Thursday, November 09, 2006


I made more ornaments last night. Not yo-yo trees, though I need to make a few more of those. I made these:

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As Austin Powers would say "Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!" I just cut the shapes out of felt, blanket stitched them together (leaving a space to stuff and then continued stitching) and then I decorated them with embroidery, sequins and a silver cord for hanging. My embroidery could use some work but I was just seeing if I could do it and have some ideas for improvement. I want to make some cute scottie dogs like these and these. I just need to search out a picture to make a template from. I'm thinking of doing two larger dogs for Luis' neice and nephew for Christmas. Any other ideas for shapes??

Now onto my obsession with glass. Not colored glass, not carnival glass, not even depression glass (though I do rather like it), just plain old clear glass. I would like to use glass for everything in the kitchen but I'm still tied to plastic containers for lunch. Much easier to lug on the subway to work. Anyway, my latest haul:

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pitcher - 49 cents - this is a tumbler style with no handle. It will be great for my mini pitcher collection (who HAS one of those, seriously? I'm such a dork.) The only makers mark is a cursive style "L" any ideas?

Pyrex refridgerator dish - $1 - no need to explain, I know you all covet these as well.

glass bowls - 49 cents each (4 total) - these are GREAT. They have a slight lip on top so they are stackable. They just say France on the bottom so I'm unsure of the maker.

glass tea/punch cups - $1 each (2 total) - man I searched for more of these! I like to make warm spiced apple wine and these will be perfect for serving it in. The bottom says made in France and of course now that I'm not staring at them I can't remember the maker. Something like pyrolux maybe? Anyway, I love them.

Well I haven't shared a tea party hat in awhile (oh yes there are more) so here is one made by the lovely Nina:

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One of Nina's many nicknames (we are famous for giving each other nicknames galore) is Nine hence the big pink number 9 on the front. For the full affect of this dashing chapeau you must see it in action:

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I think it's very Prince meets the Merry Widow but my Mom said it was more like the Black Dahlia. ;)



Anonymous said...

I do love the pyrex dish. I'm not sure why. I think it's because my mom had that same set and the blue with white decor as well. Of course, you know my favorite is the white corning ware with the french vegetable names.


karrie said...

Cute ornaments and a particularly cute pyrex - love the pattern. lucky you!

flanthrower said...

love the ornaments! they're very cute.

Anonymous said...

Well Bex, if any one would randomly peg my inspiration for the hat, it would, of course, be you! The pearls swagged in front of one eye was all Prince (now that we're again using real vocabulary to address him). I felt compelled to channel the funkadelic one himself primarily because I was swathed in cream lace, and there, on the pool table, were the pearls. Does it get more Prince-like than that? I thought not. :) -Nina (aka: 9)

Anonymous said...

Love the ornaments, you did great with the embroidery.

Other shapes: tree, stocking, square, gingerbread man, and that's about it from

You always get such good deals. I like pitchers, too, but I normally find big ones that I have no room to keep but get 'em anyway

Anonymous said...

The "L" might be Libbey, kind of looks like the British pound sign?

Shirlee said...

I love all things glass. It doesn't have to be collectable, just whatever catches my eye.

The ornaments are cute. They'd also be good in a garland along with some chunky wooden beads and mayber some gingham ribbon bows? Gingerbread men would be adorable too.

jungle dream pagoda said...

OOO.good job on the hat Nina!
I continue to look for the perfect punch bowl(I've given up at thrifts and now even look at antique malls),someday I WILL find that unique and perfect punch bowl with all the x-tra goodies!
You are kicken bootie on those ornaments child!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have checked out your blog -- you are a very creative lady!

If you are interested in continuing your dog theme, bone shaped ornaments are super easy. For a cheap source of felt, I often purposely wash old wool sweaters in hot water and then tumble them in the dryer on high heat -- especially if I can find 99 cent XXL mens sweaters at the thrift store. I also use this as a source of craft material if I shrink a sweater by mistake or get tired of old ones.

Old shrunken wool can be sewn into
boot toppers too -- and embellished with buttons, lace, etc. In fact, that is a good use for sleeves cut off the sweaters I shrink. It doesn't have to look 80's Flashdance -- it can look very vintage. Unless of course, you are going for the Flashdance look...

Not sure if these ideas interest you or not -- but since I have shrunk a lot of sweaters in my life, I had to figure out a way to make sure they weren't a total loss. I kinda think of the materials as "after-market felt."

Unknown said...

I'm with VaxGirl on the Libbey glass. That was my first thought. Great minds do think alike. ;)

Those ornaments are adorable! Well done. Love those little scotties, too! What is it about scotties that makes them so darn cute? I just bought scottie dog ribbon today, in fact!

Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

The french brand you must be thinking of is Duralex, whose cheap but resistant glass ware is in every school and house kitchen sine the 60's.


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