Monday, March 05, 2007

100 Reasons . . .

Just kidding, I'm not really going to list 100 reasons why I do this or that. I wouldn't want to scare off the few readers who stuck around during my 3 week hiatus. :) So without further ado . . . the winners of my 100th Post Thrifty Give away are . . . Diana aka Plongstocking and Colleen of Burgee Blogs! So ladies please email me with your addresses and the goodies are on the way. Thank you!

So how is everyone? I've been able to quickly breeze past some of my favorite blogs but have loads of catching up to do. I'm all gung ho to jump in feet first to my crafting aspirations and of course plan to use all of your wonderful endeavors as inspiration.

I guess you want to hear about the wedding, huh? It was wonderful! We had hardly any issues other than waiting much too long for the hotel shuttle at the end of the evening. Everything was beautiful, the food was delicious and I danced until I had blisters. People were so kind and generous and I felt quite the hottie! :) So I'll share first what you most want to see, the thrifty and crafty details:

The Centerpieces

I purchased the trees after Christmas on clearance from Crate & Barrel. They were only $12 each! Much less than a floral centerpiece and I was thrilled with the look. The votive cups are from AC Moore and we dipped the edges in glitter and glue for a bit more sparkle. The rose and hydrangea petals are also from the craft store bought when they were on sale.

You can see one of the favors here. They went perfectly with the table decor! Also, I made the table names in Powerpoint lickety split.

This is the view from the balcony prior to the event. You can see how we alternated the table cloths to fit the pink and brown theme and how the silver chiavari chairs are just perfect!

And my favorite thing of all . . . THE CAKE

I think it is just the most beautiful, most perfect cake ever! The ribbon you see around the layers was salvaged from a gift my boss received from Henri Bendel years ago. I knew it would come in handy one day. My father made the cake stand and I got the gorgeous Lenox cake topper for only $40 on clearance. Oh and the cake itself was delicious, Neapolitan of course with each layer being a triple layer of one chocolate, one vanilla and one strawberry cake with yummy butter cream icing. Who gets so ga ga over a cake like this ha ha . . .

I will miss keeping my eyes peeled for all things pink and brown and I guess I won't be picking up wedding magazines anymore but it's good to have "free" time to persue other crafty interests. And you know I have LOADS of those. I just started a filet crochet project as a wedding gift for my sister and I'm also trying my hand at crocheting baby things for my many expecting friends. I plan to jump back into knitting as well and have lots still to do on my wedding scrapbook. I'm kicking around the idea of starting a crafty venture with Dita in the fall and there will be some prep work for that as well. Oh, and there will be thrifting. LOTS and lots of thrifting. :)

Until tomorrow . . .



Jodi Ohl said...

Oh my GOODNESS, love how everything came together so perfectly. You it looks better than any wedding planner could have done. I love how your whole family became involved with the decorations and all the little touches. you have some free time, I look forward to hearing more about your crafty endeavor. I hope to start one myself soon. Who knows what on..LOL

Hugs to you,


Unknown said...

WOW! Everything is just GORGEOUS (knew it would be! :) Your tables were beautiful. Love those trees! Really unique. The cake is beautiful--it's almost a shame to have to cut into something so pretty! Can't wait to see more pictures of YOU! I know you were a lovely bride. :)

MéLisa said...

Ouhhhh! It’s even prettier (and yummier!) than I imagined!
Very simply elegant! Love it!

So do tell about your table names? We used different places that had personal meaning to us. How about yours?

Looking forward to hearing all about the new thrifty & craftiness with all your new found free time!

Jennifer said...

What beautiful centerpieces and cake. So lovely. And now that you have some more free time, I hope you are able to do some crafting, thrifting and any other interests that have been put aside.

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW! Everything is amazing and beautiful and wonderful! And I love those centerpiece silvery trees. Congratulations and looking forward to much more thrifting with you.


Jane said...

Ditto everyone else! What I love the most is that you really put your heart and personality into it. When I go to a wedding I love to see the bride and grooms personalities reflected in the party. Your friends and family will remember your special day for years to come because of all those little details. They say "Love is in the Details!" Congrats again! You sound so very happy!

LA said...

Congratulations! I can tell how much fun you had. It all looks so beautiful.

The previous poster is right about people remembering the event. It certainly was about the two of you and not a "cookie-cutter" wedding.

Cheers! LA

Angela said...

It all looked amazing. So happy for you.

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Wow, Its about time!!!LOL. Gorgeous pictures,gorgeous hubby, and of course gorgeous decorations! It all looks fabulous! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful everything looks! I could never pull that off, and you have a day job as well. Amazing!

I am such an idiot, for a sec I thought "lickety split" was some Powerpoint function, lol!

Anonymous said...

The tables looked so lovely! I like the alternating table colours and the decorations. Cake looks and sounds YUMMY. Everytime I see anything pink and brown now I think of you!

Peta said...

That cake is so gorgeous and it sounds delicious - I am so craving cake and donuts right now! I know if there was any left overs I would have eaten it all!
Everything is beautiful and it's wonderful that you could do so much yourself. Must have saved you some $$$$.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Everything is beautiful.


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