Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thrifty Link - Find Thrift Stores in Your Area!

I had to post this link Monica sent:

Just put in your zip code and voila!

Now that is Thrifty Goodness . . . .


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Craft Book Jack Pot

My Mom called yesterday from the thrift store and said she found craft books for $1. She sent a picture today and what a deal!

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Jo Verso's Complete Cross Stitch Course
A Victorian Floral Alphabet (cross stitch)
In My Mother's Garden: An American Sampler (cross stitch)
Donna Cooler's Crocheted Afghans
Donna Cooler's Seasons in Cross Stitch
Country Style Painted Wood Objects
100 Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments
Victorian Lace Crochet

Thanks, Mom!


Monday, May 22, 2006

Free is good, too, right??

These items were not thrifted, they were gifts. However, since I want to show them off AND because getting lovely "second hand" items as gifts is still a thrifty way of living.

My dear friend Elizabeth inherited many things when her aunt passed away. I am fortunate in that she likes me enough to feel I would give some of these special things a good home.

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Two vintage cocktail shakers, the one has a lovely star burst pattern and the other is in a shape you don't often see. It has a handle on the side, too. (ahem, she also kindly gave us a bottle of fancy Irish whiskey and a bottle Remy Martin . . . oh la la!)

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These are only a few of the linens she passed onto me and the picture certainly doesn't do them justice. These are my three favorites, a brown linen table runner with a circular crocheted edge (it came with a matching oval doily), 2 hand embroidered tea towels and a cotton dresser scarf featuring a butterfly lacy motif. All of the pieces she gave me are gorgeous and will most certainly work their way into my decor. Thanks again, Elizabeth!


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thrifty Link - Goodwill Online Auctions

I've never actually "won" anything from the auctions over at Goodwill and I'm not sure what the shipping prices are like but you never know! Plus, I would like to think the money goes to a good cause.



Past Thrift (sort of)

While this nightstand wasn't really thrifted, it was gifted for FREE from SLB. She got a fancy new one and passed this one along. It was a "natural" wood color so I sanded it down and threw on some walnut stain and voila!

I still want to slap on a coat of clear shellac, too. The basket is thrifted (around $3 if I remember correctly) and one day I hope to thrift the perfect bedside lamp to replace that not so good looking stick.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Just a few things . . .

A trip to the Savers on Sunday produced only a few finds for me:

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Hallmark 1982 bird photo album - very pretty, I'll need to replace the pages - $2
Crewel Kit - looks like all the pieces are there - $2
Craft Patterns - Simplicity & McCalls both for hoilday sewing projects including stockings, tree skirts & ornaments - $1 each
(not shown) a stuffed eagle for the dogs - $1

That's the cheapest I think I've ever gotten off at the thrift. I should have taken pictures of Lizzy's finds, she scored a lovely velvet & wool swing coat, a black suede jacket and wool cardigan for around $18 total. :)

I found some other bargains at the "real" stores including these Keds for $15 at Marshalls, a Japanese paper shade at Target for $2 and a set of alphabet rubber stamps on clearance at Wal-Mart for $7.

until next time . . .

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Ghost of Thrifting Past

Over at Woof Nanny, Barb started a Share a Past Project Thursday. Well how about some past thrifting, too? The best thing about thrifting is taking what you've found and using it in your day to day life. I love to turn old things into new but isn't it also nice to just use it as is?

I looked around the hosue last night and spotted two thrifted items that i just adore.

This wall sconce cost about $3 and was already painted white. I liked the shabby look of it so I didn't change a thing. It hangs on the sunporch.

You can also see the top of a thrifted metal chair Mom picked up recovered the seat for me.

This, I believe, started it's life as a planter.

It is now repurposed as a wash cloth holder in my powder room. Nice and only $2!

Thrift thrift . . . away!


PS - visit my other blog for a past knitting project!

Monday, May 01, 2006


So, we experienced a first this weekend! L's first trip to the thrift store! I lured him with the promise of breakfast. :) We got into the store (Hempstead Savers, still far from my favorite thrifting spot but the only half way decent one near by) and he decided to head off to the Men's clothes. He came back almost immediately with this:

This is a brand new version of L's favorite sweater. He has both this version and an off-white version as well. He lurves them. ;) He washes them by hand and folds them neatly in the closet. Sometimes he takes them out just to say hello. So it was total thrifting karma when he spotted this one, tags still on, within two minutes of his very first thrifting excursion!

Gas to West Hempstead: $5
Brunch at Cheesecake Factory: $35
Thrifted Ralph Lauren American Flag sweater with the tags still on: $10
L finally "getting" the thrifting thing: PRICELESS :)
I, too, found a few goodness but nothing nearing such Thrifting euphoria as L.

blue "pashmina" style shawl - soft and hardly used - $3
green glass dish - stamped with "made in Cleveland, OH" on the bottom - $3
4 blue and white 5 inch dishes - $4
silver & glass plate - $2

corduroy holly patterned material - approx 2 yards - $3
quilted fabric - approx 1 yard - $1

Not a bad day, I even had a 30% off coupon (which made L's magic sweater only $7)! The cashier was kind enough to give me another 30% off coupon to use before May 14th. Perhaps L will want to come, too. :)

Until next time . . . Bex


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