Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The January List

I've mentioned before how I work well with a list. I've started all my holiday lists: what I want to bake, gifts to craft, cards to send, shopping and party needs. But I also started another list that is helping me more than the others combined. The January List. This is where I am putting all those things that pop into my brain now but don't really need to be attended to until AFTER the holidays.


1 - Do tutorials/patterns on blog

2 - Work on cross stitch projects

3 - Finish shell stitch afghan

4 - Work on embroidery skills

5 - Knit hat for Sweet Louie (aka the husband)

6 - Overhaul & reorganize craft room

7 - Get new curtains for the bedroom and the porch

It's made me feel better to get the ideas out of my head and onto paper which allows me to concentrate on those other lists. I've attached the list to my side bar and plan to update it as ideas come to me. I expect it to be a mile long come January but at least I'll have a place to go for inspiration! Anyone else out there have some sort of January List?


I've received two fabulous swap packages this week! Lucky girl! One from my Holiday Swap Sister Breanna and one from my Ga Ga for Garlands swap, Tini! I'll share them tomorrow as it's a bit too dreary lately to take any decent pictures and you all know I need all the help I can get.

Here is a shot of the garland I sent to Tini. I LOVE how this turned out and I'm going to make one in baby blue and silver for myself. I am going to attempt to create a tutorial as I make it since it's fun and easy and someone out there might want to make their own banner. And if I do I will already have a jump on that January list.

What's on tonight's to do list? I'd like to whip up a few of these beauties from last year. :)



Sarah and Jack said...

My January to do list always is clean out the closets, the garage, the basement storage, the dressers, the cabinets. Oy, gives me a headache just thinking about it.

Unknown said...

I love the idea of a January list! I will probably be starting one myself here in the next couple of weeks. I think having this extra week after Thanksgiving but before December is totally lulling me into a false sense of security that I have PLENTY of time to get everything done! LOL

Love the garland! So pretty!

Jan said...

What a great idea! I would never have thought of that! Thanks for sharing!


BettyJo said...

I really enjoy yur blog. I am pretty new to blogging. I love your idea of a January list. I always work better with a list I just had a 17th Bday tea party for my daughter if I didn't make lists for it I would have been lost.
The first thing on my January list
1)get all the stuff done I didn't in 2007
I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog:)
thank you for sharing
BettyJo 41 m 2 children 2 dogs and 2much stuff hahaha
may I add you as a link?

Paula said...

My January list is extremely long, but right on the top is learning to knit socks ~ I keep saying this, but I'm going to do it, I swear!
I love your garland for the garland swap. Using the sheet music is a great touch.

Jenn Maruska said...

I'm with Heidi. Why do I feel like I have plenty of time to get ready for Christmas? In a week I'll be in panic mode! : )

I like your January List idea. I can see how it would clear your head and let you focus on what needs to get done sooner.

You're so clever!

Vallen said...

Yes, someone MIGHT want their own banner. I like list making, it does seem to clear out some of the spam in my brain and set a true course

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

You're so smart...you've inspired me to start my January list!


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