Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy Fall, Y'all

Does anyone else like Paula Deen? Admittedly, I haven't made many of her recipes but my mother makes her royal banana pudding and it's TO DIE FOR. And I don't even like bananas that much. I plan to make her Hummingbird cake in the next few weeks for when I have house guests. I love that she's full on sugar and fat. When I want dessert, that is what I want. Probably good that I don't bake that much, hmm? Here is a long list of Paula's dessert recipes.

So I love Fall. I know so many of us do. And in trying to get out of my funk (and I'm feeling MUCH better lately!) I picked up a few new Halloween decorations.

I'm not sure that this display is complete though I like it for now. It's on the top of our little fireplace. The doll and the flat party hat are both from Marshall's. $7.99 and $3.99 respectably. I LOVE the vintage look of that hat! It has a pumpkin on the other side. I figure I could make dolls like the pumpkin lady but couldn't pass her up for only $8. Isn't she cute? The leaves (which are lopsided I see lol) were in a bunch I picked up at the thrift for $2. I still have a few picks left, I'm considering making up a wreath for the door. And I made the little cross stitch ornament in the center:

I am happy with the way this turned out. The white doesn't show through as much really, I suppose that is because of the flash.

Doesn't the moon look terrified of the menacing owl? The pattern is from the current issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine. There are many cute Halloween designs in there. I may make another. After I stitched the design I cut it out and glued it to a piece of heavy cardboard. Then I cute a piece of felt a little bit bigger and trimmed it with pinking sheers. I then sandwiched a long piece of rick rack between the two and glued them. Voila! And I'm keeping this. I almost always gift my hand made items but this year I'm trying to save some for me. :)

Now today I think I'll go dig out the Fall Decorations bin and see what I have from last year. I know there are a few things out there that I love. I'm also making some headway on some holiday gifts and getting my house more organized. It's good to be back. :)

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fondly - RR


Michele said...

Good morning Rebecca...I love Paula Deen's baking too! She just cracks me up with her butter! I've made a couple of her things...mmmm!

Love your decor!


Sarah and Jack said...

Jack says Pie in a Paula Deen accent after we watched her on tv one day. Somehow the accent has stuck, but only for pie. LOL

Erin said...

Hi Rebecca! Luv that Paula Deen! I just don't think she uses enough butter though LOL! I have been making her pumpkin gooey cake the last few years and it is yummy!

Dita said...

Love Paula Deen, although I don't watch her often I do search her recipes online. That's where I found that old recipe my grandmother used to make for the Gooey Butter Coffee Cake, yummy!!

Diane said...

She's baaaack and she's stitching! Too cute. Keep it up :)

Queenly Things said...

You make everything look like vintage thrifty goodness. I love your vignette and the cross stitch is a really beautiful piece. I always envy your perfect stitches.

Quiltingranny said...

You must try Paula's Beef Bourbon Y'all for dinner sometime. It is an amazing stew/soup/comfort food, that is rich & warm and has become our fall comfort food. Dish it out as a soup or over rice & don't forget to toss in some really crusty sourdough or your favorite bread for dunking!
My grandchildren love her show and rarely do we miss it! Hope to show you pics of the dress as soon as I am able!


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