Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Seven Hour Bake-a-Thon

And so it began . . .

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On Saturday, Lizzy and I baked. And baked. And so on. Some things worked well, like these Chocolate Espresso Snowcaps from the Everyday Food Holiday Cookies edition:

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Don't you love when they look just like the picture?? Some things we tried were not worth the effort like our truffles. (I have no pictures of things gone wrong.) One batch came out quite well but only yielded a few truffles. The other . . . well we won't go there.

I also made Lucy's pepermint bark!

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Easy, yummy and so festive! We also made enough gingerbread to sink a ship, several kinds of short bread, oatmeal Craisin cookies and tried our hand at spritz cookies in the cookie press!

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I didn't count all how many dozens we made, we just set to and cranked out dough. I still have some in my freezer waiting for my energy level to go up again. It was definately fun and exhausting!

In other news, I have been knitting and making a few crafty things but not much to share at the moment. I also received my Apron ATC cards from the swap set up by Selena! I will share them tomorrow, they are so gorgeous that they deserve their own post. I thought I took pictures of the ones I sent but I can't seem to find them. :( If you go here you can see one of mine, it's in the top right corner one and says "thrift." (go figure)

I'll leave you with a little tinsel tree I found at Target for $2.50 to hold my new favorite ornaments. I wanted gold but the price was right. I'll search for a gold one for next year. I made a tiny tree skirt from sparkly pink material. How very girlie of me. ;)

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PS - I also wanted to thank everyone for leaving such wonderful comments! I get so excited when I open my email box and see both old friends and new! I'm planning to organize a swap in January (with the help of the lovely Lucy) and hope everyone will want to join in. We know the theme - Pink & Brown (those are my wedding colors and it's coming up fast so what better way to get in the mood??) - and are working on the details of what we think should be included. Let me know your interest!


Sarah and Jack said...

I am always up for a swap! And of course, "pink is my signature color." LOL There is a post on Pam Garrisons blog about changing the color of the target tinsel trees. Post is here:http://pamgarrison.typepad.com/pamgarrison/2006/11/a_little_aging_.html

Anonymous said...

How funny is it that I bought the same tree! I thought it would be Puff-proof. It kinda is-he's already knocked it over twice. I was going to put your star on top, but now that everythings gone flying a couple times I'm glad I didn't.

Your baking marathon reminds me of a few years ago when I did the same thing with a girlfriend. We made gingerbread houses and somehow extrapolated the measurements wrong and instead of six houses we got two mega-monster-houses! I will have to look back for the picture.

Anonymous said...

I have that same tree in pink! Was going to put it in Maren's room with all my old Barbie ornaments but it ended up in my front room instead! I think the silver looks great with your ornaments. My baking frenzy is going to be this weekend. Your Martha cookies look awesome! Just like the photos! Yum. And count me in for a P&B swap! Fun!

Anonymous said...

Well I guess you were busy!!!! I should have just brought my ingredients over to the house and joined in on the fun! This weekend, Mommainlaw and I are doing a bake a thon, I might try the chocolate crackle cookie, they look yummy.

Truffles did not turn out for me either last year. My boys lovingly referred to them as "chocolate turds"...LOL. They ate them, but my visions of giving them as gifts didn't pan out!!

Looking forward to the swap...I will post something about it on mine too, would love to see a big turn out in honor of your upcoming wedding!!

Glad the peppermint bark turned out. It's way easy, my kind of recipe!!


Anonymous said...

Every girl needs a sparkly tree with a pink tree skirt! And perhaps a tiara!

miss vintage love said...

Wow, that looks good!!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca those all look wonderful!!!
I love the tree the german ornies look perfect on it what a treasure.
I would love to be part of the swap.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Yummy,our baking starts next week!Ofcourse you are aware of my need to indulge my girlie side!

Anonymous said...

You know I'm already committed to the pink and brown swap next month. The espresso snowcaps look divine. (Drool...)

Anonymous said...

I would love to join in the pink and brown swap.
I can't believe the price of that tree - $2.5o! And Heidi says they come in pink! Gasp! I would have one in every room, even the toilet!

Anonymous said...

Are those yummy stuff gonna be around this weekend? My mouth is watering for Saturday!

Ummm...ahhhhh...that tree is so cute!


Heidi said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the swap. I'll start collecting pink and brown.

Jane said...

I would love to join your swap! The tree, the cookies, the cheer...a lovely blog!


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