Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy Christmas!

I know, I've got my holidays all screwed up around here but I'm in a jolly mood. I have been day dreaming about the Friday after Thanksgiving and how I'll drag all my plastic bins up from the basement and start digging through my Christmas goodies. You see, during the week after Christmas every year I hit the sales. My favorite place to stalk is Target. On the 26th (if tradition holds) all of the hoiliday stuff at Target goes on sale for 50% off. My suggestion to you would be to buy whatever it is you lusted over before the holidays right away. (I'll be hunting down these white feather trees since I can't seem to bring myself to spend $40 on them now but maybe $20. We'll see.) Usually a few days later the discount will become deeper yet in my experience, you never find what you hoped would be there.

Now what was my point? Oh yeah, I'm particularly excited to open up my bins and see what I bought after Christmas last year at the sales. It's like getting brand new stuff! And we all love stuff, right? I also tend to buy Christmas ornaments through out the year as well. I guess I collect them. (I know, what a dork.)

Since I was in a Christmas mood I thought I'd share some of the ornaments I've made. You've already seen the felt mitten, star and circle but there are some new things, take a look:

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See my scottie dogs in the back? I love them. And that weird apple/tomato plaid thing? Love that, too. Don't know what you do with it, but I love it anyway. Yeah Christmas. :)

I also thrift for Christmas though I have to say I'm not that lucky with finding decorations. I do find some gifts but my thrifted decorations are few and far between.

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napkins - 49 cents each - you can never have enough linen napkins. Though I did buy these with the intent of turning them into yo yo trees.

festive goose cross stitch kit - $3 - I always buy these. I have like 5 stacked up. I'll start them next year. Yeah.

small quilted stocking - 70 cents - I thought it would be good for stashing a little gift in for someone.

gold pineapple spreaders - $1 - while these aren't Christmas specifically they sure are festive. Plus pineapples mean "welcome." That's goodness right there.

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snowman stackable boxes - $2 - yeah, he's real cute.

reeaaallly tall snowman - $2 - I just had to have him. I had to.

and I probably shared this before . . .

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Christmas pillow - $2 - I have a few of these for my sofa.

stitchable stocking - $2 - yet another cross stitch project. I do intend to put my friend's name on this and gift it this year. Check back soon to see if I follow through.

Are you in a holiday mood yet? I am. You just wait until after Thanksgiving, all of my posts will be holiday related I fear. I have a feeling that most of you are the same way so I know I'm in good company.

Tomorrow, to try to get away from my holiday craziness, I'll post about some other cards I've made in the past. I find them a great creative outlet and a good way to use up my mountains of scrapbook supplies.




Sarah and Jack said...

Everytime I see those feather trees I get the "I could make that for $5 disease." You can buy stryofoam toparies for about $2 and huge fluffy white feather boa for about $5. Add some silk pins for $1.50 and you have a tree. The only problem? Time! LOL

jungle dream pagoda said...

You are makin' my mouth water! Oh yeah its a tradition at the Pagoda to do a 26th Target run too. I am still in busy mode traveling this weekend to Chicago for my hubs hischool reunion.
I swear though you guys will be sick of me soon enogh .
LOVE those scotty dogs!

Monica said...

oh its not screwed up, they guy around the corner was putting all his decorations up today for christmas!!

Monica said...

OH the BEST time to get Christmas stuff at Target is AFTER the sales ARE amazing!! I bought the whole chsistmas section last year at 90% off!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you make/give hostess gifts, but I like to bring them with me when I'm invited to a friend's house -- most especially at holiday time.

Whenever you can buy cheese spreaders in a set -- I say go for it. If you can also find nice little dishes/plates, you have the makings of a great little hostess gift. With the small clear pyrex ones you collect, painting patterns on the back using glass paint, or by making a nice rim, you could make really nice personalized gifts (I also like to decopauge fabric and papers onto the back of those clear pieces).

By simply buying a small round of cheese or a section of brie and putting it on the plate with one spreader, and then wrapping it in crisp cellophane with a nice bow and tag... you have an easy little hostess gift.

Since cheese spreaders usually come in packs of four, and because single small plates/saucers are easy to find -- and a piece of cheese can be gotten for only a couple of bucks... this is a cheap and quick task. The spreaders are also nice when tied to a jar of jam, fudge, etc.

flanthrower said...

So cute! I especially love the Santa I can explain pillow. But ack! SEeing you talk about Christmas has me really freaked out. . . it means finals are a lot closer. Hell, I can't believe Thanksgiving's next week!

Anonymous said...

Those scotties are so friggin cute! Great xmas finds....we gotta make plans to do the 26th shopping!

Anonymous said...

oops...that last post was from julizzle :-)

Heidi said...

I, too, hit Target on the 26th. And I bring out my bins on the Friday after TG. Great minds think alike!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm peer pressure here, I'm feeling it. LOL. It looks like you did pretty dang good thrifting for Christmas! Love the ornaments, too.

I'm with Sarah....if time wasn't a problem, I'd be making those trees too. LOL. Maybe next year I should start in July with the Christmas crafts!...yeah right ;)

Peta said...

I collect Christmas decorations too, the old glass ones. I was devastated when my husband broke a whole box of them recently!


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