Thursday, September 27, 2007


Okay, I'm over my swap angst. I pulled out all the items I had gathered together for LeeAnn and inspiration struck and I added a few things and all of a sudden it came together. :) I love that. So I sent her swap off today and will send on any extra goodies I find this weekend separately. :)

So what did LeeAnn send me? I told you it would be fabulous and it is all that and more!

Are you drooling or what? This is a large zipper pouch LeeAnn made from an old table runner. She is so good at taking thrifted items and making them new! I really love this bag, it is already in my suitcase packed with the essentials for my weekend trip.

And inside the bag?

You can see that LeeAnn stuck to the brown and tan theme that I forgot! While the bag is definitely my favorite part, a very close second is this adorable button bracelet in a little linen bag!

It's perfect! And how cute is that button embroidery?

Great wooden spools including one with some vintage brown ribbon, an owl cookie cutter, a really cute flower magnet, some fun kitty fabric and a set of coasters.

And I really love these old number flash cards. This is definitely something I would have picked up at the thrift store. They should fun in collages and tag making.

So thank you LeeAnn, you really went all out and I appreciate it. :) Your swap should arrive soon, I hope you like it HALF as much as I like yours.


Now about this weekend . . . my mom and my aunt are coming to New York tonight to start our adventure. Tomorrow morning our first stop is T-Party! I seriously cannot wait to meet Susan and eat some of the ridiculous goodies she has! Yum. Then we're off to Mystic for two days of shopping and sight seeing. And then Sunday we're going to the Elephants Trunk Flea Market! I am so excited and hope to be back next week with loads of goodies to show you. We'll be ending up our weekend at the Giants game Sunday night. That was my husbands contribution LOL.

So have a fabulous weekend, friends, I'll be thinking of you as I weed through antiques and junk this weekend. Don't worry, I'm bring you something. :)



Sarah and Jack said...

Speaking of Tea parties. Do you read the T-cozy? She has a knitted wig on there today that I meant to tell you about. LOL

Unknown said...

Ooh, that little zippered pouch is so darling! Dang, I wish I knew how to sew. LOL Great swap package! Those flash card numbers are very cool.

Sounds like you have such a fun trip planned! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures when you return!

Jodi Ohl said...

I wish I was thin enough to fit in your bags and stow away with you and the girls this weekend!!! Sounds like LOTS of fun!

Can't wait to see what treasures you return with, I know you'll be burning up the camera! :)

Mama Said Sew said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Can't wait to see all your flea market finds. :)

Flea Market Queen said...

My goodness you lucky girl!
I love it all...

Scrappy Moments said...

Oh I love the zippered pouch and That Fabric with the cats is darling. What a totally fun swap :) Nice Goodies :)


Mom IsAmagpie said...

I stopped by to tell you I think you're a Rocking Girl Blogger stop by my blog to pick up your button.


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