Monday, December 04, 2006

For the Love of Rummaging . . .

Wow. I had a GREAT thrifting Saturday! Way back when I would have told you that thrifting in New York was crap. I take that back.

Saturday morning I met up with Vaxgirl aka Catherine at her home on Long Island. She greeted me with a gift! Gotta love that.

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A crocheted tote bag, some yummy sachets and three Fire King Peach Lustre (righht Heidi?) custard cups to match a baking dish I thrifted in October! Thank you! I've already used them. :)

We putzed around a bit, I got to see her wonderful home and and the sweet Puff and then we were off to the rummage sale! There was quite a lot of mayhem and we were wishing we had arrived earlier and brought bigger bags but $9 later I was a happy camper with all my scavanged goods. She also took me to a few thrift stores I'd never been to and they were WAY better than the Saver's. So what did I get? Here's the haul:

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Um yeah, all that. I only spent about $34 and that includes a $10 splurge on two of the items. Highlights: rooster curtains, cookie tins, wooden spools, ribbon, some fabric, a few table cloths, three cast iron trivets, a Ralph Lauren pillow sham and other odds and ends. Some of my favorites:

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Bacardi & Coke pitcher - $1 - these heavy glass pitchers are always a favorite of mine. :)

Shiny Brite ornaments - $1 for 10 - they are inside the pitcher. I dug them out of a 10 for a dollar bag! Now that I'm Shiny Brite saavy I checked the caps for the makers mark. ;)

silver rimmed glasses - 50 cents each - I found 6 of these and can now ditch my mis-matched others.

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Holiday Glasses - these are from the rummage sale so I'm not sure of the price but I love them!

So all in all a good day! I had such a wonderful time thrifting with Catherine. We are such enablers! You definately don't want to thrift with us.

Thanks again for a great weekend!

What did everyone else get into??



Sarah and Jack said...

We also had a pretty good thrifting weekend, however, I was hugely disappointed in the St Vinnies. Underneath a table I discovered 2 vintage xmas tablecloths, and they waivered for 5 whole minutes before deciding they didn't want to sell them. What???? I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeded them. (Of all the tablecloths, I only have 1 xmas now that the other was ruined.)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you girls had a profitable weekend, indeed! Love those pretty glasses and SCORE on the ornaments! Those little custard cups are just darling. How fun that you and Catherine got to meet!

Shirlee said...

As a fellow thrift-a-holic, I loved reading about all your new found treasures. And how great that you had a thrifting buddy. I usually have to drag around a eye-rolling hubby and an "are you done yet?" kid.
I really like the Season's Greeting glasses you picked up. Way cool.

Anonymous said...

I was knee deep in ornaments, broken glass, and wearing garland..not necessarily in that order!

Very cool you all got to meet and partake in some thriftadventures! You might have to move to a bigger place if you keep it up!! LOL

Great deals, I'm so envious!

jungle dream pagoda said...

How fun! Wish we could all get together and enable each other.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You made out like a bandit! I used to be the modern aesthetics kinda girl, but you may be swaying me to your side. I'm loving your finds

Anonymous said...

It worked. Never mind!! What a great haul. I'm so jealous:) Those peach fire king custard cups are the ones I told you about.

Anonymous said...

I could have sworn I posted a comment to this post yesterday... I must me losing my marbles!

Anonymous said...

What great treasures I especially like the silver rimmed glasses. I am going thrifting with a girlfriend on Friday I am soo excited can hardly wait. Last time I went right before Thanksgiving I found an awesome tapestry. And Before that 2 awesome paintings and a great pair of brass reigndeer that now sit on my mantle.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a haul. I also have those silver rimmed glasses or some very similar. I spy a Peter Rabbit book on the table. I have no idea about Shiny Brite ornaments but they are very pretty.


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