Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fit For A Queen

I will confess that I asked Queen Vallen to do a swap with me because I wanted a crown. I know it. She knows it and now you know it, too. As you can imagine she did not disappoint!

I LOVE IT. I wore it around the house for a good while last night but decided to stow it safely in the craft room as the dogs were eying me funny with a bit of a drooly look about them. Must have been the birds on there. VQ took WAY better pictures of it that I did so head here and get a closer look. I am truly the queen of all things bright and flowery now. This was a part of our Six Flower Swap. I SWAPPED WITH THE QUEEN. I know you are jealous. You should be. ;)

Want to see what else I got??

That, my friends, is a bag of flowery goodness! How sweet is the crocheted choker? I agree with Vallen, it's so wonderfully Victorian! I'll wear it with my crown to my sister's Fairy Tale Picnic next month. You can also see a lovely crocheted pin and a button flower magnet!

Oh yes, that is indeed a Queenly Things tea cozy! Look at the sweet hanky accent! LOVE LOVE LOVE

My very own diary. WITH A LOCK. All girls need one of these and it can't get much more perfect! Sequins! Glass Glitter! Feathers! The inside is decorated as well but as it's my diary, it's my secret. ;) She wrapped all the lovelies in pieces of fabric used in the tea cozy, too.

She also made me a wonderfully splendid R monogram. I'm all about the monograms. This is just perfect and so well designed. That woman has me pegged! Velvet leaves? Um yes please.

So THANK YOU Vallen for such a wonderful swap. I cannot wait until yours arrives and hope you love it as much as I love everything you made so very specially just for me.


Have I mentioned that the Summer Fun: Bucket Full of Sunshine Swap is in full swing? Head on over to Sweet Goodness Swaps and sign up! You have until next Friday to throw your name in the mix.


Now that I am almost back up to normal speed I'll have some good posts of things to share. Tomorrow I'll be asking the question, "What are YOU looking for at the thrift store these days?" I've got a unique bunch of items on my must have list. I'm dying to know what's on yours.

Until then . . .



Roxanne said...

Swapping with royalty - always a good idea!!! Vallen is the best!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Word!!!! You totally scored withthose gorgeous things from Vallen. Her craft is unbelievable!!!
I'm so glad you enjoyed the goodies,and I'm so glad they arrived!

Jodi Ohl said...

All very cool pressies from the Queen! You are going to be decked out to the nine's at your sis's shower. How cool..a fairy tale shower!

Love the diary, very special as well. You just made out like a bandit!

Thanks for posing a thifty philosophical question..I'll have to think about my list. I usually wing it!


flanthrower said...

The tea cozy is lovely! Aren't swaps just great?

Anonymous said...

Ooh...I got a crown from Vallen in the pink & green swap. LOVE it! She makes such beautiful things. I couldn't wear mine for diva toddler wanted it and I was afraid to let her get her grubby little paws on it. ;)

Natasha said...

Jealous indeed, what a great swap! So many pretty things!


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