Thursday, March 08, 2007

Why Thrift?

For most of us, the answer to that question is simply "we enjoy it!" Be it the thrill of the hunt, the collecting of certain items, giving "old" items a chance at new life or just for the sake of saving a little money we all have reasons why we thrift. Before I share my most recent thrifted treasures I thought I'd tell you how I actually started going to the thrift store.

There are two reasons, actually. One was simple, my Grandma went to the thrift store. She always bought second hand sofas and seemed to have a new one every year while last years model went to the basement where my cousin and I would play. The second is due to my Great-Great-Great Aunt Sissy. Aunt Sissy's real name was Lucia Sassi and she went by Lucy. However, as a child I couldn't say Aunt Lucy and instead called her Aunt Sissy. I wasn't kidding about all those "greats" in front of her name either. She was my Grandmother's Aunt who came from Italy when she was a child.

Aunt Sissy was a fashion plate!

She gave me so many wonderful vintage things when I was teenager that I wanted more! I went to the thrift store with my Grandma and that's all she wrote! I was hooked. Back then, there was no EBay and it was much easier to find true vintage items. Though I do still get lucky once in a while. Anyway, I'm sure all of you have an Aunt Sissy or two and maybe you'll be prompted to share their story. :)

Now onto the thrifts!

leopard collar - $3 - not vintage but very fuzzy and warm and a true "Aunt Sissy" fashion statement .

change purse - $1 - I couldn't resist a change purse shaped like underpants. :)

wash cloth - $1 - brand new and nice and thick. One of the ones that you couldn't bring your self to spend $8 dollars on at the department store.

Ball jars - 50 cents each - I've been buying up these jars like mad lately and these two are big and were half price. I plan to use them for storage in the craft room.

cowboy cloth and two napkins - $3 - my mother said "wouldn't that be a cute table cloth and napkins for a child's tea party!" Well I had to have it then, right? It's very well made and could be a nice item for my soon to be (hopefully) Goodness shop. :)

slotted spoon - 45 cents - this has a red bakelite handle (though there is a small burn mark on it) and is very sturdy. This will stay in my kitchen and get loads of use for sure. The long silver sppon next to it was a quarter and is for my silver flatware collection.

table cloth - $1.50 - (under all the other items) this has such a fantastic pattern and is linen. it doesn't match per se, but I couldn't resist it especially since it was half price!

I'll share the linens and paper goods that were found on this same trip next week. Just looking at these pictures gives me the urge to thrift despite the fact that I am deperately fighting off what regrettably feels like the flu . . . :(

With that said, if you are awaiting a package from me I may not make it to the post office by tomorrow as promised but will do my best! (cough cough whine . . . achoo!)



MéLisa said...

First off that change purse in the shape of drawers was cracking me up! I was looking at the picture before I read thinking that is the craziest pair of briefs I have ever seen. Then my next thought, why is she buying drawers at the thrift store!!??? Hahahaha!

So you must tell! What is this Goodness Shop you speak of? Are you really going to sell those napkins? Cause let me know if you do. I love them! (we are such western/old west geeks.)

Sarah and Jack said...

So, sometimes I am guilty of only looking at the pictures. I was sitting here forever thinking "does Rebecca have a pair of underwear on her blog?" then "what on earth kind of underwear are THOSE?" then "I think she has lost her mind." LOL I am SO relieved now that I have read the words!

G.G. said...

LOL I was totally wondering who the itty bitty undies were for! I hope you feel better soon. The post office can surely wait.

Love the cowboy linens. Especially loving the pic of Aunt Sissy, now that is a very special picture and memory indeed.

G.G. said...

Oh and I wanted to say although it is hard to tell from the old pic but it looks like you and Sissy have a family resemblance. Very cool.

jungle dream pagoda said...

My great aunt was Aunt Margaret,and I am sure I wear something of hers atleast once a month! Love that collar and those tea-cowboy napkins!

Mama Said Sew said...

Okay, everyone else is commenting on the great linens and cute undies change purse. And they are all very nice. But, I must be a "kitchen/foodie geek".....I really like the slotted spoon! The design of the slots is so much prettier than anything new.

Hope you feel better soon! :)

Dee Light said...

What wonderful finds!!! I must say the cowboy napkins are my favorite!!

LA said...

I'm on the bandwagon for the cowboy stuff. Such a sucker for cowboy stuff since my son is a Texan. Love it!

The tablecloth is cool, too and such a deal for a linen one.

Hope you are feeling better.

Cheers! LA

Natasha said...

Such great finds, I went to our local thrift store today and was soooo disapointed because everthing was way over priced.

Anonymous said...

I had such a boring thrift session on Saturday. I'm so glad when other people get lucky - and then post the pics!!!!

I also really like the spoon. I'll show my daughter the cowboy napkins - she has quite a cowGIRL thing going on!


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