Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lady of Leisure

Well, I'm a lazy bones. It's official. I think partly I'm being a little hard on myself. I vowed that once the weather was cooler and I was working from home that I would be like Little Suzy Homemaker and have a perfect house. Well . . . you can imagine that is not the case. Though I have cleaned out two closets, started switching out the seasonal clothing and am fairly caught up on laundry. However, I am still feeling like I could do MORE. Problem is I like TV and playing XBox (I know that's making you laugh) and reading. I've been doing quite a lot of these three things whilst stuffing my face with decadent treats like Cadbury Fruit & Nut bars and Aranciata San Pellegrino. Oh yes, I am THAT girl lately. Sigh . . .

Well it's time to get off my tookus as I have house guests for the next THREE weekends in a row. I'm pretty psyched as I love being a hostess and having visitors usually motivates me to do things like REALLY clean the bathroom and steam clean the rugs. All the stuff I wish I had a maid to take care of. :) So I'm getting back on my game and being less, well, leisurely.

Part of the new game plan is trying to use up what we already have around here. It helps me to stay neat (less clutter) and is necessary with the craziness going on with the economy these days. My husband has enjoyed the fact that I've been doing some baking (instead of buying sweet treats) and is encouraging about trying to sort through and create meals from pantry items. On tap for tonight? Tacos. I have a few taco fixings kits and some ground chicken. Voila indeed.

So you can see there is still some Thrifty Goodness going on over here. I have also been limiting myself at the thrift store but did pick up a few things recently:

Like these two totally cute vintage Christmas linen tea towels. Yoink! Mine at only 99 cents a piece.

And this super cute botanical strawberry print in a white chippy frame. LOVE IT. And it was only . . . $1.50! What a crappy picture, wow. One of my weekend house guests is my sister. I'll have to get her to show me how to take a proper photo lol.

And last but not least these two framed cross stitched pieces. I think they are pretty old based on the wear and tear and the type of frame. They are stitched on perforated paper. I have some and started some ornaments last year that never got finished. I'm encouraged now to try them again. :). 99 cents for each picture. Not sure yet what I'll do with them, they may be shop bound, but I am growing more attached to them every time I look their way. :)

So now, dear readers, I wish you a wonderful day and please send me some "get off your lazy butt" vibes if you get a moment.



Sarah and Jack said...

Those last two needleworks *are* interesting. So interesting that I tried googling to see if I could find anything about the age of that pattern, but I came up dry. (Maybe check ebay...)

Jenn Maruska said...

Girl, get off your lazy... wait, you're playing xbox? Never mind, carry on! ; )

This economy thing is really affecting everyone, isn't it? I'm in big time "use what I have" mode now...craft wise and (like you) home wise, too.

Three week house guests - that ought to keep you busy for a while! : )


Jodi Ohl said...

You are going to be a perfect Martha Stewartish hostess I'm sure with your guests. I need a good visit or two every few months just to keep the cobwebs in check, too...lol. :)

Mom IsAmagpie said...

What wonderful finds. Suzy homemaker is SO overrated for every day living. I feel you on the lazy butt stuff, we moved and only had a couple weeks to pack the five of us and then move to a wicked small town. I will be a better blog friend now.
Those cross stitches rock and I think you predominately display them in your kitchen.

Diane said...

No pressure, but when you create, you inspire others! Even your thrifting is inspiring. Enjoy your company :)

Michele said...

I absolutely love those dish towels..too cute!

Ha...suzy homemaker I will never be! Have a great time with your company!


Kai said...

Hey, 'Becca! I bet you didn't KNOW I sent your so-called lazy butt hugs today via Em! LOL! I KNOW you are SOOOOO NOT LAZY, so HA! Love the thrifty-good things you came away with! I wish I could hop over to NY with Em & Caroline to visit, too. Sigh. I'll expect TONS of photos!

Liz said...

I think I like those little cross stitched pieces. There is just something comforting about them.

Shop on!



Quiltingranny said...

I have had 5 days off and I can't get inspired. Well, my hubby did, run over to my blog and check out my new quilting room/closet, it is so amazing!
Homemade goodies, yummy! We are doing pumpkin muffins in the morning for breakfast.
Some days I can go, go, go and get so much accomplished and then there are the days I just want to chill. Have fun and enjoy and don't forget to give your hubby a hug for me, it takes a special man to let his wife sit at home and play Xbox while he works. I know, I have been there!


Queenly Things said...

Sister girl, I can now come clean, too. I spend LOTS of time playing one computer game after another, right now it's JewelQuest II. Oh, that feels good. Now would you break off a piece of Cadbury's and skoosh over on the couch. I'll help you clean later.


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