Thursday, May 29, 2008

Slithering to a Shop near you . . .

And finally in the Goodness Shop . . . . Goodness Soft Snakes!

Sampson Snake & Sylvia Von Slitherton! I do love making these guys. There is a third in the works. I also added a lovely piece of vintage fabric and two vintage books - one of carols and one of hymns that would be great for use in altered art! and don't forget about my other goodies! I hope to do a bigger update this weekend with those promised vintage wrapping paper packs and some wonderful vintage hankies I recently scored. You will DIE when you see their cuteness. I'm still deciding which ones I'm keeping. :)

Want a sneak peek??

And these pictures don't do them justice. I could do a whole post on them! I seriously hope some sell as there are 152 if them! Yikes.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hello! I hope everyone had a fabulous LONG weekend. We ended up with some nice weather. I am nursing some rather nasty mosquito bites though. :(

I've been so lucky to receive some lovely mail lately. The first to arrive was my apron from Wendy for Sarah's vintage apron swap:

It's a lovely linen souvenir apron from California! And talk about thrifting kismet, I just sent two similar aprons to Vallen and now I have my very own. Thanks, Wendy! Is this apron screaming barbecue or is it just me? :) I screwed up the link last time, you can see the apron I sent Wendy (for real) here.

Next I received this fabulous book and fabric from Jane:

What a surprise! The book is full of fun vintage childrens crafts including crocheted toys and sweet Peter Rabbit cross stitch. Perfect for me! You can't tell from my crappy picture but that fabric is pink and brown. Jane said she started visiting my blog because of my pink and brown wedding posts. Thank you so much for such a treat! :)

And yet ANOTHER surprise package arrived from Heidi:

Look at this Goodness! Heidi and I share a love of all things Alice in Wonderland and she put together some wonderful things! There are tattoos and a fabulous coloring book from Dover Publications (which Heidi also turned me on to), a lovely vintage flocked Alice ornament and mini deck of cards, a vintage kit for making felt Alice ornaments (I'm so making them!), some Alice stamps and the most wonderful hand stamped tags! I tried to take a picture of them but it just wouldn't come out right. they are gorgeous! Thank you, Heidi. You made my day.

Thank you to everyone for the sweet gifts! I don't know what I did to deserve it but I am tickled with the thoughtfulness. :)

I'll be doing a shop update by this weekend. I've unearthed some more fun vintage notions and fabrics and since I can't keep them all, why not share? My husband is happy that my Etsy funds will support my thrifting habit somewhat lol. :)


Monday, May 19, 2008

Baby Stuff

I love to make baby things. Whether I need a gift or not. They're cute and usually quick. My favorite kind of projects! Here is the afghan I made for my cousin:

I love this blueberry hued yarn. It's Bernat Cotton Tots and it's always soft and easy to work with. This was a quick to crochet pattern and would make it again. I also sent these along with it:

I didn't make them but they were too cute not to share. Are you dying? Seriously, I can't think of a single cuter thing. :) My cousin Karen should be having her little guy any day now!

For some reason I can't seem to remember to take pictures of actual finished items. Like this little elephant seen here with no eyes.

I did give him eyes, don't worry. He is now being loved by a friend's one year old. I think he is popular because you can grab him by his ears and his trunk. :) I would love to find a way to make him into a rattle. I'm worried, of course, about safety so I'm not sure what I could put inside. Any ideas?

I also made this sweet baby sweater:

This was a "just because" project and I finished it last night. I love this pattern! I also made a smaller one in peach with a matching bonnet. Once I finish up a bonnet to go with the green sweater and get some little buttons I'll be putting them up in the shop. I also will have two crocheted snakes and maybe a few elephants up for sale soon, too. Vintage wrapping paper will be listed after the holiday. I seemed to have deleted all 40 pictures I took of it and need to redo. Ugh.

And speaking of the shop, I just lowered the vintage trims to 75 cents a yard! Come by for a visit!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

And then there was GOODNESS

Whew! I forgot how much work it is to load stuff on Etsy. Seriously! And try doing it by mobile broadband! (Though I must admit, my little-air-card-that-could has been performing quite well go Sprint!)

All sort of goodies over in The Goodness Shop for you including some of my hand crocheted tea cup pot holders and baby things. I hope to get some snakes loaded up there next week. I also included loads of vintage trim that is sold by the yard and some rick rack and seam binding. I'll be adding treasures as they come including vintage pillow cases and collections of buttons and little bits for altered art and jewelry making.

Here is a sample of some things in the shop now!

And next week I'll be listing a bunch of sweet vintage wrapping paper. Come by for a visit!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Doll Face

I don't remember loving dolls as a child. In fact, I think a lot of them have creepy little eyes. I did like Barbie but baby dolls really weren't my thing. However, I can remember fondly two dolls I loved. One was a doll my mother made that I named Miranda Cassandra (oy) and the other was a porcelain music box doll my Grandmother gave me that played "As Time Goes By." We lived in a flood zone, my parents still do, and I think both of these dolls didn't survive the many hurricanes but I'll have to ask Mom to be sure.

Recently, I thrifted not one but THREE dolls that I really love. Odd, right?

The first is this little sequin doll. Does anyone know anything about these? I'm guessing they were made from a kit and I know my mother has two that she also thrifted but that's all I know.

