Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's a ParTea!

Yippee! I got the best mail love from Tami for the Tea ParTea swap.

Look at the goodness! And do you know that she found all the ceramics at the thrift store on the same day!! Meant to be for sure.

Tami knit the totally cute tea cozy. It's cabled, my favorite. And look at that book! Ahhh the sweet life . . .

Cream pitcher, tiny sugar bowl and tea bag holder are all different but go together so nicely.

I love cute tea pots for one and this one is now my favorite! How cute is the sweet daisy design? And it seems like I have a collection in the works. Look how nicely this goes in my china cabinet:

My Mom gave me the Lenox tea pot on the top left for my birthday and you know the story behind the coffee pot. I've been loving finding special pieces to display here and my new tea pot from Tami is perfect! Though I know it will get a lot of use and may not be in the cabinet much.

Thanks again for such a fabulous swap! Yet another post on the wonderful friends to meet through swapping out there in blogland.



Anonymous said...

Sigh, to be able to display things out in the open! What a luxury! Well, I guess the Puffinator is worth it!

jungle dream pagoda said...

How lovely! Makes me want tea!

Dana said...

Lucky girl you!

Jodi Ohl said...

Super sweet swap goodness!! You have gotten some really great Happy Mail lately!! Good for you!

Vallen said...

Friends like you, oh yes!! So the tea will be ready when?

Katy @ Lolly Linens said...

Love that lenox teapot!
Sure enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing. Katy


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