Thursday, November 15, 2007

For the Love of Cotton

As you know, I'm both a knitter and crocheter. When I first learned I was buying up every yarn I could find. In the last few years I've refined my tastes and come to realize that I love to knit with cotton. I love the feel of it, the versatility, the way it accentuates a stitch pattern . . . I love everything about it. I love that it is steeped in history, too. There is evidence of cotton fibers in Mexican caves from over 7,000 years ago! John Mandeville in 1350 described cotton plants as "a wonderful tree which bore tiny lambs on the endes of its branches."

When I went to the craft store over the weekend ALL the yarn was on sale. All of it. Man I hate it when that happens. You know I had to buy some, right? So I went around picking up my goodies and when I dumped them all in the basket guess what? They were ALL cotton. I honestly hadn't noticed. I had Bernat Cotton Tots, Patons Grace and the incredible Lion Brand Nature's Choice Organic Cotton. I only just discovered this yarn and I already love it. It's incredibly soft and a joy to work with. I started this afghan with for a friend:

This picture doesn't do it justice. You have to feel it to really appreciate it. This will be very hard to give away! The colors are macadamia (lighter shade) and pecan. It's a standard chevron stitch pattern and goes quickly.

I also started this hat as a gift as well:

It's a stocking cap shape and it's still waiting for ear flaps and a few pom-poms. :) It's a pattern from the winter 2006 issue of Vogue Knitting. I used a combination of Bernat Cotton Tots and TLC Cotton Plus which is a cotton acrylic blend. The two yarns work well together. I need to work on making my stranded knitting a bit looser as the hat seems to tighten around the snowflake motif but I'm still pretty happy with it. I hope to fashion some mittens to match.

So I'm rolling with my hand made gifts! Once Thanksgiving is over I plan to really kick it into gear. I've made a list of potential gifts to make and it grows every day! Have you seen these too cute monogrammed towels over at Mama and Jack? I've never done applique but Sarah promises it's easy so I think I'll be giving these a try. They will make great gifts!

And before I sign off, here is a sneak peek for my Ga-Ga for Garlands swap partner Tini:

Winging it's way to Germany right now! I'll reveal the whole thing soon. It was so easy to make and I'm sure to make one for myself! I had a serious "ah ha" moment concenrning those crepe paper pin wheels.

Have a fab day!



Sarah and Jack said...

The hat! Look at the pattern you have knit into it. Crazy jealous of that skill.

Crafty Mom said...

I would love to know your ah-ha moment concerning the crepe paper pinwheel! I'd love to know how to make them too!

Roxanne said...

I love the snowflake pattern in the hat! I think I need to take some more classes! It is so fun to look at all the yarn they have these days. They seem to really be improving the color variety and fiber content too. Nice to see the yarn industry finally catching up to the knitters/crocheters out there!

Katie Jean said...

That hat looks amazing. Oh how I wish I could knit. Although, I probably don't need another craft to do...

LA said...

I just love the stuff you choose to do. Not only are you talented but you've got style, too! :)

The garland looks pretty fabu and pink! I can't wait to see more.

Started my Christmas shopping today. So fun!

Cheers! LA

Heidi said...

Wow--you know how to do that complex of pattern knitting? You're more advanced than I am. Very cool.

Jane said...

I don't knit, but I I love cotton knits because they don't pill so much like acrylic or even wool. The finished product looks new and fresh so much longer. And, I have a lot of years testing hand knit mittens of all kinds!

I love your color choices!

Jodi Ohl said...

You know what, you are just a plain old fabulous knitter/crocheter!! I'm amazed at the things you come up with!! Pat yourself on your back. I'm not sure how you give any of it have the biggest heart out of anyone I know and that's what makes you so special :)

Great garland too--I need to get into the rosette making spirit, I think they would make awesome ornaments for the tree as well!

Breanna said...

Rebecca, you are amazing! Everything is absolutely gorgeous.

Tini A. said...

ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh... I can´t wait to hold it in my hands! It´s so lovely and it´s pink *lol*..

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Lovely! You make me wish I knew how to knit!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! (((hugs))))


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