Thursday, December 07, 2006


Last night, Luis and I took a walk through the holiday shops in Bryant Park. I had hit the bank machine in preparation for picking up a few unique gifts for family and friends. Well, while I did get two gifts, I managed to spend most of my money on myself. Shameless I tell you! But seriously, I couldn't resist and I even went to dinner and then went BACK for these:

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Small handpainted wooden ornaments from Russia. Sigh . . . I LOVE THEM. They were a bit more than I really wanted to spend but when I started babbling about them at dinner Luis convinced me to go back and treat myself. (He's a bit of an enabler himself.) So I bought these two sets and I have taken them out of their tissue wrapped boxes and fingered them quite a few times already.

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Come on, are you lightheaded from the cuteness or what? They are each about 2 inches tall and painted so lovingly. I am considering giving a few as gifts but I'm having a hard time convincing myself that I don't NEED them all.

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My mother, an enabler in her own right, told me they will be wonderful keepsakes I can pass onto my children some day. :) You see, I get it from her. The justifying of spending money that is.

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Look at that sweet face! So should I keep them ALL or share the wealth? There are ten total, two sets of 5, one gold and one pink. I'm thinking a tinsel tree for ALL of them to hang on . . . silver perhaps? or gold?

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And I could get small glass balls in pink and blue to go with them! Have I gushed enough for you to agree with me that I need them all to stay with me? LOL I'm killing me.

I also picked up this little guy . . .

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whom I also love but is intended to be a gift. However, he was not very expensive so I COULD go get one for me, too. :)

I'm hoping to visit the holiday shops at St. Barts either today or tomorrow. Maybe I'll actually find some gifts there. ;)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .



Shirlee said...

Shopping must be awesome in NY. I've never been but would love to visit some day. My 14 yr old is obsessed with NYC and dreams about visiting and seeing his two favorite things, Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. I'm convinced that he thinks Spiderman is for real and that he might catch a glimpse of him if he were to visit.

The ornaments are very cute. The little tree reminds me of gingerbread for some reason.

Sarah and Jack said...

Keep 'em all! Put them altogether on one tree, a small tree where they can shine.

flanthrower said...

beautiful ornaments! (it's ok, we all deserve a nice treat every now and then).

jungle dream pagoda said...

I'm with Sarah,keep em' all ,know one will appreciate them like you! Guess what I got in the mail? Some prettys from Rebecca! thank you sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Ha, the fact that you even thought about sharing those adorable russian ornaments is a testament to the fact that you are a better person than I.

Me? I'm greedy, I would've kept them all without a thought to sharing them with anyonel.


Anonymous said...

ps that why you're mah friend! :-)

Anonymous said...

Buy another set to give away and keep that set. That's what I would do.

Anonymous said...

Keep them. Your mother is right! Both my parents and my inlaws recently took trips to Russia and I am totally in love with my dolls and ornaments that they brought me.

Anonymous said...

They are precious...worth the investment!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, a gold tinsel tree! I think they would look really pretty up against the gold, and with pink and blue balls? Perfect! We stayed right near Bryant Park and walked past the sign for the Christmas shops every day on the way to the Subway station. Wish they'd been there when we were visiting!

Anonymous said...

very cool I agree keep em all.

Anonymous said...

Keep them, they are lovely, they make you so happy - enjoy them for many years to come. You'll find other nice ones if you want more for gifts.

Anonymous said...

They are sweet. You can stop trying to convince yourself!


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