Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm purging. I have gathered three bags of donations just from crap in the craft room alone. Not only supplies but some of the things I've collected to sell. I've realized I just don't care for dealing with Ebay and the things I have wouldn't fetch great prices anyway. Oh and I'm tired of the clutter. I think I'll still keep the Goodness Shop open though sales have been slow there. I am having a hard time filling up those bags. Why is it so hard to let go? I dumped 5 vintage handbags in the donation bag this morning. Nothing fabulous, just cute and small and in pretty good shape. I was planning to use them and then to sell them and now they have just been collecting dust. So in the bag they went. And I've been thinking about dragging them out of there all morning. Is it just me that has separation anxiety from stuff?

So . . . on a more productive note, I've finished something! Last wee I showed a sneak peek of some wool felt flowers I've been toying with. I finally gathered them into a bunch:

I think they came out pretty cute! Though I do wish I had made a few more flowers so it would be a bit fuller.

I think my favorite part is that pale blue ruffle on the bottom there.

It's a piece of vintage lingerie trim I picked up forever ago and then promptly forgot about. I had intended to put it in the shop but when I came across it in the purge I knew it would be perfect for this little project. So there you go. I'm finally USING something I was previously coveting. That's a step in the right direction.

Next up?

A slouchy puff stitch beret for yours truly. You can never start your winter hat making too early. It's a simple pattern and I'll share it here in case I have any budding crocheters out there.

Take a peek at my latest Examiner article HERE. This is a New York specific article about a new Savers location opening in Holbrook on Long Island. They'll be hosting an event to promote the new store and benefit the Long Island chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. If you know anyone in the Long Island area please pass it along! Who doesn't love a new thrift store?

ciao bellas!


Elise said...

Those flowers are so cute!! I feel like I saw something similar on another blog that she made for a wedding shower. Oh, to have another many good ideas out there now. Not sure where I'm headed...just love those flowers!!

Unknown said...

I've been purging too. Vintage stuff that I might be able to sell, but I just honestly can't be bothered. It's all stuff that I thrifted, and so I figure that I'll just re-donate it and give some other vintage-lover a thrill when they find it, just as I got a thrill when I found it! And I honestly feel so much better that it's just GONE. Most stuff cost me less than $5 so I figure that I've gotten that much enjoyment out of it so it's not like I'm wasting my money. Hope that makes you feel better!

The Urban Chic said...

Oh the little felt flowers are adorable and the little hat is similar to some my daughter sells in her vintage boutique in Vancouver Wa. My mil made quite a few for her and they are all gone. Wish I felt like crocheting for her, but that's a craft that I gave up a long time ago. Hugs, Pat


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