Friday, April 24, 2009


So . . . remember when I was complaining about the thrift and how I never find anything? Yeah, well lookie here:

Four aprons. Oh yes FOUR of them. All handmade and all gorgeous. I do not think these are vintage only because they are so clean! I'm sure they've never seen kitchen duty or even have been washed. This is my favorite:

The fabric at the top there is a hankie. So cute! Now what to do with them? Hmm. Well I'm sure I'll keep one and probably give one to a friend and perhaps I'll put one in the store. But in the meantime I'm just going to enjoy them and the fact that I finally found something worth sharing at the thrift.

Also found on that same trip was this adorable hand made bag:

This I am keeping. I've actually already carried it once. I love the fabrics and the shape and well everything about it!

Also that day I snagged these two handmade pillow covers:

Now me thinks that all of these lovely handmade things probably came from the same person. It makes me a little sad because I wonder did this person die and their relatives just shoveled all their handmade goodness into garbage bags and dumped it at the thrift? I'm hoping this person bought a condo in Boca and had to down size and is now playing gin rummy with the nice lady from next door. :)

What a stellar thrift trip! I also netted these vintage cake toppers:

These will definitely be in the store soon.

So I guess that makes up for the more lackluster trips, you think? I went yesterday and did find some sweet Shabby Chic tablecloths and the prettiest turquoise chenille bed spread. They are in the wash and I'll share soon. Perhaps the tide is turning?


Monday, April 20, 2009


Spring is in the air. Thus making my brain feel muddled and unorganized. I don't want to be at this computer. I want to be outside twirling around. Well maybe just outside would do.

I've been trying to gather my thoughts for a post for a few days now to no avail. So instead here are some random thoughts:

A sweet bib I made for my expectant friend. The baby is "scheduled" to make his appearance on Wednesday but you know how babies are. They show up when they want to.

My handsome hubby at the new home of the New York Mets, Citi Field. This was a preseason game in March and it was so cold! I can't wait to go back for beers, baseball and hot dogs in the sunshine.

I thrifted the lid to this piece of Friendship pattern Pyrex about 2 years ago and then last week I found the bottom. Kismet! Total price of $7.00.

My little collection of Pyrex is growing. Of course I never use it so I don't mess it up. LOL

I promised a giveaway last week and I am sticking to that BUT I am going to wait until I return from my trip to Baltimore at the beginning of May. I'm visiting one of those Treasure Sales and hope to find something fun to put up for grabs.

Now I'm off to stick my head out the window and soak up some sunshine. I'll be back this week with something crafted. Cross my heart.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hoppy Easter

Yes. I know Easter was days ago. I swear I've been in some kind of candy induced coma or something. Or just yet another case of lazy-itis. I looked for something to do today. I brought yarn and needles to the sofa but nothing happened. I couldn't even bring myself to cut recipes out of my myriad stack of magazines. Sigh  . . . I need a spa day. :)

So how was Easter? I love Easter crafts and wish I would have made more this year. (lazy-itis!)

I did fill my leafy basket with some cute speckled eggs. I really love how this turned out! And how simple. I love that!

And look how cute my little chenille baskets look with speckled eggs! 

Don't they look adorable on my Easter feather tree? As I've said before, Sarah sent it to me and I love it more and more each year. You can see Sarah's tree here. So cute!

Something new I tried this year, chocolate covered strawberries. With soe help from my sister these were very easy and were a huge hit.

I made another Tiramisu. I added less Kahlua this time and it was even better. Who would have thought LESS alcohol would be a good thing? LOL

Here is my super cute nephew Christopher enjoying his thrifted bunny. 

All in all it was a fabulous day. :) 

Please send me some good vibes to get off my butt and get some things done. It's about that time for me to drag the sewing machine out and attempt to make something presentable.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Go for a visit . . .

Before I rush of to AC I'd like to share a link with you, please visit Erin HERE for her wonderful 100th post giveaway. Wait until you see the goodies. You'll thank me. :)

And speaking of give aways, I think it's about time I had one, too. Come back next week and see what I've put together for you to win.

Now wish me luck at the roulette table. :) Black 22!

Monday, April 06, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket . . .

Chenille stem Easter baskets!

I followed these Martha instructions and it was pretty easy. I used stems I already had but I think the pink and gold came out cute!

The white one was made with bumpy stems and is also cute but I think I like the pink better. I plan to put them on my table and fill them with Robin's Eggs candy, what do you think?

I also made this little basket after seeing these on the Martha web page. It's sort of cute, you think? And the cost was only 69 cents for the basket and 69 cents for a bag of artificial flowers and leaves. I want to pick up some kind of grass to put inside and I have a few faux speckled eggs that would be cute in there.

And speaking of Martha, has anyone picked up her A-Z Craft Encyclopedia? I decided to go for it and since I had a nice coupon for the Barnes & Noble I got it for a good price. I like it! There are new projects and also classics from the magazine. One thing I like is that there is a list of basic supplies and then instructions for for each topic including candle and soap making, rubber stamping, paper making, decoupage, you name it. I have already bookmarked a few things to try and hope to share them soon!

L. and I are off to Atlantic City this week to celebrate his birthday. We'll be back before Easter.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Has anyone been finding anything at the Thrift lately? I know I'm not much up on my blog reading but those I have read haven't reported too much. I have found some things but nothing too blog worthy you know? I did dig through and have picked the best of the bunch out to share. :)

I felt so lucky to snag this vintage Florida table cloth! It's not in the best shape, someone wrote on the corner in magic marker? Why? But I love it anyway and it was only $2. :) See Lincoln there? He thought I was taking his picture.

Alright, boy, there you go. Happy now? He's getting so big but still acts like a wild puppy. :)

I also found this table cloth. It's not hand made but it is large enough to fit my table (I need 102 inch length at the very least) and at $4 was a steal. It's a little stained but not too bad and I plan to use it for Easter brunch this year.

Also found these vintage pillow cases. Isn't the pattern divine? I'm trying to decide to keep them for pillow cases, put them in the shop or make something from them. If you were going to turn them into something, what would it be?

The red Dansk pitcher is a real mess. It has black marks all over the bottom showing through the enamel. But I love it anyway in all it's shabby glory. :) The little silver bread basket was too cute to pass up and the dessert server is for my mother who said she didn't have a nice one. Hmm. I find that hard to believe. Anyway, the quiche dish in the copper holder was in a box from Macys. I do make quiche a lot and now it will be that much fancier. :)

I also found this sweet heart shaped sewing box. The inside is yellow silk and is in fairly good shape. I'd love to add some vintage flowers to the lid maybe? I'm not sure what but I do think I'd like to decorate it. Maybe I'll try to make some velvet strawberries like I've seen on this blog which is one of my favorites. I think I'll check out her store for some of that vintage millinery.

May the thrift be with us all. :)



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