Friday, October 31, 2008

Boo Ya

Happy Halloween!

I'm just puttering about the craft castle gathering ingredients for knitty potions . . .

Yikes! What's that on the floor??

BRAINS?!? No . . . wait . . . it's yarn spaghetti! Even scarier.

And look over there! INTESTINES!?!

SQUEAL! It's vintage sequin ribbon STILL needing to be sorted out for the shop. I'd rather have intestines.

Enjoy Fright Night, my friends, and the first weekend of November. (Also sort of scary how time flies, eh?) I'll be here sorting through the brains and intestines. Visit The Goodness Shop for some very unscary vintage goodies and come back next week when I post my pattern for Posey Scarves inspired by a scarf made by my friend Diane. She is hosting a Fall Tea Swap and you can sign up through Monday. I'm in! Make sure you visit her Etsy Shop, too!




Anonymous said...

I loved your blog.. LOL never thought of my crafty things possibly being scary.
Have a safe and happy Halloween and a nice weekend.

Katie Jean said...

yes, my crafting area, aka my house, looks like that too. It is quite scary!

Unknown said...

My office looks like that, only with Christmas ornaments & stuff instead of yarn! Yikes. LOL

I LOVE those sequins! Soooo pretty!

Diane said...

Aawww, shucks. Thanks.

Craft castle = brilliant name.

Those sequin trims are fantastic. Your shop has so many goodies!!


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