Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pin Cushions

Why can't I get enough of pin cushions?? Seriously, I was cleaning up my craft room this weekend and was trying to mangle my giant chenille bed spread into a smaller spot and realized that I really needed to just use it because it's way to big. So what did I make? You guessed it . . . pin cushions!

I made one of these as a custom order before and loved the combo. I believe I have one more of these blue willow cups hiding somewhere in the stash and will probably make a second one. This a "normal" sized tea cup and will probably end up in my shop soon. I have big plans to plough through a bit more of my excess supplies and whip up some Goodness just in time for the holidays.

While I love the blue willow cushion, I have to say that this is my favorite . . .

Isn't it sweet? It just came our right, know what I mean? This is a petite tea cup, demitasse I believe is the correct word. I actually made three of these. The cup is glued to the base so you can store small scissors, buttons, etc. on the saucer. I will probably keep one of these for myself, gift one and put the third in the shop. Such a simple idea but oh so cute!

I have other shop plans, more tea cup pot holders are in the works and I have grand plans for ornaments this season, too.


Big news over at Sweet Goodness Swaps today!!




Jodi Ohl said...

Great pincushions! I like the pink flowered one, too....I think the saucer balances it out. Great use of your stash though...which we all have!!

I "borrowed" your post and blogged it on my blog as well--thank you for writing it up!! and Yahoooo on another round of our Sweet Goodness Swaps!

Unknown said...

So cute! I like the pink one best too. Very clever to have the saucer on the bottom to hold your scissors or a thimble!

Inspire_Me said...

ooo they are so cute!! i want some :)

Vintage Blue Studio said...

I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading about your thrifting! I love thrifting and searching. There's nothing like finding that special something AND getting it for a bargain price!


oak wind farm said...

Oh, I love that! Very sweet!

Julie said...

I knew I read about teacup pincushions somewhere last week. I'm glad I wandered back here today cause I want to say thank you for the inspiration. I made 6 of them this weekend, lol. Using up my thrifted mugs, fabric and buttons all in one fell swoop.


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