Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ideas Abounding!

I was chatting with Lucy about all the wonderful things I (we) want to do for the holidays. Many were inspired by blogs (of course) and many others by magazines (also a no brainer.) So I thought I'd share some things I've seen around that I'd love to try myself or that I just admire for it's craftiness:

clothespin dolls - oh the cuteness! Amy does wonderful things!

pom-pom garland - I do want to make this, how easy right? Especially for me little tree in the kitchen. (YES a kitchen tree) But my pom-pom making skills are not great. Thanks to Pink Trees I read this tutorial and am willing to try it again.

Merry Christmas Banner - oh how I covet this. I may try to copy cat it.

ribbon garland - made by Heidi and I love it! She sure has a way with ribbons. I have already started gathering spools to make both the garland and the topiaries she's done.

name banner - love these! I want one that says Buon Natale.


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I have big plans for these. The picture is from the new Martha Holiday Gifts magazine and how cute to put the little notes underneath? Hopefully my Mom remembered to hit The Cake Cottage for me and picked up boxes and those puffy gold sheets fo separating the layers.

LOOK AT THIS! That Sara, I'll tell you, she knows how to maximize her time. Do you know she's in her last year of law school??

Wow, does the babble never end around here? I could go on and on about all the stuff I want to do but I'm sure you've all heard it before.

I will do my best to post tomorrow but if not, I won't be online for about 5 days while my parents invade Queens. I plan to sneak on at night but only to check up on what all of you are doing. *stalk stalk*

take care, princesses!



Anonymous said...

Oh, clothespin people! I started some of them years ago, still have all the stuff, and never finished them! I think there's a little ballerina somewhere around here...


jungle dream pagoda said...

Wow ,truffles! Let us know how they go.

Anonymous said...

You and I covet alot of the same am going to try my best to be productive this weekend. I may put the boys to work, oh I'm sure they will be thrilled helping me with my projects!! What is the Christmas banner made of?? Very cute. Good luck on the truffles. I may try the gingerbread I posted the other day this weekend. Yahoo for the fact I have 3 days off next week for Thanksgiving!!! What I covet the most is TIME! :)


Sarah and Jack said...

Oh come back already! I miss you. LOL


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