Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sleep Tight

So while I haven't been all that crafty this week (unless you count crocheting something and then ripping it out and then knitting something and then ripping it out, too) I haven't been a total schlub:

These sleep masks are so quick and easy! I need to work a bit on the top (you can see how I didn't fold it properly on both and the green fleece backing is visable) but I am still quite happy with them. The red one is mine and the blue one is for my weekend visitor. I've made about 5 of these now and I like them all. I think I'll whip up some extras to tuck in with gifts through out the year.

They are from a pattern in this book but I top stitch around the mask where as her pattern calls for handsewing that opening. I did that on my first one and it looked sloppy. I need some hand sewing lessons! (ahem, Anna.) The author also has a Christmas Crafts book (remember my snowman?) and this one:

There are quite a few things in here I'm hoping to try:

Terry cloth lambs

Cute bunny pot holders

Bunny hearts

Eggy Houses

and my personal favorite . .

A flock of sweet geese

I had better get busy.

Well I'll be off line while my sister is in town but hope to share some of our adventures next week!

ciao bellas!


Lappesola said...

The Tilda books are very popular here in Norway. I think I have 5 or 6 of them. My very favourite is the Good night angels
Let me know if they aren't in your book.
Hugs from Sol

Thimbleanna said...

Nice eye masks! Thanks for the peek into your tilde book -- I love the lamby. Just name the visit and we'll be handsewing in the middle of a restaurant LOL!!!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Oh how cute! I could spend all day looking through those types of books! The eye masks are lovely!

Yo! SLB Raps said...

Love the terry cloth lambs. So very cute.

Vallen said...

Nice stuff - I particularly like the geese. Have fun with sis.

Kai said...

I just recently bought MY first Tilda book! Aren't they FUN? Your sleep masks are brilliant, Rebecca! I think you did a GREAT job! Enjoy your visit with your sister!

The Urban Chic said...

Rebecca, love your sleep masks--I have a black satin lacy one, but I like your colorful ones.
I also love the pillow with the ribbon all around it, as I have one my mom made 50 years ago, but the ribbon is gone, so I am hoping I can understand how to put it back on. Pat

Feather Gold said...

First, those sleeping masks are adorable. Second, that book is freaking cute. Third, more knitting time.

I'll see you in 1/2 hour!



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