Thursday, March 15, 2007

Put some SPRING in your step!

Okay, are you ready for our SPRING FLING SWAP? Drum roll please . . . . visit our very new blog Sweet Goodness Swaps for all the details on ALL of our upcoming swaps. You can visit the post for SPRING FLING directly here. That email address goes to both Lucy and I but please feel free to also leave comments here on your thoughts of our theme for this swap. We tried to mix it up a bit this time!

So what shall I talk about today? Thrifting or crafting hmmm . . . . let me show you some things I've been working on and I'll save my few thrifted items for tommorrow. I feel a babbling coming on regarding a chipped Wedgewood teacup and that would make for a long post.

Remember novelty pot holders? They're still cool right? RIGHT?

I mean you want that watermelon right? :) I think it came out super cute! These are some items I'm considering for the Goodness Shop (a mix of old and new items). Thoughts? Good or am I bringing dorky back? The one with the flower will get a backing and edging as well. I thought the color combo was nice. Side note: those of you who read this blog often are probably thinking I own nothing but that same old Waverly table cloth right? I am having a hard time using another one since that one matches so well! Save me! Tell me it's okay to switch it up a bit. it's not like I don't have like 12 other table cloths yeesh . . .

Another thought for the shop will be custom made paper crowns:

This one was made on a whim when Lucy and I received our first email that a pink and brown swap package was on it's way. Lucy jokingly said that Laurie should get the pink and brown crown for being so early and of course I had to run with it. Well that was like 6 weeks ago (sorry!) and I FINALLY made it. Of course now I can't figure out how to ship it AND I sort of want to keep it BUT I will be sending it soon. PROMISE. Really.

Here is the side, which is my favorite part:

Why couldn't I come up with those cute sewn on hearts when I was trying to make but ONE Valentine this year?? All of the papers are left overs from my wedding projects. I am quite happy with it though I think it's needs a "liner" on the inside to cover up some tape. Sorry Laurie! I should have figured that out before I put it all together.

So do you think anyone would want a custom made crown? I'm thinking birthdays, showers, princess for a day, what ever. Mailing them is already challenging but my new design does allow the crown to lay flat and tie together at the back. Here is the first crown I made for mother to wear at my Bridesmaids Tea back in October:

I've also got ideas for party hats in the traditional cone shop with ribbons and glitter and the whole nine yards. I also scrapped together a rosette:

Hee hee, I think it's so cute. I'm going to whip up some Easter rosettes this weekend as well. I already made a few little chicks for them. Man I love paper.

Any hoo . . . that's what I have going on lately. I still have about 300 unfinished projects as well but let's just sweep those under the rug today okay?



Jodi Ohl said...

Oh yes..the crowns are too cute, I think they would be great sellers in your store!

The novelty potholders are wonderful, too....I don't think it's bringing dorky back...(funny!), I'm sure they would do well, too. Especially for peeps like me who can't knit/crochet if their life depended on it!

I'm looking forward to this new swap and our new blog to feature all the cools swaps, what a great idea!!


flanthrower said...

Oh I love the potholders. I wish I had the patience to's strange that I don't mind sewing or knitting but crocheting drives me nuts!

Alex M said...

I have been mulling over the custom crown/party hat idea for some time now -- and I think it has great potential.

My husband bought me home a huge ten pound spool of heavy gauge wire and I want to try making wire tiaras too.

Here is another idea... take that wire garland stuff and make a couple of loops of it (big enough to sit on your head). Then tie lengths of curling ribbon to the back of it, and curl them. These are easy and look really cool. I make them for the little girls I know -- and big girls love them too.

IMO, a birthday girl can never have enough celebratory headgear!

Sarah and Jack said...

Being an, ahem, tablecloth hoarder, I make it part of my weekly routine to switch out the tablecloth every Sunday.

So, how much of a paper stash do you think you have? I am wondering if paper people have huge stashes like fabric junkies!

Jane said...

What about a paper crown kit...the basic shape and a bunch of paper cut outs to decorate it with. I am thinking of little girl b-day parties. My mom had a "make a paper plate hat" party for me one year. That was the 70's when you had pb&j, cake and ice cream and nobody spent a $$$ on a kiddie party. But today is different, people want quality offerings at their kiddie parties. Just a thought!

Mama Said Sew said...

Jane beat me with the "Crown Kit" idea. I bought a "Make a Tiara" book/kit for my niece last year. It had 3 girl size cardstock tiara's, several Barbie size tiaras and a bunch of jewels to stick on. This gave us the idea to set up a crafting station at her birthday party for all the girls to make tiaras. We also had pirate shaped hats for the boys. It was a huge success.

Unknown said...

Love the crown!! YAY!!

And love the idea of a kit. Fab idea!

jungle dream pagoda said...

I think custom paper crowns could totally be your moneymaker!!!

LA said...

Love, love, love the crowns and kits.

I'm a paper hoarder and proud of it! :)

The potholders are soooooooo cute. What about coasters, too? I use a little pink flower I got at a thrift for my cuppa next to my computer. I makes me smile. I wish I could knit/crochet.

Cheers! LA


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