Thursday, June 21, 2007


Yesterday in catching up with my blog reading I read Vallen's ode to summer. I am sure that many if not all of you out there agree with her. It's not that I don't agree with her, I too love flip flops in every color but I am just not a summer girl. Oh I'm a beach girl. I can hit the sand for hours and love to swim in the ocean. But after that I like to go back to my nicely air conditioned house and take a cool shower. I can't stand the heat. I am lethargic and can talk myself out of doing almost anything. I have good intentions but then it's hot and I head for the iciest movie theater I can find. I like things right around 68 degrees. Always.

At the moment I am a bit obsessed with one summer outing, the picnic. I haven't actually been on a picnic this year but I certainly think about them. A lot. I think it's the cuteness factor or having an excuse to buy a whole new set of dishes. Like these cutie pie melamine ones I saw in Country Living:

Um cute right? I also am about dying over these cute state placemats and napkins! Picnic perfect I would say but too pricey for me. If anyone ever find an iron on transfer of these state images or some like them, please let me know! I'll embroider them up myself.

So onto mini swap goodness. These pictures are poor. I know the background is too dark and shiny but there was a bit of mayhem going on and I needed to be quick about stuff. :) Sweet Natasha made the neatest things!

You can't see the cuteness over the crappy photo but there are too cute wall hangings, a basket of scraps for the doll house craft room, a tiny dish of soaps and a journal!

A tiny jar of candies, a "jadite" bowl of fruit, milk jug and two plates of cinnamon rolls! My dollies will be eating right!

And these are my two favorites, a needle punched rug and a memo board! Wow, small things are cute! So thanks again Natasha for the goodies AND for the extra stuff you threw in there. I know they'll be put to good use in my collages!

Be good,

PS - How many times did I say CUTE in this post? SEVEN. That might be a record.


Amy M. said...

You always get involved in the coolest swaps. And i love the mini stuff!

I'm thinking of hosting an Art Doll Hat swap. If you might be interested, drop by and leave a comment. I'm trying to gauge interest.

Jodi Ohl said...

Everything is CUTE. LOL

I really adore the Memo board! I can't even imagine having the patience to put things like that together!

Awwww the dog days of Summer---I think I would freeze at 68! My body has adjusted to the warm climate here so I'm just right at about 75-78 degrees. Of course I'm a cheapskate and keep the airconditioning at a bare minimum much to my boys dismay. Here-you have to do what you need to do early in the AM; hibernate, take a nap in the (somewhat) cool airconditioning in the afternoon; then go back outside after 5 or 6 when the sun reels herself back a bit from her scorching afternoon self. So--another words I get most of my stuff done early in the day or late in the evening during our peek weather days. But I do love me some flip flops ;)


vintagechica said...

My mom sells those melamine plates in her shop! And they are so fun...I just might need a set myself for the 4th of July. But I have to agree with the summer, heat and all.

Anonymous said...

Lovely new treasures :)

Alex M said...

Am with you on the heat. Where we live, there is this large body of water that serves to moderate the temps -- so we will never go above 98 degrees (it is absolutely impossible). For us, a lot of the summer is in the low 80's and it gets cooler at night. Can't imagine not living near the water (and am in it in some way, shape or form everyday)! But the extreme heat is not for me either.

One of these days, perhaps you might be inspired to have a picnic basket type swap? There are few portable food opportunities that I like more than a picnic (but tailgates are pretty good too!).

Anonymous said...

It was -3 degrees celcius (26F) the other night here :( Send me some sunshine!! Please!!

Is that really a mini memo board? That is the cutest thing I've seen all day.

Anonymous said...

cute blog, i found you on the thrift shopper.


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