Friday, March 30, 2007

Oh how I love FRIDAY

This has been one heck of a long work week. It seemed like Friday would never get here. Yippee! Last night Luis decided he wanted to make cookies which basically translated to "you get all the stuff together and I'll watch you bake them." Um no. I did assemble all the ingredients and then steered him toward the KitchenAid:

Not the best picture but I wanted proof that he actually did it. :) I already love this mixer! I have always only had a hand mixer and wow, what a difference just to be able to turn it on and add stuff! I know, I'm way behind in the times I guess. I do see some fancier cakes in my future . . .

Yesterday was a good mail day! I received my swap package from Ms. A! She's fast because I haven't even put mine in the mail to her yet! Yikes!

It's my very own Easter basket of pin cushiony Goodness!

I think the "chocolate" bunny is my favorite. I think I will put him with my crocheted bunny and ducks before I stick pins in him. :) The little sack is made from the sleeve of a felted sweater as is the wrist pin cushion!

How handy! (ha ha pun intended!) Ms. A told me that the edging on this one was made by her Grandmother and is from an old pillowcase beyond repair. Thank you for giving me such a precious piece of your crafty family history!

If I am not mistaken this is Ms. A's first swap! Good job and THANK YOU! Pin cushions will be in the mail by Monday PROMISE. (Oh and thanks for the real chocolate bunnies, they are um . . . indisposed at the moment . . ;) )

A few of you commented that Kaiser, the puppy, looks like a fox. :) That picture is a year and a half old, he's not little kit-like baby any more!

In case you are interested, Kaiser is a Powderpuff Chinese Crested. :)

I just remembered! In her note, Ms. A. wrote "You can't spell Spring without PIN!" There's a good suggestion for what to make for you "P" item in the Spring Fling Swap! (Link corrections to come today I hope!)



Alex M said...

Thank you for your kind words -- and your boys are beeeeooooteeefull! I hope they get small matching afghans too...

Anonymous said...

CUTE dog! Wish I was allergic...

Anonymous said...

oops...I meant WASN'T allergic!

Thriftin' Gal @ Junk In My Trunk said...

What kind of cookies did you make? Inquiring minds want to know. Don't you just love your KitchenAid? I always wanted one, and was going to buy one last year at Target because they were on sale, when I found one at a yard sale. It was only $15 and my hubby cleaned it up so it is like brand new.

Great swap package you got!!

Heidi said...

nice swap goodies. And nice shot of your gorgeous diamond! Lovely.

Gina said...

I love the dogs!
Is this the same Rebecca I promised the cutting system to? I accidently deleted my links when I tried to update my blog!

Jodi Ohl said...

Now does DH clean up his "mess" when he cooks or is it like a tornado whipped through? LOL That
s how it was for me, my other half would love to cook but it was like a cyclone whipped through the house by the time it was done! LOL

Great swap items, love the pincushion wristlet. & I agree with Heidi, your ring is gorgeous!!! I love the shape of it. :)



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