These two dolls came from that Ryan's Relics place. The one on the left is cloth with a plastic face and has a stamp on her back leg that says Poland. The other one is also plastic and I love her blue hair. :) That one in the back on the right is not a doll, she's a tree topper! Her paper wings are ripped and her hat is coming off but she was a steal for a quarter at a yard sale.

So it seems I like some dolls now. :)


A few notes:

First, I would like to thank EVERYONE who leaves comments here for me. It totally makes my day when they pop up in my inbox! I try to answer everyone that has an email address attached to it and also like to visit the blogs of those who don't have an email for me to respond to. I'm behind in my blog reading but I will be visiting you soon!!

Second, I now officially have a job! Yeah! My new boss is MUCH more laid back than my previous boss of six years so I'm looking forward to being less stressed. I plan to work from home maybe once a week but will be going back to the office starting tomorrow. With much better hours I might add. Thanks to everyone who asked after my employment situation!

Third, I sent off THREE swaps and didn't take pictures of them. NICE. Hopefully the recipients will post them and I'll share them with you. I did receive my apron from Sarah's vintage apron swap and I plan to photo it today to share. You can see the one I sent Wendy here.

And lastly, The Goodness Shop will reopen by Friday! Woo hoo!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Random Bits

In reading thrifting blogs you often find that many people have a style or a certain strain of things they purchase. Not here, sisters, I'm as random as they get! And to prove it, here are some recent finds:

Elephant tea cozy. Nice. Those are napkins on a the right and a valance on the left but the tea cozy, other than being red, is not really "my style." Had to have it anyway.

Velvet rose pillow, what does one do with that? But I certainly couldn't leave it behind for a mere $1.49 now could I?

Here is a motley collection but a but more "me." The turkey candle holder is Mikasa as is the yellow cup (it says My First Birthday on the bottom) and the collie planter is a given since I happen to own a collie. But all together? I don't think so.

I am yet again feeling overwhelmed by "stuff" and looking at these photos reminds me that I need to trim down the thrifting. I mean I don't have to buy EVERYTHING I like, right? Right. So I'll be better, I promise. I'm sure there will be some giveaways to come and some listings of vintage goodies in the Goodness Shop as well. But how about we start here:

I'm not even sure where I picked this up but as I hardly pass on a vintage hanky home it came. So, does anyone out there have these initials? I suppose it could be J.D. M. or even J.M.D. or perhaps even J & D with the same last name starting with M? So if you or someone you know fits this monogram and would like this lovely linen hankie, drop me a line! First come first serve.

***UPDATE - I've found a J.D.M.! Visit Jean here.***


Friday, May 09, 2008


Okay, seriously, do I really NEED anymore STUFF? Oy. I love thrifting. I love the hunt, the find, you know what I mean but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all my "things" lately so the new rule of "you must take a bag of crap to donate if you're going to the thrift store" is now in effect. And since I had no donations when thrifting in Baltimore last weekend with Mom and Sis I took TWO bags to drop off last night.

Now onto the junk:

The rope of pearls (which is old and I am terribly in love with) and the Vera scarf are both from the Baltimore Thrift we always visit. $3 for the pearls and $1.45 for the scarf. The enamel flower pin, the bangle and the two other pins are from that Ryan's Relics place I was telling you about. $4 total for all 5 pieces. I think this flower pin is my favorite by far and that horseshoe pin it too cute.

At the "regular" thrift store we hit the Waverly jackpot:

The blue are two long valences, the center pattern are valences and panels and the pattern on the right are also two long valences. My Mom picked up two big French door panels in a red plaid that matched her curtains in the living room. All in all around $2 - $3 a curtain. Someone must have had all Waverly curtains and needed a change. I'll be putting the blue ones in my bedroom, the fruit motif in the dining room and kitchen and the others in the craft room perhaps. Also found a non-Waverly green pinstripe valance that I'll cut down to go in my bathroom window. Who doesn't love all new window treatments??

Also netted some fun red and white pillow cases. Most likely these will be used as fabric. The red polka dot is a pillow case and a sheet. Can't you see this mixed with aqua for a super cute quilt? I bet Heidi can imagine it! As soon as I get moving on that beach quilt I started eons ago I'll get right to it.

I also got this treasure thanks to Mandi:

She mentioned that she found some Friendship pattern Pyrex and was happy to give it to me when I told her about my refrigerator dishes. Thanks, Mand!

I'll spread out the other finds over the next week. I'm busy today getting things organized to reopen the Goodness Shop. We'll have loads of vintage trims, rick rack, seam binding and some fabrics for all your crafty goodness. Stay tuned!


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Snakes on a Plane

Two friendly reptiles are winging their way to a couple of special little boys I know.

Both are crocheted from Lily Cotton (you know, the cheap stuff) and were fast work. They are pretty fun to make and since you stuff them as you go you are pretty much done when you hit the head.

I do like the shape of the head of the one on the right a bit better than the one on the left but both are cute. Since I enjoyed making these two I think I'll be whipping up a few more for the Goodness Shop which is sadly empty. I hope to remedy that soon. I think these guys make great boy gifts which I am always in need of it seems.

I'll be back soon with my thrifty finds in Baltimore.


PS: My beloved Rangers are out of the playoffs so you'll all be spared the hockey talk until next season. I think I heard a sigh of relief . . .


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