Thursday, February 11, 2010

Going Squirrelly

Maryland has had almost 80 inches of snow in 2010. It is only February! Yikes. I know the entire state has cabin fever but I don't feel for them. At least they can WALK. Even if it is just to pace around their house or shovel their drive ways. I'm going bananas. I have 8 more weeks of sitting on my butt. I'll be certifiable by then for sure.

I've crocheted a menagerie including the squirrel above. He is another one of my original patterns and he's quite a bit cuter than his picture shows. I may try to go back and write down the pattern.

Here are some half made crocheted friends. The cat is coming out quite cute even though I HATE. THAT. YARN. Seriously. It's tough to see the stitches and it makes fuzz all over you. The green frog on the right (hard to tell, I know) is for a special project I'll share when it's done. A bit of a contest, really.

These two were made for my dear friend Dana's little boy Charlie for Christmas. The bunny is knit and is a Debbie Bliss pattern from her new magazine and the giraffe is crochet and is a free pattern from Lion Brand which can be found here. I'm very happy with the way they came out and am pleased that Charlie and his Mom liked them. :)

I'm sure in another week I'll be buried in crocheted and knit toys. Obviously I need a new hobby.



Vintage Whimsy said...

I feel for you. Truly. I'm going absolutely nuts here. I cannot imagine what it would be like to not even be able to walk around my house. Ugh! Did you hear that we may be getting more snow on Monday?! This is insane!!

Your animals are adorable! I especially like the pink squirrel!


Wendy said...

Your work is so darling! I am so sorry, and I hope this next 8 weeks passes quickly. The giraffe is especially cute and friendly!

Katarzyna / Kathryn said...

Everything is fantastic! I prefer giraffe! I love giraffes!

Wendy said...

So cute! You knit & crochet, right? Is one easier than the other?

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your crocheted animals are gorgeous! I am off to check out your pattern links:)

Feather Gold said...

Your title is hysterical! Hope you heal fast, sending you healing thoughts.

Your handiwork is absolutely adorable and am loving the olive green kitty cat!


Wendy said...

Your little critters are super cute, too cool that your making your own patterns. Well enjoy the snow, because we don't have any! The east coast seems to have all our snow!

Jane said...

Hi! Make quilling your new hobby! Super easy. Doesn't cost too much or *be still my apartment living heart* take up much space!

Hope the spring brings you lots of fun a foot!

Natasha said...

These are seriousely the cutest guys ever!! You have out done your self!


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