Monday, June 05, 2006

Yard Sale Luck

When visiting my parents last weekend, Mom and I noticed a sign for a yard sale a few blocks from her house. Here are my finds:

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Plate Hanger - 10 cents
Burts Bees Foot Care Kit - $2 - serious bargain for a brand I love
Ribbon - 4 for $1 - I love the lemon lime on the gingham and there's a ton! Also the brown on white is a fan design and looks older than the others.

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Picnic hamper - $2 - already in use as a bread box in my kitchen.

Mom made fun of me because I ended up giving the girl 50 cents more then she asked for (she dropped the price from what it was marked) but her stuff was just so cheap! What a good haul for under $5. (Not pictured is a hardback book I have my Dad and a box of Christmas lights for Mom)


Thursday, June 01, 2006


Due to circumstances (no time to thrift, forgetting my camera, etc) I haven't had much to post. But now I'm back to share all the Thrifty Goodness found in Baltimore last weekend. I'll break this up into several posts so as not to overwhelm (read - bore) everyone.

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Bell Pull Rod - $1 (I am doing some cross stitch these days and these retail for $5 at the craft stores)
White Wall Sconce - $1 (This should go nicely with my distressed leaf sconce)
Bernat Learn to Knit Pamphlet - 50 cents (some okay patterns - published 1965)
Pyrex 1 Cup "pitchers" - $1.50 for both (handy, right?)

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Fabric Mom found in her garage (surely thrifted from some where!) Now if I could just get over my sewing machine fears . . .

cheers - bex


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