Friday, November 03, 2006

Alive & Kickin'

Whew! What a week. I've been such a bad blogger. I've actually had to WORK. Yes, my REAL job. No fun there. I knew I had to come on just to say hi today and wish you all a fabulous weekend. But since I'm here . . .

I'm in print again! See my article here on thrifting for Thanksgiving. Cookie at The Thrift Shopper has been so kind as to allow me to be the roving holiday thrifting reporter so expect more babble from me on thrifting for the winter holidays soon. Make sure you poke around her web site, loads of good stuff!

Speaking of thrifting, I'm going through withdrawl having not been in a few weeks. I'm hoping *fingers crossed* to hit the Savers on Sunday. In an effort to not repeat myself (and please let me know if I am) here are more things thrifted while in Baltimore in October.

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metal tray - $2 - there is a lovely rose motif in the middle that you can't see from this picture. I'm trying to bring tea service into my evenings so this will be a great tray for toting the cups and pot out to the living room.

tin - $1 - I have a few tins that I don't know what to do with but I figure to find a use eventually.

tea towel - $1 - I'll buy any linen-type tea towel regardless of pattern though I am particularly fond of these citris stripes.

american flag motif "jar" - $2 - for lack of a better word, I'm not sure what you call it, a planter maybe? But Luis loves that "old-school" American flag style and has several pieces in his office (including a wooden plaque we picked up in Vermont a few years back) and this goes nicely.

I've been promising another tea party hat complete with story:

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This one was decorated by my dear friend Ida who I met the summer before 10th grade at Show Choir camp. Yes, it's very similar to BAND CAMP but you sing and dance instead. At the end of the week of camp you put on a big show and your parents come up and yada yada yada I was 15 so give me a break okay? Anyway, on the way to the performance Ida, who I had not managed to meet during the week, asked if she could stow her wallet in my bag while we performed. I said sure and we went and did our thing. Needless to say, Ida forget her wallet (which was silver by the way) and it went back to Maryland with me. (Camp was in Pennsylvania where Ida lived at the time) LONG STORY SHORT (too late) we ended up calling each other regarding the missing wallet and I mailed it back it to her (after she told me I could borrow money from it if I wanted to!) and we became fast friends. Not only did we see each other the next summer at camp but we also convinced our high school music teachers to let my school take a field trip to her school. Weren't we cool? 18 years later and we are still the bestest friends. Can't beat that with a stick.

Anyway, here is Ida modeling her fab hat prior to decoration:

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Don't you wish she were your friend, too??

Have a great weekend my little fioras. Until the next . . .



jungle dream pagoda said...

What a fantastic freind story,oh,and show choir nerd,right here ,present and accounted for!

Anonymous said...

I'm right behind you standing in the band camp nerd spot. I was an award winning flutist way back when. So long I don't care to share how many years!

Some great finds, I am going to make my lil craft room into an Americana style room. Inspired by the flag blue couch I bought for it and some Americana fabric I've thrifted. EVENTUALLY I'm doing that.

We missed you!


Unknown said...

I love Americana stuff too. Being an Army wife sometimes does that to you, LOL! :) One of the vinyl lettering things I just got (but haven't put up yet, that's a future blog post) says "God Bless America" and it's going right over the print of George Washington!

have a fun weekend!

Sarah and Jack said...

Ha! I would have had a hard time with thrifting for Thanksgiving also. There is some cute stuff out there, but, I can't be rushed through holiday decorating (it is too close to Halloween and Christmas!) so, I skip it and go straight to the christmas decorating.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness how long it's been since I've been home to follow all my favorite blogs!!! I'm lucky enough to have acquired Ida into my circle of friends too - thanks Bex! :) (And yes ladies, she IS as sassy as she looks in that picture!) I'm excited that every one else seems to have a soft spot for classic "Americana". I'm a positive sap about it - I'm sure that has nothing to do with almost 12 years of serving in the military, right?! Becky... I don't know HOW you keep up with everything. I've been going to sleep at like 8pm some nights! Sigh.... Xoxo, Nina

Anonymous said...

I never knew the whole story about how you and Ida met. That is so awesome.

This cold weather is making get my knit on like crazy. Yippeeeee!


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