Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Four Corners of My Craft Room

TOOT! TOOT! That would be me tooting my own horn. I wrote another article for the National Thrifter and I'm pretty proud of it! Check it our here. And just who is the Thrifter of the Month? Why Apron Thrift Girl, naturally!

Now about my title. This weekend I started several projects that I hope (fingers crossed) to finish before Christmas. I consider myself a relatively organized person. I balance my check book religiously, put the cap back on the tooth paste and neatly fold underwear and socks. On Sunday afternoon when I decided to hang up my craft hat for the day I took a look around my space and couldn't help from cracking up. It was like a tornado hit a Michael's. Geesh. And of course I thought you'd all like to see the mayhem. :)

So here they are, the Four Corners of My Craft Room:

CORNER #1 - Yarn Central

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Joolz & I recently hit Smiley's Manhattan Yarn Blowout and I stocked up. Not as much as Julie "Two Garbage Bags" McGee over there but still, I bought several bag lots of yarn including the 6 skeins of turquoise Homespun you see in the front. Oh and that basket in the top right cubby? Full of buttons. Yeah. Highlights? My crocheted bag from Vaxgirl just waiting for a WIP to fill it up and trash bags on the bottom left to prove that I really do throw some things away.

CORNER #2 Futon Workspace

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I would like to say that normally the futon is clear of all crafting stuff but that would be a lie. I'd love to get rid of the futon and get another work table but I'm worried that relegating my overnight guests to the living room pull out isn't as nice as having a their own room with a door. Regardless of the God awful hardness that is a $49 Ikea futon mattress. Highlights? That's an entire 3 ring binder FILLED with stickers on the left and I see Luis' Homer Simpson flip flops on the bottom right. Makes me wonder what he was doing in there sans shoes . . .

CORNER #3 Craft Desk Mania

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This is the crux of the craft room, the Mecca, the ooey gooey chocolately center. And boy is it a MESS. Highlights . . . hmmm . . . there is my Sizzix machine which has seen quite a bit of action lately and an in-progress scrapbook for a friend to be named later (don't want to spoil the surprise!) and a large pile-o-crap on the right there that consists of lord knows what.

CORNER #4 Home of Sewing Machine that Hates My Guts

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Yes, there she is. In all her non-sewing glory. I even gave her a nice blankey yet she STILL gathers all the thread down around the bobbin case. GRRR. Highlights - my bulletin board which doesn't look nearly as crowded as it could be and the jar near the lamp is filled with my favorite buttons. Yes I said FAVORITE buttons further more proving my dorkiness.

So that's it, the grand tour. I'm not always this much of a slob but when the creativity bug bites, the neatness bug goes out the window.



Anonymous said...

Holy cow. Right now I have craft drawers. I *wish* I had the kind of space to take over a room like that. Very impressive.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Your article was fantastic,still have to co-op that cocktail shaker idea!
Lucky you to have a craft room.

Anonymous said...

Oh I would love to have such a room. My crafting lives all over the house. In my early 20s I worked on Jamaica Ave. Let's just say it's better for me not to be so close to Smiley's.

Anonymous said...

Great article, Rebezzle! May I say that your room looks gorgeous. Oh, and the 16th is written down in ink, yes i said ink, not pencil :-)

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! I would love to have a studio like yours - it would have a big lock on the door!

flanthrower said...

Yowie! An entire room dedicated to crafting. My craft corner is taking up an ever-increasing corner of my living room...kinda like the blob. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, we call it here, "organized chaos", you must have things around you to inspire!! LOL. Thanks for sharing. I will have to read your article when I get home from work.

Thanks for letting us take a peek!

Shirlee said...

I love seeing people's craft rooms. Some neat and oraganized with a perfectly folded fabric stash, others a whirlwind of crafting mayhem. You're one of the lucky ones to actually have a designated room.

karrie said...

Fun to see where all your craftiness comes to life. Kinda like a 'Cribs' for craft-bloggers. I guess if that were true you would have to say "this is where the magic happens" when you show your sewing machine... :)

Anonymous said...

Morning Rebecca I love your craft studio I love that you showed it in all it's glorious inspired dissaray because mine is like that also but no digi cam at the moment so no pics of my mess. I should say my studio is really our studio as my husband is a leather carver. Loved your article and I think I'll blog about my studio today via your inspiration.
Thanks and have a great day.

Anonymous said...

what an awesome room. Love the desk, I want to sit at it and start making something. I have in theory a craft room but I rarely use it, just dump stuff and run. I really am more comfy working at the kitchen table or on the couch in the living room which is so messy. I need to think of ways to make my room more attractive and a nicer place to spend time.


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