Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Christmas Card Making Party

You know me. I have LOTS of craft stuff and not nearly enough time to use it all. Every year I say I'm going to make my Christmas cards so I buy the stuff, make one and that's about it. So this year I decided to to throw a little par-tay for a few friends to come over and use up my supplies, I mean MAKE some Christmas cards to take home. :)

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So, did I lie? I had A LOT of stuff. Honestly, all I bought was some holiday papers and 2 boxes of these from K & Company. The rest I already owned, stockpiled all squirrel like in my craft room. (That's the lovely Joolz hard at work in the back there.) In my defense, my friend Vera did bring the multitude of glitter glue. It was a wonderful day. I love to see crafty friends at work. Vera, Joolz and I were joined by another friend, Ali, who brought blueberry cobbler & wine. We love Ali.

I did teach some techniques that were new to the girls including using the Sizzix die cutter and heat embossing:

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Plus we had a wonderful brunch of mushroom spinach quiche, spaghetti squash, salad and shrimp cocktail. Desserts included Ali's bluberry cobbler, yummy strawberry cupcakes made by Vera and a pumpkin carrot cake Joolz and I made the night before. Speaking of Joolz, she did a great job keeping the bellinis flowing!

Here are some of the cards I made:

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I of course need LOADS more. I love sending holiday cards (and any kind of snail mail really) and hope to drag out the left over supplies and make a few more. What a fun day! Maybe I'll make it a tradition . . .

Anyone else making holiday cards this year? I'd also like to make some gift tags, it should go pretty quickly once I get started. You know, when I finish all the other things I'm doing right now. Let's make a list:

1 - Ornaments! I decided to give my boss of a basket full of home made ornaments for Christmas. Hmm . . . maybe that's not such a hot idea. I'm thinking now of making it a basket of ornaments and baked goods.

2 - Baked goods! Lizzy and I are supposed to get together soon to decide what treats we'll be making this year. I know I want to do truffles and gingerbread. Joolz - you should join us!

3 - Afghan! I started crocheting myself an afghan and I'm loving it. I love the softness, the colors and I'm really enjoying the crocheting. I need to put this down and finish my stuffed scottie dog ornaments (see number 1)

4 - Doggie Sweaters! 1 down, 2 to go!

5 - Misc. knitted gifts! Yeah . . . not sure where I'm going with that one

So you see my dilemna. 8,000 ideas and only 41 days to go. Oy. Tommorow I'll post about all those wonderful things I've found around blogville that I want to try, too. :)

cheers - R

PS - remember that pumpkin lolly from yesterday that I said was too cute to eat? Well '>Heidi left a comment saying it was a candle. WHOOPS. Good thing I didn't taste it LOL


Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun. i wish I could have been there. I really want to make cards now. I stopped sending cards because I thought it was just a waste of paper (call me scrooge) but think of all the stuff and old cards you can recycle and make into new ones to send is a wonderful idea. By the way, since you wrote your post about cloth napkins, that's all that I have used. I even found some at the thrift the other day. You are so inspiring, I think I told you before that you are my muse:) BTW, must have the pumkin carrot cake recipe. sounds yummy!!


Anonymous said...

Did I say how great your cards look?


Sarah and Jack said...

OMG, I am ROFL about the candle thing. I never make cards, but, I have already bought from Target. They have Anna Griffin stuff this year!

Anonymous said...

candles....hysterical!!!!!!!! that is too funny. btw, i had such an awesome time making all those cards. have i told you that you are the hostess with the mostest? if i haven't....you are the hostess with the mostest. def. let me know about the truffle making. will be there to help sample :-)


flanthrower said...

Oh, the cards look wonderful! Like better than stuff you can find at the store. I can't believe Christmas is just 41 days away!??! Good grief, where did 2006 and go??

Unknown said...

41 days is all? eep! I am in awe of your motivation and organization at already starting your cards! I haven't even give them a passing thought but I guess I had better get to it. Yours are darling!

Sean Carter said...

The cards look so pretty!!I think I need to start with some of my cards that I have planned to make!!

Monica said...

very creative cards!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have come to the card making party, it looks like you all had a wonderful time! Your cards came out so cute! No card making for me, your reminder of only 41 days is enough to set me over the edge as it is!! LOL. Maybe I'll buys supplies after Christmas though and shoot for it next year!

I made truffles last year and they came out well...mushy..lol. Not sure if I"m going that route this year. But I am making Amish Cashew Crunch and Peppermint Bark. Those were two hits from my candy tray that I am going to bring back for this year.

jungle dream pagoda said...

You are such fun,can you imagine the fun we swap kiddos would have getting together and crafting? alas ,geography is a road block!

Heidi said...

The only thing better than crafting, is crafting with friend. Oh, and crafting with friends and consuming alcohol!

The cards are gorgeous.


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