Friday, November 30, 2007

Deck the Halls

My tree is up. Ha! No for real, it is. I put it up the Friday after Thanksgiving every year like clock work. I usually put up two trees but the blue and silver porch tree hasn't made it out of the boxes yet. Part of me wants to skip it. That's sad considering how much I love to decorate for Christmas. I can't explain it but I'm just not as festive this year. But I'm trying to get in the mood and seeing all the fun things out there in blog land is sure helping!

So how about I share some of my decorations? First I must show you this:

Don't you just love him?? He was made by The Polka Dot Pixie herself! Jen was kind enough to make me three of these guys in exchange for the set of cherry plates I sent her earlier this year. I have already given the others to my Mom and Sister. I just adore Jen's stuff and was late to the rodeo this year so I missed all her goodies in her Etsy shop so I am very glad she sent me these early!

These two are from Target. They are my only purchase from there so far (other than some glittery snowflakes and a house ornament) and I had to have them! I love the colors and they are my very first nut crackers.

I've seen lots of pictures of Martha's Christmas stuff at Kmart but I never get to go there (it's only in Manhattan and they are the grossest stores) but I did make my way to Macy's when all of their ornaments were 40% off (plus my coupon for an additional 10%!) and picked up this:

She has a few others like this one with houses inside and one with snowmen. I might need them, too. I also picked up a paper dove which I think was from her collection but I'm not sure. In the same area as the dove I found this awesome sign!

I think it looks fabulous on my hutch and I'm sure this will become a yearly favorite. And speaking of favorites, this is in the center of my table:

Now here is some Thrifty Goodness for you. The tinsel tree (there is also one the other side) was $2.99, the silver crackle ornaments were bought after Christmas 2 years ago for $1 a piece, the cake plate was $3 at the thrift and that wonder paper house? It's from Costco and is FULL of gingerbread men. For only $15 you too can own your very own "House Full of Cookies." (seriously, that is what the tag said!) Oh and the cookies are good, too. :) I'm going to save this bad boy. The cookies are sealed in bags so it's perfect inside.

I also put up the little tree I got last year for my Russian ornaments.

This year I added some pink balls I thrifted. Not vintage but a lovely color and I think it looks better than this picture, don't you?!

Just writing this post has put me more in a Christmas state of mind and maybe a quick stop at Macy's on my way home will seal the day. Tomorrow I'm off to rummage with the one and only Vax Girl aka Catherine! We went last year and I wonder if I'll do even better this year? Wish me luck!!

ciao bellas


Unknown said...

RE: the Martha stuff at KMart--I braved our one and only skeevy KMart to go check out her stuff and I was seriously underwhelmed. I bought the little ornaments that look like vintage painted-handled kitchen utensils but that was it! I was so disappointed. However, I LOVE that little globe you got from Macys--I think it is the cutest of the three! And the Noel sign is awesome! So don't lament that you aren't going to a Kmart--IMO, it isn't worth braving the yuck factor. LOL

Jennifer W. said...

Love everything!! Hope to get my tree up this weekend!!

A note re Kmart Martha stuff - looks cute from a distance, but not well made/painted, so not likely to become an heirloom. The Macy's line looks much better.

Jenn Maruska said...

Your post has sure put me in a decorating mood! : ) And maybe I'll take some photos of our favorite ornaments to share with my blog readers.

Your blog is always very inspiring!

Jodi Ohl said...

I can't explain it either--I haven't been in the festive mood this year for some reason. I almost considered not putting any decorations up at all then I thought that it's not really for me or about me, I need to do it for my I did get the ornaments out tonite and will get started on my set up this weekend and hopefully that will get my spirit up.

svelteSTUFF said...

Ditto on the lack of festive decorating motivation - but seeing your 'lovelies' has DEFINITELY helped!!! LOVE the little silver trees!
Hey - being a Central NYS girl, I have never been to NYC before... isn't that sad?! Well DH has planned (and booked) us a trip for the weekend before Xmas (he also, has never been before). Any favorite 'haunts' you would be willing to divulge to a couple of newbies???
THANKS in advance!

Christina J. said...

Our tree is already up, too. :) Very nice ornaments. I especially like the MS glass ball with the tree inside!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I got some pixies from Jenny and couldn't be happier! What a difference they make in my house :)

Monica said...

Nice to meet you for two seconds!!! Hope you all had fun thrifting!!!

Vallen said...

That looks like an awful lot of spirit to me, Missy. I keep seeing all these lovely silver trees. Now I want one. That or a 8' pink one.


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