Friday, July 02, 2010

What I'm Working on . . .

As you know, I have to have 5 things going at a time. And I KNOW some of you out there are the same way. Ahem. So here is what I am currently working on:

A sweet pleated knit scarf using the luxurious Lion Brand Cotton Bamboo yarn. I love this yarn, it's so soft and has lovely drape. Maybe I'll keep this one for myself. The pattern is from the relatively new Debbie Bliss knitting magazine. If you like to knit, Debbie Bliss patterns are always nice and easy to follow. She has some really gorgeous baby patterns. I made a bunny from the same magazine for my friend's little boy and it came out so cute!

 This is a project inspired by a photo sent to me by my cousin. Just some little felt flowers decorated with lace and buttons. Simple, pretty and not requiring too much commitment on my part.

No real plans for these though I do have a neat turned wood vase my Dad made for me that is currently holding boring old pencils.

I've been working on this cross stitch for a few months now. My mom picked it up for me when I first broke my leg. I do a little bit on it almost every night and this is definitely for me. :) I really love the geisha patterns and have two others I hope to complete someday and have all three framed for my craft room. It's a very old fashioned craft and I love it. I find it very peaceful work.

I've said it before that counted cross stitch is like painting with yarn. If you also love Oriental style patterns in cross stitch there is a great book called Oriental Odyssey that I really love. The patterns are lovely and they use DMC yarn which is readily available at craft stores and about 39 cents a skein. It takes patience and the ability to count (lol) and I find it very rewarding.

So what are you working on? I'm hoping to start a "Christmas in July" club soon. This will be a place where those who are crafting gifts can come together and share patterns and ideas, and perhaps show their projects in a place where their friends and family won't see them! So what do you think of this idea?

Have a moment? Please visit my latest Examiner article. It features a great website called We All Sew. You can read the article HERE. Thank you for your continued support in my writing! Any feed back is welcome!

Have a safe and Happy 4th!

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Heidi said...

Cross stitch also requires very good eyesight, which I no longer have! I remember my mom giving it up about this age, too (late 40s). But I used to do a ton of it--and have a few patterns left that I'd like to do before I can't see at all! (Does that book have any Chinese or Vietnamese patterns?)


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