherbet colors and fun vintage labels sold me. They stay here where I can admire them.

And what list of current favs wouldn't include the new puppy?? I finally cleaned the craft room (I'm talking OVER HAUL, I hope you all are proud of me) and put down a blankie so my best little buddy can come for a visit. And he does.

Of course there are loads more favorites on my list but I've been a bit lax in photo taking lately. I plan to change that. Since I paid for that photo hoster I'd better get going on making new photos. Wish me luck! We all know how I stink at resolutions.



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