Friday, June 08, 2007

Miss Match

First, I will tell you that I REALLY glad it's Friday. What a week! Whew! Second, thank you all for your thoughts on yesterdays question of a thrift barter site. I'm going to see what I can come up with. I've considered creating a "council of elders," if you will, to sort of hash out the details. If you are interested drop me a line. Basically it's just a group to throw around ideas on how to make a site of this nature work. :)

And thanks also for your list of thrifty wants! Make sure you visit the comments section from yesterdays post to see what is being hunted for across our blogosphere. Now on to our regularly scheduled programming . . .


When I got married I didn't register for china. I am fortunate to have inherited my Grandmother's wedding china. It's a complete set for 12 of the Mikasa Adrienne pattern. It's a lovely pattern and I have never seen it at the thrift store. I have some of the extras, too, like a big platter, gravy dish, sugar bowl and creamer. I do not have a coffee pot and thus decided to register for a pot, sugar bowl and creamer in the Mikasa Parchment pattern. I was lucky enough to receive the sugar and creamer from Luis' family:

I did not get the coffee pot and at $120 I am hard pressed to purchase it for myself. Recently I found this for a mere $4:

Not Mikasa but look how similar! Close enough that I am happy. I have always had a thing for mismatched china. I know I'm not alone. I think I'll use these two Mikasa tea cups (pattern name escapes me at the moment) with my coffee service:

I adore these cups. Found at thrift for $2 a piece they have found a special place in my china cabinet and in my heart. And how nicely they "match" the rest of my china . . .

That's my little show and tell for the day. Highlights for next week . . . my bird swap with Jen (she takes such good pictures that my swap goodies look TWICE as nice), fabulous aprons from Leigh Ann and some vintage goodies found in Baltimore. At a thrift store no less . . . ;)

Enjoy your weekend!



Heidi said...

I also love mismatched china. While I have a set of Noritake Leilani from my first marriage, our everyday china is all different, most have some sort of blue or green floral or modern print, though.

That's a steal on the coffee pot.

Natasha said...

Wow are we kindred? Most of my china is mismatched- china that matches is in a box.

Heidi said...

What a pretty china pattern! I love it, and I like how it looks mixed & matched. More character!

Sarah and Jack said...

That coffee pot is pretty darn close, you are right!

Lauren said...

I meant to post yesterday, but work pulled me way.

I think the swap or thrift board is a great idea.

I read your blog daily, though I don't post too often, but many times when I thrift I see things that make me think...hhmmm...I bet Rebecca would like that!

see you there! said...

I enjoy reading your blog and recognize some of the others who post here.

The barter idea is great. Some things, Pyrex for instance, might be expensive to mail tho.

Keep me in mind if the barter/exchange takes off.


Ms. A said...

The practice of complete matched sets of china is a relatively modern convetion -- and you are an old-fashioned girl.


Jennifer said...

I love mismatched china! Glad to hear that you came across some thrift store finds that go with your Grandma's china.

Renee said...

Love it, thanks for sharing I agree it can be so much more fun to mismatch!

Roxanne said...

I meant to post the other day, but have been mulling over your thrift exchange idea. I think its a great one - but definitely lots of decisions to make and issues to sort through to make it work. I think its worth it though - hope you go for it!!

Anonymous said...

I love the mismatch! They hardly look it anyways.

sewingchick said...

Ah, mismatched china! Love it! Here's my collection:


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