Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy {LUCKY} Valentine's Day!

This sweet cherub came from the "Full Color Romantic Vignettes Clip Art" from Dover Publications. Heidi turned me onto them and I signed up for the free weekly sampler like she suggested and I was hooked!

And speaking of Heidi, she's been sharing her wonderful collection of vintage Valentine's this week which inspired me to share this one:

Don't you love that's signed "guess who?"! I was lucky to find this among some vintage post cards at an antique mall I visited with my mother last spring.

I am also very lucky to have received this wonderful Valentine treat from Shara:

I took a picture of the contents but it was so blurry! And of course I've now rummaged through everything so I'll just have to describe it myself. The little doily contained a cute pair of earrings and a pin that are pink hearts with "XOXOXO" on them and the little tin is filled with the BEST Valentine "scraps" you can imagine! There are cherub charms and little wings and stickers and golden keys and beads and well, you name it! Shara knew I was bummed about not joining one of the many heart shaped box of goodies swaps that she put a little box together just for me! What a wonderful surprise! If you haven't stopped by Shara's blog you really should, she has written some of my very favorite blog posts EVER and is always funny and entertaining. And boy is her house filled with JUNK! ;)

I got this fun Valentine from my sister:

It's all hand sewn and now hangs on my hutch. Thanks, Mandi! She sent a whole string of these to Leigh Ann for the Hanging Hearts swap. You can see them here.

And in MORE happy mail news (I know! What a great mail week!) I received this cute package from Jen:

Jen has great style and I covet everything she makes. She has the best ideas for party favors and throws some kickin' parties to go along with them! Jen recently had something like 14 days of give aways on her blog! And guess who was LUCKY enough to win something? Um yes, me. Seriously, I never get this lucky! I am the happy winner of the heart shaped pasta kit. And if you head over there today you can print out some totally cute Valentine's made by Jen and her favorite Valentine. Just point and click HERE.

So what's in the box? It's a make your own New Year's light string kit! I told you she was creative. Go here and read Jen's post about her cute little Happy New Year treats. :) I'll share a picture of my set once the craft room is presentable enough to be photographed.

You can see from all this that I am truly feeling loved these days. (weepy)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day fill of love of chocolate! I'll be back tomorrow with some of my WIPs that really need to be moving onto the done stage. Oh and I'm feeling a giveaway coming on . . .

hugs and kisses


Vallen said...

Happy Swetehearts' Day little Valentine!!

Christina J. said...

Wow! Great stuff! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jane said...

What great loot! Happy (belated) Valentines Day!

Wendy said...

Happy belated V-day! This really is your lucky Valentine's day!
How fun, love your sister's heart!


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