Monday, February 04, 2008

Superbowl :)

I promised my husband a blog post dedicated to the Superbowl and the world champion Giants. So here you go:

Can't have a party without balloons, right? (For the record, I'm kind of afraid of balloons.)

And what did Luis eat?

Oh boy, tummy ache city! (and yes those are Giants plates.) I had 97% fat free hotdogs with ketchup on wheat buns to stick to my diet. Not bad! I also made fresh guacamole and wings with blue cheese dressing using a Weight Watchers recipe. They came out great.

Throw in some dollar store pom-poms and you've got yourself a party. :)

Needless to say L. is VERY excited that his team won and is all ready for tomorrow's ticker tape parade. I'll be back tomorrow to show you how you can spend $50 at the thrift store and only have two pictures to share. Hmmm . . .



Jane said...

Of course this was the year when I had other plans and missed most of the game. I did catch some of the ending and was thrilled that the Giants won! Go Giants!

Katie Jean said...

YAY! Go GIANTS!!!!!!!! I nearly peed my pants watching that game.

LA said...

I'm happy for Luis and his Giants. They came to win and win they did.


Vallen said...

I thought about you guys throughout the entire 4th Quarter. It must have been bedlam over there.

Alex M said...

How thankful we were that the Patriots were toppled -- and such a great game! Your guy must be in heaven.

A tip from a former pom-pom girl... bunch up small handfuls of the strands and just mush them up good. That's what makes them springing and puffy. Do a few at a time -- and just keep going. Then, thrift him a nice short red white and blue skirt...

Jodi Ohl said...

Congrats on your team winning!! Super Bowl parties are soooo much fun, even more when your hometown team is in it and they win I'm sure!!!




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