Monday, February 11, 2008

Thumbs Up for Thrifting

Yes that's me. I'm bringin' dorky back.

Mandi and I had a great visit! We went to see the New Jersey Devils take on the Anaheim Ducks on Friday:

(Mandi, her husband Ryan and my Louie at the game)

We also did some thrifting. I haven't been thrifting with her in awhile so it was fun and she was lucky for me! So what did I find?

This chenille bed spread was $7. It's in perfect shape! So perfect that I wonder at it's age. It doesn't seem new but there isn't a stain, rip or worn spot on it. It's very pretty and soft and it's at least a full sized spread. Do I cut it? *gulp*

These are two Laura Ashley curtain panels I snatched up at $7 for both. Is anyone familiar with the pattern name? I think it's lovely and I have already washed and hung them in my craft room. I like them much better than the red panels that were in there though I will have to rethink the Waverly Sweet Violets pattern I was planning to use. They really don't go LOL.

This vintage cloth was $4 and is also in good shape. There is a bit of staining but I can live with it even if Oxi can't get it out. I think this style is my favorite as far as vintage cloths go. I have two others that are similar. You can one here. Sarah, is this style called something specific?

And Mandi found this cute wooden egg dish for me. It's a nice heavy wood and will be so cute with my other dish on the table at Easter full of colorful eggs.

And oh my friends, there is more. But I won't make you picture crazy today. And also on deck . . . I received some great mail today from Jen, Shara and Wendy plus my order from One Hundred Wishes. I love happy mail days.

Until tomorrow . . .



Amanda said...

Ohhh the bedspread was a great find and a super deal! Love it!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh man, do not cut up the chenille. Put the scissors down.

I actually just thrifted a very similar cloth in the pink colorway. Generally they are just called novelty prints, and I think that version is late 60's.

LA said...

Sounds like a great and fruitful weekend.

Tell your BIL "Go Horns!" for me. :)

Cheers! LA

Thimbleanna said...

Step AWAY from the scissors! I'm going with Sarah on this one -- don't cut the poor thing up -- it's survived well for this long! Love that pic of you -- too cute! Can't wait to see your other goodies.

Barbara said...

Great finds, especially the chenille. It's perfect? Oh, don't cut it up! Love your blog! Barbara at oodles and oodles

Breanna said...

I agree with everyone else, the chenille is beautiful! Sounds like a great weekend! Stay warm...

Unknown said...

Score on that chenille! I have one similar and it is one of my all-time favorite things. Don't cut it up! There are enough out there that truly are "cutters" that you can save the pretty ones. :)


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